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I bolted out of the door trying to stop crying. He never knew….. What he said kept repeating in my head….….so alluring……….. ….He never got to know…….

I woke up sweating and breathing like there was no tomorrow. I glanced at the digital, luminous screen on my bedside table; as became my habit, since I've been having the same dream since the past 1 month. 4:30, the clock seemed to mock me.

'Grr! Stupid clock!' I was about to heave the stupid thing into the wastebasket when my dream flashed before my eyes again.

I shuddered at the thought. I couldn't even begin to guess why the Phantom was appearing in my dreams. I shivered as the temperature in the room began to deplete slowly and got up to raise the heater.

This would always happen as the dawn begins to break and since its winter it breaks more quickly.

Once again thanking the brilliant person who designed my thick curtains, I pulled up my legs and buried my head between my knees…..I could never go to sleep now……

'Sam! Where are you going in such a hurry! Wait up!'

I turned my head slightly to see my techno-geek friend, Tucker run up to me. Tucker was about 6 feet. It was an impressive height even in my standards. He had ditched the geeky glasses after puberty hit. He had got himself contacts and wore his hat no more. He had even changed his dressing style. He now wore cargo pants with a brown shirt that had 'Serial Kisser' written on it.

He wore black converses and now at 18, his pick up line, T.F, for too fine actually worked! This world never ceases to amaze me! Tucker was a lot hotter than most boys…..I know I sound crush-like, but seriously eww! Tuck is like the brother I never had and never want to have.

But…getting ahead of myself. Hi! I'm Samantha Manson, but you'll call me Sam ….that is if you are wise. I'm an eighteen year old girl. I am the Manson heiress but you won't live to see your….however old you're turning, birthday if you tell anyone.

I about 5'5, kinda skinny compared to most girls and a Goth. I wear a black skirt that reached upto my knees. It's so cool! It's got lots of flurries and ruffles on it! A ¾ sleeved purple top with a black spider on the front that reaches my midriff, is what I don on top. To top it off, I wear black sandals with purple straps. I've lightened upon the whole Goth thing, so I leave my hair which reaches my mid-back. My make-up's not so dark now and I've lightened it and changed purple on my lips to a light pink. That's the only pink I wear, so don't get any ideas.

Getting back….. 'Hey Tuck!' I mumbled. I'm not a morning person and since I've been so rudely awakened at 4:00 every morning for the past 1 month, my mood wasn't that ….. To put it lightly…nice.

Tucker winced, 'Bad night?' 'You have no idea' I growled.

Tucker kept a good distance behind me as I raved on and on about how the person who invented mornings should be kicked in the ass, if not already dead that is.

Reaching school, I waved to Tuck and walked up to my locker. He'd better leave me alone today….speaking of the devil!

'Hai sweetness! Wanna go out with me?'

'No Dash!' I snapped at the jock. 'How many freaking times do I have to tell you before you leave me alone?'

He put his hand around my waist pulling me closer to him. I mean don't get me wrong, its not that I don't appreciate cute guys , I'm just waiting for my Mr. Right to come along. And that certainly isn't Dash Baxter.

He steered me down the corridor. 'Not in a good mood are we today Sammy?'

Oh! How I wish I had my combat boots. That was the final straw, 'Lemme go, you oaf!' I cried pushing his hand away. He glared at me and walked away. I silently sheered. Sam Manson-1, Dash Baxter-0

As I sat in class listening to the boring lecture Lancer was giving us about some play which was one of his favorites or so, a cocky and confident voice asked from the door, 'Wow! I see no one missed me today!'

Everyone turned to see the owner of the deep, smooth baritone. The girls gasped and began to battle their eyelashes at him flirtatiously. Paulina, his so-called girlfriend glared daggers at everyone who dared to look at her man.

At the door, stood the one and only, the heartthrob of Casper and most of Amity Park, Daniel Fenton, with an award-winning smirk on his face.

He walked slowly almost leisurely and sat down behind me. In that way, he had Paulina to his side and Tucker behind him.

'So Danny! Free tonight? Wanna come over? My parents are not home!' Paulina asked battling her eyelashes.

'Sorry! Got other appointments tonight, babe!' He said and he threw a sideways glance at me. Wait…what? Nah! Must have been my imagination. Paulina pouted. Eww!

He turned back to face Tucker, 'Yo Tuck! Gotta girl yet?' He was the only A-lister who talked to low forms like Tuck and of course me, but he never really talked to me till now.

What? No, I do not have a tone of bitterness in my voice. Who cares if he talks to me or not? But even though I don't like him….I can tell as well as any other girl that Danny was Hott! He stood at a height of 6'2 and had well-defined muscles, though they were not bulky. He wore a white T-shirt on top of which he wore a dark-blue shirt which he kept open. His blue jeans were ripped and baggy and he wore blue converses. His eyes were a crystal blue colour and his hair….ok…I better stop….I'm blowing my cover here.

So…ahem…getting back….I rolled my eyes. As far as I could make out without openly staring, Tuck grinned. 'I'm working on it, dude!'

Danny grinned and slapped him a high five. Mr. Lancer cleared his throat, 'Ahem…Mr. Fenton, is the only thing your good at doing, disturbing the class?'

Danny raised his eyebrow, 'Well….at school yes! Is there anything else you wanted me to do Mr. Lancer?'

The whole class cheered and Dash came over and slapped him a high five.

Lancer cleared his throat again, 'Class, quiet down please!' He looked at me, 'Miss Manson! Can you do me a favor?' I felt everyone's eyes on me as I stood up.

'Sure, Mr. Lancer! What is it?' I was surprised to find out how calm my voice was.

He handed me a slip of paper, 'Can you take this to the principal?'

I knew it held a complaint against our class and was not willing to give them all up. 'I'm sorry!' I said in what I hoped was taken to final. 'I'm not going to give up my whole class.'

The class broke into applause again and Dash yelled, 'Way to go Sunshine! That's my girl!'

I turned to face him with a murderous look on my face, 'Dash! Just because you said that, I'm going to the principal!' I said through gritted teeth, snatched the note from Mr. Lancer's hand and walked out of the door.

'How dare he?' I screamed into the empty corridor.

'Wow! Somebody's not in a good mood!' Said a voice which was very familiar. It sounded like the voice from my dream.

I whirled around and there floated the Phantom. His green eyes sparkled with amusement as he stared at the baffled expression on my face. His white hair danced in his face as he shook his head from side-side and his chest muscles rose and fell as he breathed.

He floated close to me and stared deep into my eyes. 'You know?' he whispered, his breath tickling my face and I shuddered. 'I've never seen eyes like yours before….. There're so alluring!'

And with one quick movement he captured my lips with his. I was so overcome by his closeness and the feel of his lips against mine that I couldn't move for a few seconds. I felt myself being pulled closer to his and he ran his hands through my hair.

I had just begun to kiss back when I realized what he was doing and shoved him away.

'What are you doing? You just stole my first kiss, you son of a…' 'Shhh!' he put his finger on my lips. His fingers were cold and it sent a tingle through my body. No! Not that kind of tingle you have when someone you like touches you. What're you trying to say here?

Before I could say anything, with one smirk which looked so familiar, The Phantom had vanished.

I stood in the deserted hallway, putting my hand up to my lips and remembering my dream….so alluring….. was the last thing I heard before I passed out.

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