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I am so sorry, I forgot to give credit. Although the idea of how the spell worked and why Harry was the one able to cast it on Voldemort was mine, the idea of Voldy losing his powers and becoming a squib as the ultimate revenge wasn't mine. I read it on Dangers in the Past by Star Polaris. When I realized I hadn't given due credit I started banging my head on the desk, but since giving myself brain damage wasn't going to solve the problem I decided to add this note.

Chapter 16- Epilogue

"You're kidding?" Harry stared at his godfather.

"Nope," Sirius answered.

"You mean, it's mine," Harry said then turning to a beautiful Harley Davidson.

"Yes, I'm getting kind of old for this, and I don't think Emeline fancies flying rides," Sirius said with a smile.

"Does it work?" Harry asked mounting on the bike and feeling the handlebar.

"Off course, apparently Hagrid took good care of my bike while I was in Azkaban. And since today you turn of age I think I can safely pass this beauty on to you," Sirius said throwing his hands up.

"Wicked!" was Harry's response.

Sirius smiled, today was Harry's seventeenth birthday. They had rebuilt Godric's Hollow and lived there. Remus had lived with them from the beginning; Tonks came to live with them after their wedding on the Christmas vacation of Harry's fifth year, Remus refused to make of her what he called a scarlet woman, even though she said she didn't care. Dumbledore offered his teaching position back and he accepted, to his surprise no parent objected to this appointment, although Snape never missed an opportunity to make a nasty remark.

Sirius had been given a full pardon and extended apologies from Minister Amelia Bones. She was named Minister for Magic after the Wizarding population called for Fudge's sacking. They felt that if Harry and Dumbledore hadn't acted so quickly, they would have ended up in a war even worse than the first one due to Fudge's incompetence. Wormtail was one of the Death Eaters captured on the attack at the Burrow, and after being questioned with Veritasserum confessed to not only having framed Sirius, but also aiding Voldemort back to power and killing Cedric. He was now locked up to life in a special cell in Azkaban that prevented him from transforming.

Sirius had taking a liking in teaching and took on a post as the Transfiguration Master at one of the smaller schools near Hogwarts. This way he was able to visit Hogwarts during the school year. He met Emeline Vance at Remus' and Tonks' wedding, they had known each other from the Order but only got together at the wedding. She was an auror that worked with Tonks, and was very much like Tonks but older. Last summer she came to live with them, but she refused to get married, she said she was above conventions, and Sirius didn't care. I mean, their family couldn't get any weirder. Harry liked Emeline a lot, he felt she completed Sirius, and his Godfather had now lost that haunted look Azkaban had given him.

Harry had met Tess and her family:


She was putting away the toys that were scattered through the living room. The girls sure made a mess. They made the house elves go spare when she and Greg were at work. She complained but she was dreading next year when Melissa would be starting Hogwarts. The doorbell rang and she went to answer, when she answered she found there the last two people she expected.

"Well, are you going to invite us in or should we have this conversation on the doorsteps.

She ushered them into the living room but only Harry went in.

"I'll wait in the Entrance Hall," Sirius said, "Go on, he doesn't bite, I on the other hand do."

She went inside and said "Please, sit down," indicating the sofa. She sat on an armchair and he started.

"Hi, I'm Harry, your godson. I guess you know that," Harry said nervously.

She couldn't believe he was there so she asked, "Sirius decided to tell you about me?"

"Not exactly, I kind of met you already but at the same time haven't, it's a long story."

"I have nothing but time."

So he told her all about going back in time and meeting her and his parents. "So I met you and I confess I liked you and would like a relationship in this timeline, but I need to know why you left."

"You're not going to like it."

"Try me."

Nervously she started, "Dumbledore told me that the safest place for you was at the Dursleys and I believed him. I didn't want anything to happen to you. I was so scared, I knew the Death Eaters would be looking for you and I was already on their bad side. I was a mess, had lost everyone I cared for except for Remus. I decided to leave the country for a while after the funeral. I saw you there, but I didn't' hold you because I was afraid I was going to do something stupid, like run away with you."

"And when you came back, when the Death Eaters were in jail? Remus told me your husband wanted to raise me. I would have liked that."

She smiled sadly, "This may sound stupid but that was the coward in me. I was afraid you'd reject me. Reject me for abandoning you. I was also afraid of telling you about Sirius, not the betrayal, but the fact that I believed on the betrayal without even asking him, without pushing for a trial. And the older you got the harder you'd reject me."

Harry pondered the situation. He was angry with her for abandoning him but he had two choices. Either he forgave her and had a relationship with his godmother or he kept to his anger. He decided to forgive her. His time in the past showed him that you never knew how long you had with someone.

"What do you say we start from scratch? Hello, I am Harry Potter," he said extending his hand.

"Tess Jones" she said shaking his hand.

In the other room Sirius smiled but he would deny that to his death.

End Flashback

He would never be as close to her as to Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Emeline, the Weasleys and Hermione, but they were friends. He liked talking to her about her mum, Sirius and Remus were James friends, and most of the things they knew of Lily was of stuff that happened after his parents had gotten together, Tess had been Lily's best friend since first year. Sirius hadn't been able to forgive her but managed a civil relationship for Harry's sake.

He was still famous, more now then before. He was not only the Boy Who Lived but also The Boy Who Had Vanquished Voldemort once and for all. All the Death Eaters were now in Azkaban with Tom Riddle. Minister Bones asked Harry for the names of the Death Eaters that had shown up at Voldemort's rebirth and issued orders to arrest them all. People still stared at him and did the flip to his scar but he didn't care anymore. He was a normal boy, trying his best to lead a normal life. He had gone two whole school years without a death and life battle and planned to keep his record.

Meanwhile in another time line:

"You're kidding?" Harry stared at his godfather.

"Nope." Sirius answered.

"You mean it's mine." Harry said then turning to a beautiful Harley Davidson.

"Yes, I'm getting kind of old for this, and Emeline doesn't fancy taking the kids around on this," Sirius said with a smile.

"Wicked!" was Harry's response as he mounted the bike.

"Just don't forget the helmet, or your mum will kill Sirius, and then me for being friends with Sirius," James said smiling at his son enthusiasm.

"You're the best godfather ever!" Harry said awed.

"And don't you forget that, poor Brian is going to get a book when he turns of age," Sirius said.

"Hey, I resent that," Remus said smacking Sirius head playfully. "I am a great godfather to Brian."

They all laughed.

"I can't wait to take Ginny on a ride," Harry said smiling at the three friends.

Harry Potter was an ordinary seventeen-year-old boy that lived with his parents at Godric's Hollow. He had a younger brother named Brian. He had been named after a cousin of his father that had stripped Lord Voldemort of his powers and then disappeared with his sister, some of Ginny's dad's cousins and a cousin of Remus', no one ever knew what happened to them, but some times Harry felt as if his parents knew.


Voldemort was set on the ground again when he realized that Harry had vanished. Behind him Dumbledore spoke:

"Hello Tom, looking for someone?"

"Where's the boy?"

" Oh, he's gone. And the baby is safe" said Dumbledore calmly not raising his wand.

"Then I guess I'll have to make due with you Dumbledore. Always wanted this chance 'Avada Kedrava'"

Nothing happened, Voldemort tried again "Avada Kedrava"

"My dear Tom, we could stay here all day long that nothing would happen. You're just a muggle now."

"NOOOOO!" and mimicking his action in another timeline he launched himself on Dumbledore and was stopped by a body bind from Severus Snape. Again the Death Eaters tried to escape and were stopped. Alice Longbottom captured Bellatrix Lestrange in what someone could call poetic justice.

End Flashback

Voldemort and the Death Eaters captured had been questioned under Veritasserum and the other Death Eaters, including Pettigrew, had been rounded up and locked up in Azkaban for life. The wizarding community had lived in peace ever since.

Remus had taken up his future self position and worked at Hogwarts ever since. Snape had tried to get his job from the beginning but was left with the Potions position. He even tried letting slip that Remus was a werewolf, but no parent seemed to care. Remus was not only a very loved teacher but his role in the fight against Voldemort was widely known. He had taken the Wolfsbane potion that Lily brewed for him every month in secret until Damocles Belby announced his invention seven years ago. Remus thanked the man profusely and stated that that would change his life forever. Thanks to the potion he did not have grey hair and a prematurely lined face like his future self. He had been in and out of relationships for a long while, since he said that he would never end up with Sirius baby cousin like his future self, that that had happened due to extenuating circumstances. But he was wrong, a couple of years ago, they both had gotten drunk at a party and ended up getting together, and Remus fell in love, with no way out. Lily called that fate, like Harry and Ginny ending up together even though in this time line they had grown up together. Harry had asked her to the Yule Ball in his fourth year and they were together ever since. Harry had loved his fourth year, the Triwizard tournament had been held at Hogwarts and Harry had cheered Cedric Diggory, the Hogwarts Champion, from the stands with the rest of the school. And when Cedric won the tournament, there had been an enormous party where Ron and Hermione had finally hooked up after fighting the whole year because of Victor Krum.

Sirius and Tess had decided to live together before getting married, and good thing they did, less then six months later they split up. Apparently they weren't compatible. Tess ended up marrying Gregory Jones that she met at work, and Sirius married Emeline Vance, an auror two years younger than him that he had been assigned to show the ropes of the job. The Blacks and the Jones were very good friends and Harry was very close to both his godparents.

Harry ran upstairs to change and Lily asked as James came in.

"So, Sirius gave him the wretched bike?"

"Yes, but he promised to be careful," James said sitting on the couch next to his wife and kissing her.

"Do you think he is happy?" Lily asked.

"I know he is," James said.

"No, I was talking, about the other one," she said.

"I know, me too. I miss him, but I know he succeeded and that now he has a family."

And in both time lines Harry ran down the stairs shouting.

"I'm meeting Ron, Hermione and Ginny at the leaky cauldron, don't wait up."

The end


First I'd like to thank all my readers and reviewers for sticking with me. Secondly I'd like to explain two points of my story:

Snape's loyalty. This fic does not represent what I think about Snape or what I think J.K.Rowling has in store for him, especially because I haven't got a clue. I needed Snape to be loyal to Dumbledore for this fic.

2- Tess: I am sorry if I disappointed anyone that may have wanted her to play a bigger role. I never intended for that. She was always meant to be background for Lily and Sirius. I created her because I have a hard time believing that Lily spent six lonely years at Hogwarts before she started dating James. I understand that J.K.Rowling doesn't need to actually give her a life other than being Harry's mother but I needed because I was taking you to her. Then there's Sirius, I also don't think all he was was James' friend. I don't see him as someone that marries young but I do see him as someone that dates his best friend's wife's best friend. And you have to remember they are at war. They are in a situation were they don't know if they'll be dead the next day. On situations like this people do things that ordinarily they wouldn't, like marry a girlfriend that wasn't exactly the love of your life. Or think she was when she wasn't. The same applies to Tess. But then I had to get rid of her because she isn't in the books, I hope you liked my explanation.