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Now on to the story.

He ran through the woods relying only on the moonlights and his own memory to guide him through the thick trees. Branches scratched his arms and face, and he nearly tripped several over the roots several times. Even though he was pretty sure he had lost them, he kept running. There was no way he was going back. Finally he found the edge of the forest and the path he knew would lead to the city.

He nearly collapsed right then, but instead he merely slowed to a jogging pace. His breath was now coming out in short, harsh pants, and his lungs felt as if they were about to explode. He kept his gaze on his shoes, as if mentally willing them to move only glancing up every once in a while to make sure he was still on the right path.

Finally when he looked up, he was greeted with the sight of the city. He dragged himself through the familiar streets until he saw it. He had made it. He was finally home. Trying to get through the grille, he grimaced as he realized he had set off the alarm that had been installed, probably by the resident computer genius. Within seconds, footsteps sounded in the tunnel, and a figure was rushing towards him. He threw up his hands in a show of surrender, hoping that even though it was dark in the tunnel the other person would recognize that he didn't want to fight.

The person didn't stop, but they did slow some, and a familiar voice sounded. "What do you want?" was the harsh questioning he received.
He knew that voice and smiled to himself before speaking up.

"Lex? It's me."

The other man froze. "Bray? But...you're dead."

I'll probably post chapter 1 later today, it's already halfway written. But right now I have to get to my Music Theory class.