Chapter 16

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They arrived at Nicky's. Kegan had a smile on her face with Reid beside her. Every now and then he would look at her making sure she was ok. He still didn't believe that she was ok. He knew she saw something that freaked her out.

"There they are." She replied pointing. They had been looking for her brother and friends. She pulled Reid along as they made their way to the table. "Hey you guys." She smiled.

"Hey!" Kate squealed hugging her friend.

"Tyler, what to shoot a game?" Reid asked.

"Yeah." Tyler got up from his seat and moved over with Reid to the pool table.

"Why is it that this always happens?" Kegan asked sitting down next to Pogue.

"You know how they are." Caleb replied.

"Yeah." Kegan looked over at the door.

"Looking for someone?" Pogue asked

"No, just looking." She replied turning her attention back to the table.

"Sure." Pogue smiled. She smiled back at him before looking towards the pool table. Aaron had just walked up to Reid and Tyler.

"Here we go." She replied. Pogue turned around and looked. Pogue went to get up, "Pogue. Just don't." she replied grabbing his arm.

"I'm not dealing with this shit tonight." Pogue told her.

"You don't have to. Let's just see what happens." Kegan kept her eyes on Reid and Aaron, just as she hoped Aaron walked away without any trouble. She breathed a sigh before going back to the table.

"Hey Caleb." Kegan heard a familiar, yet annoying voice. She looked up. Kyra. Kegan gave a soft groan causing Pogue to turn to her.

"Down kitty kitty." Pogue replied. Kegan glared at him.

"Oh hi Kyra." Caleb replied. How the heck could Caleb be so nice to her?

"Don't you have a boyfriend somewhere in here?" Kegan asked.

"Yeah he's getting drunk over by the bar. I just thought I would come by and say hey." Kyra stated.

"Well hey, now buh bye." Kegan replied. She was annoyed with this girl already.

"Now now Kegan, play nice." Pogue replied with a smirk on his face.

"Thank you Pogue." Kyra smiled at him. Kegan rolled her eyes.

"Would you like to sit down?" Pogue asked.

"Get up." Kegan thought staring at Caleb with a smile on her face. He nodded his head with the same the smile, grabbing hold on Sarah's hand. Pogue grabbed Kate's hand.

"Do what?" Kate asked glaring at Pogue. Kyra smiled and began sitting down at the table, just as she did everyone got up and walked away. Kegan couldn't help but die out laughing. They went and found another table.

"I am going to go use the bathroom. Does anyone need anything from the bar?" Kegan asked getting up.

"No. Thanks." They stated. She smiled before leaving. She could still here them laughing at what just happened. She looked over at the table they just left. Kyra was sitting there, acting like nothing happened. Kegan shook her head before going to the bathroom. When she was finished, she looked in the mirror to fix her hair. "Kegan." She heard. She wiped around, staring behind her. Nothing was there. She felt a shiver come over her. She looked in the mirror once more before quickly leaving the bathroom. She looked behind her to see if anyone was behind, just as she did she ran into someone.

"Sorry." She replied looking up. She came face to face with Aaron Abbott.

"Oh it's quite alright." He replied. She could smell the alcohol on his breath.

"You should cut down on drinking." She told him backing away.

"Yeah maybe you're right." He replied with a smile on his face.

"Right." She told him. "I'll be leaving now." She tried to move beside him but he blocked her way. "Aaron move." She told him.

"Say please." He told her.

"Please." She wasn't in the mood for his shit tonight. "Just get out of the way."

"I think you can be nicer than that." He told her moving closer.

"Aaron." She warned. He moved closer. Just as he was about to kiss her she kneed him in the groin. She watched as he fell to the floor. She went to walk away but he grabbed her foot causing her to fall to the ground. She tried to get up, but he was too quick. He had his arms around her before she could move. He slammed up against the wall with his hand over her mouth. She whimpered as her head hit hard on the wood. She found that her sight became blurry. "Aaron." She whispered.

"Shhhh..." he told her running his finger to her lips.

"Aaron, don't do this." She begged. She could feel tears forming in her eyes.

"Caleb." She thought in her head. She prayed that he heard her. 'Caleb, help me." She begged. She looked around the corner. No one was coming.

"Looking for someone?" Aaron asked.

"Aaron, you are drunk." She whispered.

"Yeah, and you're hot." He leaned down and kissed her. She brought her knee up to knee him again, but he caught it. "Nope, don't think so sweetheart." He told her in her ear. "But since your leg is up here." He began reaching up her skirt. She tried pushing him off. "Now play nice." He told her.

'CALEB!' She screamed in her mind as she felt Aarons lips come down upon hers. She began to regain her strength from being thrown up against the wall. She pushed him away, trying to get him off of her.

"You want to play hard to get?" he asked moving forward.

"Aaron, you are drunk. Don't do this. This isn't you." She tried to reason with him.

"I want you. The first moment I met you, I could never take my eyes off of you. I knew I had to have you. I think I might want you more than…" he trailed off. "Well you know the rest." Kegan looked at him, her eyes wide. She had heard that somewhere before.

"Chase." She replied staring into Aarons eyes.

"Chase? No, I am talking about me." Aaron was getting mad.

"Aaron, this isn't you ok. Something is wrong with you."

"There is nothing wrong with me!" he yelled. He grabbed her arm and brought her up to him. "Now where were we?" he asked.

"Aaron…" she whispered as his lips caressed her neck

"Where the hell is Kegan? She has been in the bathroom for over twenty minutes." Caleb stated.

"You want us to go check?" Sarah asked.

"Man, she's probably just staring in the mirror or waiting in line." Pogue replied. "Can you sense her?"

"Caleb, don't." Sarah stopped him. "You know how mad she gets when you get into her mind."

"You heard about that?" Caleb asked.

"Yeah, well girls talk." Sarah smiled.

"Do they now?" Pogue asked turning to Kate.

"They don't ever tell either." Kate smirked.

"Oh ok." Pogue kissed the top of her nose before turning back to the group.

"Hey you guys. Where's Kegan?" Reid asked grabbing a drink from the middle of the table.

"She went to the bathroom." Pogue stated.

"Oh, ok. Well will you tell her to come by the pool table?" Reid asked them.

"Don't you think you played enough pool for the night?" Kate asked.

"Nope, just getting started." He winked at her before going back to the pool table

"I swear, I don't know how we became friends with him." Caleb replied. They waited a little longer, before Caleb started looking the direction of the bathroom.

"Do you think she fell in?" Sarah asked.

"I don't know. But I just feel like something isn't right." Caleb got up from the table and began walking in the direction of the bathroom.

"Hey where's Kegan?" Reid asked stopping him.

"I was just going to look for her." Caleb stated.

"What do you mean look for her?"

"She hasn't come back from the bathroom and it's been like thirty minutes."

"Maybe she's using the bathroom." Reid replied.

"Not for thirty minutes."

"Have you tried to sense her?"

"Sarah told me not to."

"Who cares?" Reid spat. Caleb rolled his eyes, but looked around to make sure no one was watching. This 'power' he had didn't involve his eyes turning black, but he had to concentrate hard. Reid stood in front of him. Caleb closed his eyes and breathed in. "Kegan, are you ok?" He asked. He waited, but got no response. He tried again. "Kegan, where are you?" He opened his eyes when nothing came. "I can't sense her. She's not responding."

Reid looked at his friend. He knew something was wrong. He threw down his pool stick and ran towards the bathroom with Caleb behind him. "Reid?" Tyler called after him. Reid made it to the hallway of the bathroom. Nothing. He rushed over to the door. He began banging on it. Suddenly it opened "Do you mind?" the girl yelled in his face.

Caleb couldn't help but laugh. "Oh sorry." Reid replied. Reid turned around and glared at Caleb.

"What?" Caleb asked.

"Where is she Caleb?" Reid asked ignoring his friend.

"I don't know. She wouldn't have just left yet."

"You don't think…"

"Don't say it Reid." Caleb warned. "He's dead. Don't start acting like her."

"I'm just saying…"

"You aren't saying anything. Just let it go. Let's go see if anyone has seen her." Caleb began walking away. They made it back to the table.

"Did she fall in?" Pogue asked with a smile on his face until he saw Caleb's. "What?"

"She wasn't in there." Caleb replied.

"What do you mean?" Pogue asked.

"We can't find her." Reid replied.

"Have you asked around?" Tyler asked.

"No, we were fixing to do that." Caleb replied.

"We'll help." Pogue got up from the table.

Reid looked over at Kyra who was sitting alone at the table they use to be sitting at. "Why did you guys move?" Reid asked.

"We were just playing a trick on Kyra." Caleb responded.

"Hey!" Reid yelled grabbing Caleb's arm pulling him back. "Where's Abbott?" he asked looking around. Caleb began looking around as well. Aaron was nowhere to be found.

"Shit!" Caleb replied going towards to Kyra.

"Decide to come back?" she asked smiling.

"Where's Aaron?" he asked ignoring her.

"I don't know. He was sitting at the bar." She replied

"I need to know where he is Kyra."

"I don't know. I have been sitting here the whole time."

"Damnit!" Caleb slammed his fist on the table causing Kyra to jump. He left her sitting there, wide-eyed staring at him. "She doesn't know where Aaron is." Caleb told his friends returning to the table.

"You guys split up." Pogue told them.

"Why isn't she asking for help?" Caleb asked.

"Why isn't she disappearing?" Reid asked. "If she's scared, then she would have disappeared by now. She appears where she wants to be sometimes if she focuses hard on it."

"How do you know this?" Caleb asked.

Reid turned red and turned away. "Its just guess." He lied. "Damnit Reid." He thought to himself.

"Right." Caleb stated. He rolled his eyes. "Ok, I'll go look out in the parking lot. Reid you look out back. Pogue, you and Tyler stay in here and ask around. Don't do anything stupid if you find him." Caleb's eyes turned to Reid.

"Not promising a thing." Reid told him. Caleb nodded his head before moving towards the door. Reid looked at Pogue.

"Tell me if you find him. If he's with her I want to know." Reid told him. Pogue went to move. "Pogue, I'm serious."

"Okay!" Pogue responded annoyed. Reid nodded his head before moving to the door to the back alley.

"Look, now that we are alone. We can get down to business." Aaron replied in Kegan's ear. Kegan could hardly hear him. Her vision had gone blurry again. His voice sounded distant. He had thrown her up against the wall again. She had kicked him in the groin one last time, but was unsuccessful getting away. She had tried to disappear so many times, but it was like someone had a hold on her powers. She kept screaming for Caleb in her head, she now had a headache. Where was he? Why isn't he responding?

"Where are we?" she whispered.

"Shhh." He told her moving her hair out of the way.

"Please let me go." She begged.

"I have a surprise for you." He whispered in her ear. He had been holding her up, but right then he let her fall to the ground. She opened her eyes and looking towards the alley. She could hear footsteps.

"Help!" she yelled coughing. She could hear Aaron laughing behind her. The footsteps got closer. "Please help me." She sobbed. She saw a figure.

"I'll help you. You shouldn't be out in the dark anyways. Anything could happen." A familiar voice replied. Kegan froze in her spot. Then she him chuckle. "Together again."

"Help." Kegan tried to yell but it came out as whisper through her sobs. The figure came out of the dark. Chase! "Nooooo." Kegan sobbed as he bent down to her on the ground.

Kegan shot up out of her bed. She was pouring sweat. She was breathing in and out heavy. "Chase." She replied. She looked around the room. It was pitch black. "Could it be?" She got up from her bed. She could feel her legs shaking, but held onto her bed post to walk to the bathroom. She made it to the sink. She wouldn't look in the mirror, afraid of what she might see. She bent down and cupped water in the hands and splashing it on the face. What a nightmare. Was it a nightmare? She walked back into her room and grabbed her cell phone. She dialed Reid's number.

"What?" he spat. She looked over at her clock, four thirty. She bit her lip.

"Reid." She replied softly.

"What is it?" he asked suddenly sounding concerned.

"I just had a horrible nightmare."

"Did you disappear?" he asked.

"No, I just woke up in a pouring sweat. I'm so scared."

"Do you want me to come over?"

"No, will you just talk to me?"

"Yeah yeah." He replied. He got up from his bed. He knew he wouldn't be going to sleep at all that night. "What do you want to talk about?"

"Do you think there is way that someone can take our powers from us?"

"Like how? What do you mean?"

"I don't know. In my dream I kept calling for Caleb, but he wouldn't respond. Then I tried disappearing, but I couldn't. It was like I was stuck."

"It was just a dream. I don't think someone can bind our 'powers'"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, it's never happened before."

"Ok, good." She sighed.

"Was Chase in this nightmare?"

Kegan didn't respond immediately. She heard Reid sigh on the other end of the phone. "Kegan."

"Reid, it was just a nightmare. You said it yourself."

"Yeah, do you believe that though?"

"No." she bluntly replied. "It felt so real. You don't understand."

"Make me understand."

"Fine. We were at Nicky's having a good time. You and Tyler were playing pool, and the others were sitting at a table. Well Aaron came up to you to start crap, but he just walked away. Then Kyra comes up doing her thing with Caleb. We told her she could sit down, but as she did we all got up and walked away. Then I had to use the bathroom. I went and when I was coming back to the table I ran into Aaron. He was drunk as can be. So I tried to leave him alone and just go back to the table. But he wouldn't let me. He slammed me up against the wall and started touching me and all this stuff. Then I ended up in the back and he threw me on the ground. He told me he had a surprise for me. As I was laying there I saw a figure in the shadows and started calling for help, but he just kept creeping towards me. Then I heard his voice. It was Chase. He knelt down beside me and replied 'together again', then I woke up in a sweat."

Reid sighed. "Wow."

"Reid, this is serious."

"I know that. It's just weird that you keep having dreams about him."

"What if he's still out there? I know you guys said he can't be, but what if?"

"Then we'll have to fight him again."

Kegan sat there in silence. "But that's figuratively speaking." He added.



"I'm scared."

"Listen to me." He told her. "Are you listening?" he asked.


"I will never let that bastard touch you again. As long as I am alive, he will never come near you again. I will kill him myself or I will die trying."

Kegan smiled. "Okay." She replied softly.

"Now, can I go back to sleep?" he asked.

Kegan laughed "Yeah. Goodnight."

"You sure you're alright?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine." She told him.


"Goodnight, I love you."

"I love you too." She hung up the phone and laid back in the bed. She looked out the window, before smiling. She turned over and closed her eyes.

The next morning she woke up to her alarm blaring in the ear. She quickly threw her legs over the side of the bed and running to the bathroom. She was going to be late. She quickly jumped in the shower. As she was getting out she heard a knock on the door. "Hold on!" she yelled wrapping a towel around her body. "Ok."

Caleb opened the door. "Hey."


"You aren't ready yet?"

"No, late night."


"I'll be ready in a few though."

"Ok. Well I'll wait." He turned to walk out.

"Caleb." She called after him.

"Yeah what is it?"

"Do me a favor. Tell me something in my head."


"Just say something to me in your mind."


"Just do it."

"Ok." He was now confused. 'Why the hell am I talking to your through your mind?' he asked with a smile on his face.

'Because I just needed to see something.' She replied.

'Right. I have the strangest sister in the world.'

'Be proud.' She smiled at him. "Ok, now get out of my room. She heard him laughing as he shut the door behind him. She smiled. She finished getting ready and headed downstairs. Caleb still had a smile plastered on his face. "What?" she asked

"Nothing, you are just weird."

Kegan laughed "But you gotta love me."

"That's true." Caleb opened the door and let her go first before shutting it behind him. They climbed into his Mustang and headed to school. "So are you going to move back into the dorms?" he asked as they walked towards the school.

"I don't know. I was starting to get use to living at home."

"Well you don't have to stay there if you don't want to."

"Do you not want me to stay there or something?" Kegan smirked at her brother.

"Well, now that you mentioned it. You are taking up Betty's time that she could be spending on me." He smiled at her.

"Caleb!" Kegan yelled hitting him on the arm.

"I'm just kidding."

"Yeah right."

"That hurts Kegan." He turned serious on her.

"Good." Kegan ascended the stairs.

"Hey guess what?" Caleb replied.


"Reid's birthday is in two weeks."


"You aren't excited?"

"Excited for what? His birthday or him ascending?"

"Both." Caleb laughed.

"I'm not looking forward to watching him be in pain."

"It's only for a few minutes."

"Well it still sucks. Then I'm not excited that he is getting more power."

"Yeah that could cause a problem."

"A big one."

"Well at least he's turning eighteen."

"YAY!" Kegan squealed, but then stopped. "Good, he can die one year older."

Caleb laughed. "Let's just stop talking about it now."

"Good idea." Kegan opened the door to the school and walked in. Reid was standing at the stairs with Tyler. He nodded his head at her, before laughing at something Tyler said. Caleb and Kegan walked over to them.

"Hey." She replied with a smile on her face.

"What are you smiling at?" Reid asked.

"Nothing, Caleb is just being…well…Caleb."

"Thank you." Caleb replied.

"Where's Pogue?" Kegan asked.

"He and Kate have a project to do in the library."

"Pogue in the library. That's hard to believe." Kegan laughed.

"Hey you guys don't forget we have swim practice today after school." Caleb told them. "But I have to go, need to go find Sarah." Kegan nodded her head at him.

Reid moved over to Kegan and wrapped his arms around Kegan's waist and looked down at her. "You feel better?" he asked.

"Yeah." Kegan replied smiling at him. She lifted her feet off the floor to reach his face and kissed him.

"Can we go to class now please?" Tyler asked.

Reid looked over at him, he couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah, come on baby boy."

Tyler rolled his eyes. Kegan couldn't help but laugh at him. "Bye you guys, I am going to go to my dorm and get some things."

"Ok, see you at lunch." Reid replied

"Ok." Kegan turned and walked in the opposite direction. She was walking to her dorm room, when around the corner she heard a voice.

"Oh trust me, I'll beat the shit out of him." Aaron Abbott. Kegan groaned. She knew she had to walk past him to get to her room. She sighed and began walking. "Hey there baby girl." He replied walking up to her, putting his arm around her shoulder. She quickly shrugged it off.

"What do you want?"

"Let's talk."

"How about no."

"Come on…" he replied stopping.

"Aaron, do you not understand that I can't stand you?"

"I thought I could try to change your mind."

"Ok, shoot." She replied crossing her arms over her chest.


"Yeah, go ahead."

"Ok um…." He didn't know where to begin. Kegan just stood there staring at him. "How about we go out tonight and I can show you…"

Kegan laughed shaking her head. "Yep, still can't stand you." She walked past him. She heard him curse under his breath as she walked away. She laughed. She got to the door and knocked. No one answered. "Hmmm." She thought. She shrugged her shoulders and walked away.

"Can I try again?" Aaron replied walking beside her.

"Aaron, just give up."

"No, I don't want to."

"I'm no going to change my mind."

"Why not?"

"Because you're an asshole."

"You only think that because your brother and his friends think that."

"No, you annoy the hell out of me and haven't left me alone since I moved here." She continued to walk. He grabbed her arm and pulled her back, making her lose her balance. She almost fell to the ground, but Aaron caught her, pushing her against the wall.

"Are you ok?" he asked. Kegan had a look of fear in her eyes, only from almost falling, but Reid who was watching from a distant, thought otherwise. Before Kegan could open her mouth, Reid was on Aaron. "REID!" she yelled. Reid began punching Aaron, as Pogue came around the corner. He saw what was going on and took off running to help.

"Reid, what the hell are you doing?" Pogue asked pushing him off. Reid's eyes were black as night. Kegan gasped and pulled him into the wall, with him facing her.

"Reid, don't do this." She whispered.

"What's your problem?" Aaron asked pushing Pogue away, who helped him off the ground.

"Reid, make your eyes go back to normal." Kegan begged. Reid's eyes slowly went back to blue.

"I asked you a question Garwin." Aaron spat.

"If you ever touch her again, I swear I will rip your heart out!" Reid yelled.

"She almost fell and I caught her." Aaron defended himself.

"Bullshit! Leave her alone Aaron, or I will kill." Reid threatened.

"Reid." Kegan replied.

He turned to her. She looked scared. "Can we please go?" she asked trying her hardest not to cry. He nodded his head before putting his arm around her shoulders.

"Are you ok?" he whispered in her ear.

"Reid, he was telling the truth. He wouldn't leave me alone and I was walking. He grabbed my arm and to keep me from falling over my own feet, he pushed me up against the wall. I wouldn't have let him do anything to me."

"I just saw…"

"I know."

"I just remembered you nightmare from last night and I just freaked. It made me so mad that even in your nightmare he did that to you."

"It's ok. It was just a nightmare."

"But still. He won't leave you alone."

"Well I think he might now."

Reid breathed out. "Reid, don't ever do that again. You scared the shit out of me."

"I'm sorry. I was just pissed."

"I see that." She grabbed his arm to stop him. "Reid, I know you don't like hearing it, but I am going to say it. You are ascending soon, that means you get more power. Are you going to be able to control it?"

"Yeah. I thought he was hurting you that's why I did that today."

"Reid, make me a promise. When you ascend that you won't come addicted to it. That you will try your hardest with everything inside of you to fight it?"

"I promise." Reid looked at her, he knew she was serious. "I swear." He repeated. Kegan nodded her head. She grabbed his hand and they began walking to class. As they were walking, she saw that same boy from her literature class standing at the lockers. He looked exactly like…no. Kegan shook her head. It can't be. She turned to Reid and smiled at him. The boy behind her turned around and stared at Kegan and Reid as they walked down the hall. A smile formed on his face.

Before Kegan knew it, it was the end of the day. She smiled. She was glad to be out of her classes. She was tired of hearing professors talk. She had kissed Reid goodbye before he went to swim practice. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Caleb glaring in their direction. She knew exactly what it was about. She couldn't but laugh as Reid walked away. She watched as Caleb began lecturing Reid, who just rolled his eyes and walked past Caleb towards the swimming pool. Kegan turned around to go see if Michelle was in the room, as she did she ran into a girl. "Watch it." The girl replied. Kegan had dropped all her stuff out of her hands. Kegan glared at the girl who ran into her, before kneeling down, picking everything up. She saw a hand come and help it. It was a boy. "Here you go." He replied handing her some papers. His hand look familiar...

"Thanks." Kegan didn't bother to look up, she was too caught up in gathering her things.

"I'm Chase by the way." He replied. Kegan looked up and felt herself not being able to breathe.

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