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Roy Mustang would never admit it, but he was curious as to the familiarity between his first and second lieutenants. Really, anyone else would call it jealousy, but the sigils on his gloves kept them from commenting aloud.

It was a rare occurrence to have his entire unit scheduled for night duty, but never the less it did happen on occasion.

This was their third consecutive night of the graveyard shift, but they all had two days off to look forward to once six hundred hours rolled around.

It was approximately two hundred seventeen hours when the Flame Alchemist gave in to his curiosity.

For some reason paperwork seemed to get done faster at night. Roy Mustang and his subordinates had finished the relatively small piles of paper work (the only good part of having odd, overnight, swing shifts was the decreased paperwork load) within two hours of getting to their small office. They broke off into two teams at one hundred hours and walked the perimeter of headquarters in opposite direction. When they met back up, Roy's team of Jean and Heymans arriving after Hawkeye's group, the loud grumble of the impish Kain's stomach convinced them that it was time for their "lunch" break, and that was what led to the dam of curiosity bursting.

Jean and Roy volunteered to go raid the cafeteria for the inadequate meals the cooks left for the overnight staff while the rest of the group went to gather the finished paperwork they had neglected to file before their assigned perimeter walk. The covered bowls in the refrigerator consisted of an assortment of soups. Jean grabbed six of the bowls labeled chicken soup while Roy dug through the pile of wrapped sandwiches.

"What kind of soup is it?" Roy asked, frowning at the packaged brown squares.

"Chicken and split pea. I decided chicken for everyone," Jean replied, closing the refrigerator and moving to the one he knew held cool drinks.

"Peanut butter and jelly. The only variety is grape or strawberry. It doesn't go with chicken or split pea very well," Roy complained.

"At least we can wash it down with some beer." Jean grinned as he pulled the six-pack off the shelf and held it in front of Roy's surprised face.

Roy didn't question the strange appearance of beer in the cafeteria, but nodded for Jean to set it to the side with the soup.

"Grape for Kain, the kid's always got grapes, same for Heymans, Vato's allergic to strawberries, I'll take a grape-"

"Strawberry for Riza and me," Jean interrupted.

"How do you know?" Roy asked.

"Just trust me, Chief."

Roy grabbed two packages labeled strawberry and added them to the pile on the counter. "They should be down soon. We should warm up the soup. Do you remember where the pans are?" he asked.

"I never worked kitchen detail here, only in Eastern and during my first year of academy. They shouldn't be hard to find, though," Jean answered as he started to open cupboards.

Roy leaned back against the counter and watched his comrade sift through cabinets. Jean closed another cabinet door and whirled around to face Roy. "Well, are you gonna help, or what?"

"It can't be that hard to find," Roy mumbled, shoving off the counter and past Jean.

Jean smirked at the place his commanding officer had just vacated. "So, Colonel Mustang is jealous."

"No," Roy huffed, pulling a large silver pot from the first cabinet he opened. He set it on the stove with a loud clank. "Not jealous, just curious," he explained.

"Oh, just curious?" Jean asked with a lifted brow.

"Right, curious," Roy affirmed, busying himself by dumping the opened containers of soup into the pot.

"Why don't you ask Hawkeye, then?" Jean asked, slumping against one of the refrigerators while he studied his superior officer.

"Ask me what?" Riza asked as she walked into the cafeteria.

"Nothing," Roy replied, turning around to face her. "You guys are done already?" he asked, surprised by her group's arrival.

"It doesn't take that long without people slacking off," she commented.

"What's for lunch?" Heymans asked, rounding the counter.

"Chicken soup and peanut butter and jelly," Jean answered, stirring the simmering soup that Roy forgot once Riza had entered.

"Good combination," Breda groaned.

"But we've got beer," Jean said, holding up the case for him to see.

"No we don't, we're on duty," Riza commented, giving Jean a sharp look.

"Oh, c'mon, loosen up a bit," he whined.

"Only when I'm off duty. Now, put those back where you got them," she ordered.

Jean walked over to the refrigerator and put the beers back with a sigh.

"Now, all of you go sit down. You finished the paperwork, we'll get this," Roy said, shooing them out of the kitchen and to the small cafeteria tables.

"I'm not going to tell you, you'll just have to ask her," Jean said when he noticed Roy staring at him.

Roy looked away and started to scoop the re-heated soup back into the bowls. Jean went to the back of the kitchen and found a trolley to put the food on while Roy arranged the trays for everyone.

"Finally," Heymans exclaimed when Jean wheeled out the food and drinks with Roy close behind him.

Riza got up from her seat and helped to set the trays on each table with Jean's direction of where each one went. When there were only three meals remaining he grabbed his and took Riza's seat, excluding her from the table where the three other officers sat.

"Havoc, Hawkeye was sitting there," Kain informed him.

"I just had do a perimeter walk and cook with that guy, I don't want to be stuck alone at a table with him," Jean replied, unwrapping his sandwich and taking a bite of it.

"You should have at least asked," Kain told him.

"Don't worry about it, Kain," Riza said, taking a seat across from Roy at another table. Looking down at the plate Roy had placed across from himself she read the word strawberry written on the sandwich wrapper and smiled. "I guess he remembered," she said to herself.

"What?" Roy asked.

"Oh, I'm just surprised Havoc remembered that I prefer strawberry over grape jelly. It's been so long since then," she explained, tasting the soup.

"Since when?" Roy asked, taking a bite of his sandwich.

"You should eat the soup first, it'll get cold, your sandwich won't," she commented, gesturing to his bowl with her spoon. "We met during basic training at the academy. Well, not during the training, but during that time. Remember the dental check-up? I had to have my wisdom teeth removed and so did he. We were the only two out of all four units that started that season. During the first couple weeks before that they had served peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as a main staple of our diet every day, but it was always grape jelly. I am not very fond of grape jelly, and never was.

"While we were both sharing the infirmary during recovery from the removal of our wisdom teeth we kept ourselves entertained by completing class work and passing notes to each other until we could talk. Three days before we were scheduled to have our sutures removed and go back on regular food they served the sandwiches with strawberry jelly. When he found out that I like strawberry jelly he snuck out of the infirmary and nicked a few of the sandwiches. Needless to say the dentist was quite upset with us when we both had to have our incisions stitched up again. We also got punished to kitchen duty for the entire month after our release from the infirmary. All for strawberry jelly," she laughed quietly.

"So, he stole sandwiches for you?" Roy asked, staring at the back of Jean's head.

Riza nodded.

"That was sweet?" he ventured, frowning and tilting his head to the left.

She nodded again. "Yes, it was, but don't ever steal anything to impress a girl, Sir," she said, finally unwrapping her sandwich.

"Why not? Havoc did it," he replied.

"If Havoc jumped off a bridge would you?" she asked.

Roy stared at her for a moment, and then answered, "I guess it would depend on his reason for jumping off said bridge. Not to mention, someone has to save him."

"Good answer, Sir," she replied.

He smirked and continued to eat his own sandwich. "We should all get together for dinner tomorrow night," he suggested.

"That would be nice," she said.

"You pick the place, and I'll let everyone know," he said and finished off his sandwich.

The remainder of the morning was spent cleaning their mess, filing paperwork, and taking a final perimeter walk. Roy didn't see much of his Lieutenant until they started their short walk home, separating three quarters of the way.

"Oh, Hawkeye, don't forget nineteen-hundred hours," he called to her from across the street.

"I'll be there, Sir," she called back.

Roy's smirk didn't leave his face until he fell asleep. She'd only told him not to steal for a girl, but she never said anything about tricks. At nineteen-hundred hours he'd be sitting alone with Riza.


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