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Chapter 15

Seeley Booth dialed the FBI office on his mobile phone. "Yeah, its Booth – I need you to pull Temperance Brennan's credit card records ASAP, yeah, I'll hold" he pressed the phone to his ear as he drove.

They were almost to the Brainerd Lakes area; it was a mid sized town targeting tourists. Problem was, there was a lot of secluded cabins, and no way to know which one Trista had Temperance at. When he recalled her telling him she was going to rent a cabin in Minnesota, he was taking a chance that Trista took her to the same cabin she'd planned on going to.

He glanced over at the man in the seat beside him. He'd been very quite the entire ride. Other than giving directions, he'd said little. Booth didn't press him. Truth was he was angry with him too, although he knew it wasn't his fault really

"Yeah, okay, Hartley huh? Okay, got it, thanks" he snapped his cell phone shut and glanced over at Doug again

"Okay, so you know where "Hartley Lake" is?" FBI pulled Dr. Brennan's credit card records, said she rented a cabin on this lake" he asked, pushing the accelerator harder into the floor

"Yeah. Up a few miles on uh" Doug glanced around for a highway sign "Oh, guess we are on the right highway now. Yeah, so past a few stoplights, there is a gas station on the left, name of the road is "Gull Dam Road" that will take you down to Hartley" he said, and continued to gaze out the window

Booth sighed Great. And we find this secluded cabin how?

"Listen, you uh, know if it's a big lake, small lake, what we talking about here?" he pressed the other man, fine if he was upset, but this was serious

Without looking at him, Doug answered, "It's a private lake, no public access. Only a few small homes and cabins in the general vicinity. Process of elimination, you shouldn't have any problem finding a small rental cabin"

Great, now we're communicating Booth thought to himself

Passing a series of stoplights, and making their way to a more sparsely populated part of town, he saw the sign that said "Gull Dam Road"; he turned and sped down the road, ignoring the suggested speed limit of 40 mph.

They had traveled about 4 miles and they came upon a turn that said "Hartley Lake" and a turn to the right. Following the road, in the distance ahead of him, he could make out a lake. His heart hammering in his chest, he could barley breathe. Hold on Bones…. He thought to himself

Scanning the road before him, there were no houses to be seen. He stopped at a curve in the road.

The road curved to the left, and to the right was a dirt road, surrounded by trees and weeds on both sides. Taking a chance, he took the dirt road, and followed it to a small, log cabin. A sign on a telephone pole said "Rental cabins by the week or month" it had the telephone number on it from the credit card report.

A white van sat out front. Parking the SUV quickly, he got out, and loosened his gun as he ran. He got to the front door of the cabin and tried the door; it seemed to be locked from the inside. He knocked and said "FBI, open up" and received no response. He stood back and tried to kick the door in, and it moved, but didn't open. He stood back and shot at the doorframe, and the door splintered. He kicked the door again and it slammed into the wall inside the house.

As he rushed inside, he saw Trista Duncan, gun in hand, pointed right at Bones' forehead. Bones appeared to be asleep. Her middle protruding out underneath a white tee shirt. She looked terrible. Gaunt cheeks, hair greasy and stringy, dark purple smudges beneath her eyes.

"Put the gun down Trista," he ordered, taking a step towards her

"I am sorry. I can't do that. You need to leave now. This woman is pregnant with my baby. I am going to adopt the baby of forensic anthropologist, and famous author Temperance Brennan," she proudly proclaimed

"Yeah, well did you know you that is also the baby of former Army Sniper, FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth?" he retorted, not moving an inch

Trista paused a moment. "You're…. you're the father?" this seemed to surprise her

"You know what? I am the father. She isn't putting the baby up for adoption. We are keeping our baby, so you need to back off right now" he told her, noting the gun was still trained on Bones' forehead, why wasn't she waking up? What was wrong?

"What's wrong with her? Why isn't she awake? What did you do to her?" he said, trying to keep his voice even. He wanted to go and make sure she was okay, the baby was okay, and he couldn't risk Trista shooting her though

Doug came in behind him "Tris, honey, put the gun down, it's over now sweetie," he said sadly, inching towards her

"Douggie! Honey, I'm sorry, I didn't mean for it to go this far, I wanted THIS baby, I wanted this one" she re-emphasized, tears beginning to fall from her eyes, the gun shook slightly in her hands.

Booth looked at Doug and back at Trista saying nothing, waiting for the opportune moment

"Tris, put the gun down okay, come on hon" he gently persuaded his wife, his arm outstretched towards her

Trista glanced down at the sleeping pregnant woman and up at her husband again, the gun slipped from her hands and clattered to the floor, she rose and a shot rang out in the small cabin, a bright stain of red seeping through her shirt on her right shoulder, she fell to the floor, Doug rushed to her side, and held her in his arms

Booth quickly holstered his gun and rushed to Bones' side. "Bones…hey, come on wake up" he gently patted her cheeks, trying to awaken her, he glanced over his shoulder at Trista and shouted, "What did you give her!" he was holding her hand and it was like ice, he put his had on her belly, and felt no movement from within, "if you killed our baby, I swear to God I will hunt you down, and I will kill you, now answer me, what did you GIVE HER?" he shouted and stood, looking down at the wounded Trista an Doug

"I gave her a heavy sedative. She will be out another two hours or so" she coughed and said, looking back at Doug

Booth quickly dialed 911, and informed the operator of the happenings. He walked to where Doug was holding his wife and looked down at her and said: "Trista Duncan, you are under arrest for the kidnapping of Dr. Temperance Brennan…" he read her the Miranda warning, Doug stepped away from his wife and looked on with grief.

The paramedics arrived and were getting Bones into an ambulance. Doug was bringing the authorities up to speed, as Booth followed the stretcher out.

"Is she going to be okay?" he asked walking along quickly beside them

:"Her pulse is weak sir, we have to take her to the hospital to know more" one young female paramedic told him

"What about the baby, is the baby okay?" he demanded, matching her stride

"Heart beat is strong, yes sir, now please, excuse me" she said as they loaded Bones' up into the ambulance

He got into the SUV and followed to the hospital, where she was checked in to Intensive Care. He paced around the waiting room for what seemed like an eternity, before a doctor came out to talk to him, his face grim

"Agent Booth?" the doctor asked

"Yes, how is she? Is the baby okay?" he asked quickly, looking over the doctor's shoulder down the hall from where he'd emerged

The doctor let out a sigh and shook his head, "I'm sorry to tell you this, but due to the excessive stress of the situation Dr. Brennan was in, her water broke, and her contractions are now 3 minutes apart"

Booth stared at the doctor. "What? But its too soon, she isn't due until around the first of September" he stammered, a lump in his throat "What does that mean for the baby?" he asked the doctor

"We will know more once the baby is born, more than likely the baby will need to be in neonatal for some time. She is asking for you, I assume you're the father?" the doctor asked

"Yeah, I am the father" he said and followed the doctor down the hallway, his hand in his pocket, holding the ring box he'd bought what seemed like an eternity ago.

Inside her room, he found her sitting half up, and a nurse was telling her to push

"Now Temperance, you have to push NOW" the female nurse was commanding her

Her eyes were squeezed shut as she pushed, she let out a long cry and opened her eyes and saw Booth there beside her.

"Hey Bones, you didn't think I'd let you do this without me did you?" he said and held on to her hand

She smiled weakly at him and said "I'm sorry, so sorry this happened, Booth, I…"

She leaned forward and pushed again, the nurse shouted, "I see the head, come one, one more hard push, come on!" the nurse urged

A moment later the nurses and doctors were rushing around the small wailing baby, Temperance pulled herself up, and was waiting, "Booth…" she said fearfully

"Hold on Bones…" he soothed, not wanting to leave her side

Finally, the doctor presented them with a tiny screaming baby, wrapped in a yellow blanket and said "Here is your son, Dr Brennan" and placed the infant in her arms, she looked at Booth and back down at the baby, who seemed impossibly small

"Well Bones, what do you think now of this whole motherhood thing?" he said through tears shimmering in his eyes

Temperance gazed down at their small son in wonder, and answered, "I can see its benefits" she whispered, fingering the small hands, he had Booths eyes, she noted

"Look at all that hair!" he said, stroking the tiny infants head, covered with dark dark hair so like his own.

Pulling the ring box out of his pocket, he presented it to her and said "Bones, I know how you feel about marriage, and I am not asking you to walk down the isle with me tomorrow, but I was thinking you could at least wear this for a while and see how it feels, what do you say?" and he gave her his best charm smile

She shifted the baby slightly and opened the small maroon box, and gazed down at the platinum band, with diamonds inlayed. Inscribed inside, it said "I Love You Bones".

She looked at him and said "So long as you don't pull your alpha male, I own you routine, I think this may be a suitable arrangement"

He leaned over and kissed her. He glanced down at his newborn son, who seemed to be watching with interest. He swore he saw a smile on his face.

6 months later

"Hey Bones…you think you could help me out here?" Booth bellowed from Tyler's room

"What is it Booth? I have to get his chapter finished" Temperance grumped as she followed his voice into her son's room

"Well I don't have the right equipment for what it is he wants" Booth gestured at Tyler who was drooling and starting to cry his "hungry" cry.

"Oh, right, well here…" and she took her drooling son from Booth and sat down in the glider rocker to nurse him

Booth stood there a moment and watched in awe. If you had told him a year ago, he'd be standing here watching Bones nurse their son together; he'd have laughed out loud. His son looked exactly like him, right down to the dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair.

"He's teething you know" she commented as she watched her infant son watch her

"Yeah I know, he was chewing on my finger the other day and I felt those teeth" he replied

"Well, I was thinking Booth, we could make this legal anytime you're ready" she said, not looking at him, matter of factly

He looked down at with a smirk and said, "I don't know what that means"

She looked him, and held up her land, and wiggled her ring finger and said, "You know, this, us? I've worn it a while now, and it feels right"

He leaned down with a smile and kissed her

At that moment, Tyler grabbed his tie, reminding them both how this all got started

End of story