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Rose sat down next to the blonde.

"Sorry, I just needed something to calm my nerves," Winry confessed as the man behind the bar strode over to them.

"Something that isn't too strong, please," Rose asked.

The bartender nodded, he hadn't had many of those requests since leaving the city to open a place on the borders of the Ishvalan regions.

"I'm glad you decided to come help."

Winry laughed to herself, but the bartender set down two small glasses rimmed with sugar and a lemon wedge before she could explain.

"Two Chocolate Cake shots," he announced, blinking when Winry downed the nearest one before he could explain the logistics of it. "Now, suck on the lemon."

She did as he said and grabbed the other glass.

Rose stared at her. "Are you all right?"

"My parents died when they came out here during the war," she explained, eying the shot in her hand.

Rose frowned, but Winry looked away from her. "They were killed by a man they saved, an Ishvalan," she elaborated, brooding over it for the first time since she'd helped him at Briggs. Heat prickled at her eyes.

A hand flew to Rose's mouth as she paled. Scar had never said their names, but he'd mentioned them. She moved her hand from her mouth and hailed the bartender. "Can we get a few more?" She didn't want to judge him for his past actions, but it wasn't as easy when it directly impacted her friends.


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