A/N: Had a bit of a party for Kakashi over at my lj this weekend, and these ficlets were the result. They were all written rather quickly and probably aren't that great, but they were fun to write anyway. :3
Title: Rival's Gift
Pairings: KakaGai wtf?
Warnings: uh Gai? xD


"Kakashi, my eternal rival!" The voice echoed loudly throughout the pub, and Kakashi briefly considered a hasty exit through the fire escape. He realized he was two seconds too late, though, when the green-clad jounin swiftly appeared in front of his table.

"Ah. Gai." Kakashi sighed, nodding his head in greeting as his self-proclaimed rival took a seat next to him. Some days there just wasn't enough alcohol. Really.

"One cannot let one's birthday pass without a celebration!" Gai declared loudly as he flagged down the nearest waitress with one hand and slapped Kakashi on the back with the other.

"Oh, I've been celebrating," he offered in defense as he gestured toward the empty beer bottle in front of him. With any luck, he'd be able to dissuade him from his bizarre need to entertain him every year for his birthday. When he glanced over at the laughing man with the bowl-cut, though, he realized it wouldn't be quite that easy.

"Nonsense. One must live life to the fullest, and special occassions even more so!"

'Oh, no. He's getting that fiery look in his eyes again,' Kakashi thought dejectedly as he realized there would be no easy out this time.

One hour and several beers later found the duo laughing together for no explicable reason whatsoever as the waitress brought two more beers.

"So let me ask you something," Kakashi said unexpectedly as he picked at the foil wrapper on one of the empty bottles in front of him. "You really believe that crap you're spouting off all the time?" Curiously turning his eye on his companion, he watched as a strange expression clouded Gai's face momentarily. A moment later, though, it was gone, replaced by his usual grin.

"Of course. You mustn't waste your youth - springtime or not - on what-ifs." Kakashi grinned at the response that was just so Gai. Perhaps running into his exuberant friend today was not such a bad thing. It beat drinking alone at any rate.

Kakashi was startled from that thought, though, when Gai then added, "I didn't get you anything for your birthday, but..." A large hand then landed heavily on his inner thigh, and made its intentions known when it began sliding upward. His only outward reaction was the raising of an eyebrow as Gai leaned closer and whispered just loud enough to hear, "If I can't make you peak in under two minutes, I'll ascend the steps of Hokage Mountain 200 times on my hands."

Kakashi grinned behind his mask and made no protest when Gai's hand found the zipper of his pants. It'd be fun to spend tomorrow on Hokage Mountain with his favorite book watching his rival climb the steps a few hundred times, after all.