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I was walking down the street, trying to avoid Darry. He was mad he had needed to knock down two walls in the house in order to get me out of the house. While I was trapped in the kitchen, I had eaten so much that I had gained enough weight that I couldn't fit back out the doors. Once they broke down part of the wall, they'd had to hook a chain around me and pull me out, the other end attached to the truck which slowly backed out of the lane, pulling me out of the house as it went. He was pretty mad because our house was half demolished. I was pretty mad because he had removed me from the kitchen. It was pretty late at night, and I was wondering where the nearest open restaurant was.

"Hey Pone!" a voice came from behind me, so I turned my head. It was too much work moving my entire body. My neck was so large because of all the muscle on it I couldn't turn it enough to see who it is.

"Ronald McDonald?" I asked, voicing my hope.

"Naw man, it's Johnny!"

He came up beside me, but in the dark I had a hard time seeing him. Or maybe I had a hard time seeing him because the immense weight of my eyelids kept my eyes half shut at all times. Either way, I could hardly see him.

"What are you doing out here so late?" I asked, trying to keep my voice neutral. He didn't need to know I was extremely hungry and disappointed he wasn't something I could eat. I'd tried munching on his finger once, but he had caught me and hadn't been too pleased. His reaction had been better than Dally's though.

"Aw, parents kicked me out again."

"You mean you didn't come out to bring me some food?"

I even reached down into my pants to get the garlic bread I always left down there, but then I remembered it had gone rotten and Darry had made me throw it out when it started to stink.

"You talkin' about food again?"

I didn't answer- I had walked too far and had to sit down on a bench in the playground, I was so tired from all the exertion... The only thing that could have kept me going was the promise of some greasy fries and fat burgers with everything on top, but it was too far to downtown without a break or some food.

"Man, you get grumpy when you're hungry," Johnny told me, but I didn't acre. I was grumpy because of Darry and because of my stomach. I was so hungry it hurt... I was sure if I didn't eat soon, my body would start to eat some of my muscle.

"Hey Johnny, you got a smoke? I'm hungry man, really hungry..."

"What man, smokes make you less hungry?" When I didn't answer, he said "Here you go..." and passed me one, and took out a book of matches.

"Thanks man," I told him, sticking it in my mouth and starting to munch away on the end.

"What the heck, man?" He asked as the rest of the cigarette disappeared into my mouth and made it's way into my stomach. I didn't normally eat cigarettes, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and I was desperate. Since I'd been pulled out of the house, I hadn't had a thing to eat, and that was at least 20 minutes before meeting Johnny.

"Got another?"

"No way," he said, but I knew he was lying because I saw him tucking the packet back into his pocket. Suddenly, his eyes flicked over to where I saw a blue Mustang circling around the outside of the park. I'd always wanted a Mustang, but hadn't ever been able to get into one because the doors were too small.

All the same, when someone called "Hey, fatass!" out the window, I found myself facing a car full of Soc's again!