Chapter 1

Author: Ok, so this isn't my first fanfic, but my first fanfic for The Covenant. That was the most amazing movie I have ever seen and I loved it! Four hott guys in one movie is awesome!1 hahaha! But I am going to try to attempt to write this and make it good. This just came to me and I thought I would give it a try. Reviews much appreciated!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the boys or girls from The Covenant, I do however own Kegan Danvers! Thank you!

Summary: Caleb's sister comes to Spencer Academy to have a normal life with her twin brother, only to come to find out that she is just getting mixed into something she would rather stay away from. Takes place with the movie as well. (Might change, not really sure!)

A Year Before:

Kegan Danvers walked into Spencer Academy with her bags in her hands and a paper telling her where her room was. She stopped a looked around to see people in both directions. She smiled at people who pasted her.

"Um….hi." she replied walking up to a group of girls "I'm Kegan. I just moved back here, I was wondering if you could tell me where Caleb Danvers is?" she asked

"He lives with his mom. I doubt you will find him here." One replied

"Oh, ok thanks." Kegan replied. She turned around and ran straight into a boy who had long brown hair. "I'm sorry."

"No, I should watch where I am going." He replied

Kegan smiled, before trying to walk past him. "You look familiar. What's your name?" he asked following her

"Kegan." She replied

"Did you live here before?" he asked

"Yes when I was little, but my father died so I moved to New York to go to school with my aunt."

The boy looked at her with curiosity is his eyes. He had seen this girl before but he couldn't remember. "I'm Pogue." He finally replied holding out his hand.

"Nice to meet you." She replied shaking his hand

"Are you lost?" he asked "Do you need some help?"

"Actually I am looking for Caleb Danvers."

A smile came across Pogues face. "So you met Caleb Danvers already? Man, he's quick."

Kegan couldn't help but laugh "Actually, he's my brother."

"Excuse me?" Pogue replied a little confused

"I'm his sister. Actually his twin sister."

Pogue stood there for a moment "You don't remember me do you?" he asked

"No should I?"

"Yeah, I've been your brother's best friend since well I can remember."

Kegan stared at him for a little while "You and two other boys' right?" she asked with a smile

"You do remember!"

"Sort of. I mean we were only 13 when I left. I can hardly remember what I did last week let along 3 years ago!" she replied with a laugh

"Yeah, there was Reid and Tyler."

"Yeah I remember. Vaguely, but I remember."

"Well here come on, I'll take you to him." Pogue replied grabbing her bags off the ground. "He's at his house. Did you not go there before you came?"

"No, actually no one knows that I am here."


"I just didn't feel like seeing anyone right now."

Pogue stopped and stared at her.

"You do know about my father right?" she asked

"Yeah, how did you know though?" he asked staring at her.

"Because, well he's my father. I think I have the right to know what happened to him, don't you think?"

"Well, I mean, it's just that Caleb never mentioned…"

"My father's death about killed Caleb. That's why I was sent away. Actually I volunteered to leave." She interrupted.

"Died?" he asked.


"Oh yeah, I mean I just….never mind." he replied. He quickly changed the subject "So what brings you back here to Ipswich?"

"I wanted to see my family real bad. I missed them very much. Caleb wrote me and told me that our mother was getting worse everyday. I had to come see her."

They walked outside and found 3 boys gathered around a Mustang. Pogue smiled. Kegan looked at him and followed his gaze. She saw a dark haired boy leaning against the drivers door, smiling. He turned around and saw Pogue standing at the door. "Hey man! Where have you been? We've been waiting for 20 minutes." Caleb yelled

"Yeah well I ran into an old friend." Pogue yelled back. Kegan looked up and saw her twin brother staring at her.

"You already found you another girl Pogue? You just broke up with Haley two days ago." Tyler replied

Pogue glared at him. Kegan moved down the stairs following Pogue.

"Hi." She replied barely in a whisper.

Reid and Tyler looked at Caleb who just stared at the girl.

"Hi, I'm Reid." Reid finally responded holding out his hand.

"Kegan." She replied still staring at Caleb.

"Kegan?" Reid asked

"My sister." Caleb finally responded.

"Do what?" Reid asked bluntly

Kegan could feel her eyes welling up with tears. "It's been a long time." She replied. "3 years."

"Yeah, I can't believe it." Caleb replied. "Does mom know?"

"No, I just got here actually. I ran into Pogue and he was talking to me."

"Wait, what is going on here?" Tyler asked

"I've missed you Caleb." She replied ignoring Tyler.

"I've missed you too." He replied. They just stood there for a moment "Well give me a hug." He replied with a laugh. Kegan wiped her face and smiled before wrapping her arms around her twin brother.

"Hold on!" Tyler yelled "When did you get a sister?"

"When I was born dumbass" Caleb replied letting go. Kegan couldn't help but laugh. "When my father died, she left to go to a boarding school."

Tyler and Reid looked at each other before looking at Pogue who had a look on his face. "These boys are my best friends. This is Tyler, Reid, and I guess you already met Pogue." Caleb replied introducing everyone

"Wow, you've grown up." Reid replied. "I mean…well.."

Kegan laughed "I know what you mean."

Reid smiled. Caleb took notice. "This is my sister, there will be nothing going on." He replied. Kegan laughed again.

"Where are you staying?" Reid asked ignoring Caleb's statement.

"Um…in Spencer. I haven't really found my room yet." She replied

"Do you need some help?" Caleb asked

"I am completely lost." She replied "I would really like to see my mother though." She replied

"How about this, you go get yourself settled in and we will all go eat dinner with her. It will be a nice surprise." Caleb replied.

"Yeah sure." Kegan replied. "Can you help me find my room first?" she asked shyly

"Oh yeah of course. The girls have the first 2 floors and the boys have the two top floors. So I mean it will be easy to find your room." Caleb replied

"Who are you rooming with?" Pogue asked

"Um…" Kegan put the paper up to her face until she found the name "Michelle Stowe."

The boys looked at each other before smiling. "What?" Kegan asked "Wait, do I want to know?"

"She's nice." Pogue replied.

"Yeah sure." Kegan replied grabbing her bag and walking past them. Pogue looked at Caleb who had a huge smile on his face.

"I like her." Tyler replied following them. Reid hit him in the arm before laughing.

"Hey Caleb, does she know?" Reid whispered. Pogue quickly turned around before rolling his eyes. He moved up to Kegan and began talking to her.

"No, she doesn't know. That's why she thinks my father's dead. She can't know." Caleb whispered back. Tyler and Reid nodded their head in agreement.

Kegan could never know about there secret. I would destroy her life only to know that her father is really alive, alone aging. Caleb knew she could never see her dad the way he was. They had to keep the Covenant a secret for her's and their own protections.

Author:Ok let me know what you think and if should continue. The next chapter gets into the movie I promise, I just need to get this one out of the way! REVIEW!