I'm sorry for the long delay, but my schedule's been so crazy lately. However, I just finished exam week, and I'm now on Christmas break! Yay!

I swear that this has been the most difficult story I've ever tried to write. Maybe it's because I actually wrote out an entire plot line first before just jumping into my writing like I normally do.

Oh, and because I figured out that if I went with the actual timeline that one of my main characters would be dead (not just missing) I decided it's going to be AU. Which helps my plotline a lot.

The next morning, Lex woke to the sound of very loud, girly shrieking. Looking around the room, he noticed that Bray had already woken up, so he guessed that meant that the earsplitting shrills were coming from Trudy and Salene's having noticed his presence.

After deciding to ignore the noise and get some more sleep while he could, Lex was disappointed to hear Jay's rather furious sounding voice. Suddenly feeling an immense amount of empathy for what Ryan must have had to go through when the sheriff himself and Bray had fought at first…and until his disappearance, Lex dragged himself out of bed heading towards the kitchen where he was going to try to prevent World War V.

When he reached the kitchen, he was surprised to find that Pride was already holding back Jay who was shouting things at Bray, while the other man stood there calmly even with the black eye he was now sporting.

"What's going on?" Lex asked. He glanced over to where the girls and Sammy were seated. Trudy and Salene looked upset, Amber's emotions were torn between anger or sadness, and Sammy and Gel just looked confused.

Finally, it was Sammy who answered. "I'm not entirely sure, but Bray said something that upset Jay, and Jay punched him."

Lex rolled his eyes. "I kinda figured out that much myself."

Jay, who had pulled out of Pride's grasp, now stood on the other side of the room from the others.

"This guy," he began pointing in Bray's direction "needs to leave the mall."

"Why? He hasn't done anything. Besides we need more guys around here," Gel commented ignoring Sammy's obvious exasperation.

"We can't trust him!. You guys told me he's been missing for years. How do we know he's not working for Mega?" Jay continued.

"Because he's Bray. He would never do something like that." Salene immediately came to the defense of their old friend.

"She's right. Bray's not the kind of person who would do something like that," Trudy replied.

Jay groaned loudly. "Isn't anyone even going to consider that he could be a Technoe?!"

Lex smirked. "You mean, kinda like you were?"

"Shut it, Lex! That's it! I'm not putting up with this!" Jay stormed out of the café, and after casting the group an apologetic glance, Amber ran after him.

The room suddenly felt less tense and much more quiet as everyone began grabbing some breakfast and taking a seat at one of the tables. Salene wet a rag in cold water for Bray to hold against his eye before she went back to fixing the rest of the tribe's breakfasts. For awhile everyone ate in relative silence until Pride spoke up.

"I know this isn't the best time, but I have something I need to tell all of you."

Yes, the main pairing will be Bray/Lex. cause they're my absolute favorite slash couple, except maybe for Slade/Lex. (hehe...ooohhh an idea for a new story with a threesome just popped into my mind...oh, well, that will have to wait until this is finished)