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Ow! My head hurts! That was the first thought in my mind as I woke up. I didn't even want to open my eyes. What was the problem? Why was I up so soon? That too when I had a killer migraine?

I looked at the clock and sighed, frustrated. Couldn't Phantom find someone else to haunt? It was the dream that woke me up again.

I fell back on the bed, pulling my purple comforter tight around me head. God! What wouldn't I do to sleep right now!

Just as I turned over, a searing pain shot through my neck. I shot out of the bed like hounds were at my tail and peered at my neck in the mirror.


A red mark was visible on the crook of my neck. It looked like a vampire had taken a bite out of it. Suddenly light dawned on me. Phantom had left his mark! How was I going to explain that to the world?

Oh! I know what you're thinking! Yes! I'm angry too. He can't just give me a hickey like that. I didn't even know anything about him or why he was lusting after me. I blushed a dark shade of red as I remembered our make-out session earlier. I can't even begin to understand why, but I felt an intense and searing desire to see him again. Um….you heard that, didn't you?

Speak of the devil! I plastered a frown on my face as I felt the temperature drop. This wasn't the usual dawn settling temperature drop. There was a ghost in my room. I didn't want him thinking I was looking forward to his visits.

'C'mon Phantom! I can sense you. No point in remaining invisible.'

'Intangible!' A voice corrected me, but it wasn't the familiar baritone I've grown used to hearing, but another voice, deep and hoarse. I whipped my head around so quickly that it started throbbing again.

'Who are you?' I asked bravely hoping that my voice didn't sound as squeaky as it felt.

He was a ghost; more evil-looking than the ghost I feared the most, The Lunch Lady. I shuddered as I thought about when she made me eat all the poor animals she cooked. But past is past, I have to focus on my current problem.

'No need to worry, m'dear! I'm not going to hurt you. I'm just going to use you as bait to lure the Phantom into my trap.' Somehow that didn't make me feel any better.

The ghost studied me closely, 'I see why he chose you. You certainly are a pretty girl. And my aren't you unique.'

I could never feel more freaked out than I already did. What's with all the ghosts coming into my room lately?

Suddenly a chill went across the room, and the temperature dropped more. I felt an invisible hand caress my cheek, before being withdrawn quickly. Phantom turned tangible, in front of me. One of his gloved hands held me back while his other hand glowed green.

He had a menacing look on his face, 'Leave her alone, Plasmius! What do you want with her?'

The other ghost, who I supposed was called Plasmius, shook his head as a cruel smile spread slowly over his face. It didn't make him look any better, let me assure you.

He said nothing as he tried to move closer to me. But Phantom was faster, he pulled me up by my hand and held me securely, bridal style, a fierce almost protective look on his face.

Did he do this for all girls, or was it just me? I had to wonder.

Plasmius gave me a long look and flew out of the window. Phantom looked down at me. Was it just me? Or did he look concerned? 'Are you ok?' he asked me softly. Yup! He was concerned. I was not going crazy…Hallelujah…I didn't want to add that to my long list of worries!

'I'm fine! What was that all about, Phantom?' I asked. 'I can't tell you! But you gotta trust me, k?' he whispered in my ear, giving me that tingling sensation again. Once again, I nodded dumbly as he put me down on the bed gently and flew away, probably to chase the other ghost.

So he was on our side….. I thought as I stared at the place where he was a moment ago.

He cared after all!

Next morning, I had donned a turtle-neck sweater to keep the hickey covered. But unfortunately it wasn't covered well enough.

As soon as Tucker saw me, an annoying grin plastered itself on his face, 'Sam! Is that a love-bite, I spy?' He said in a sing-song voice peering at my neck.

I blushed dark red as the image of Phantom appeared in my head again, in his skin-tight spandex suit and that knowing smirk on his face, green eyes sparkling hungrily….Ahem….

Getting back, I glared at Tucker, 'What are you talking about? Who the hell is brave enough to give me love-bite?'

'Oh I know someone!' He said. Before he could speak any further, I heard that voice I had grown to despise. 'Hello Sunshine! Will your parents be home this Friday? I could come over you know!'

I turned around my eyes flaring, but before I could tell him anything, a deathly calm voice spoke from behind him, 'Leave her alone Dash! She doesn't want to go out with you. I wouldn't bother her, if I were you!'

Flashing one frightened look at the boy, Dash ran calling over his shoulder, 'Talk to you later Sugar!'

My fists clenched at my said as I turned to face my rescuer. 'Hey Tuck! Hey Sammy!' Danny said casually. 'Sammy?' Tucker asked, choking. I knew he was trying not to laugh. My eyes narrowed.

'Look, Daniel' I said trying not to wipe the smug smile off his face with a resounding slap, 'you cannot, I repeat cannot call me that. You have no right to. And thank you but I can stand up for myself. You don't know me and I don't know you. So get off my case and leave me alone!'

Calling him Danny would seem too informal and friendly won't it?

I turned around sharply and tossing a greeting carelessly above my shoulder at Tucker, walked away. No sooner had I reached my locker, I felt a hand pull me back sharply.

I gasped as I turned to face the person. And I was once again met with those sparkling blue eyes. I felt myself get lost in them, when he pulled me closer, snapping me back to reality. 'First off, the name's Danny! Second, I'll call you what I want. And I like Sammy! Third, Guess what Sammy? You're mine. Got that? I don't give up what's mine that easily.' He said that as calmly as calm can get, I got angry.

'Ugh! What's wrong with the world? First the Phantom, then some old fruit loop named Plasmius and now you. Let me go!' I struggled but he didn't let me go. Instead his eyes turned green and for a moment he looked like Phantom. Whoa! What is with his eyes changing colour with his mood?

The amused smile changed into a hungry, lustful look. Whoa again. The amazing resemblance between Phantom and Danny was starting to really creep me out.

Slowly he closed the already miniscule gap between our faces. His lips were warm unlike the Phantom's and it gently caressed mine. He nibbled my lower lip asking for entrance.

Now really freaked out and afraid to get any closer to him, I pushed him away with all the strength I possessed.

He looked surprised for a moment. I guess its cause almost all the girls in Casper High would kill to have been the one he kissed. But not me…not Sam Manson.

Throwing him a dirty look, I sauntered away. The last thing I heard before I was out of ear-shot was, 'Your mine Sam! And I never give up what's mine!'

'I belong to no one….' I screamed back and walked more quickly to English Lit. with Mr. Lancer. Joy!

God! This is sooo boring….my mind kept repeating like a slogan. Not that I blame my mind, I totally agreed with it!

Lancer was blabbering something about Romeo and Juliet! Oh wait! He's asking me something…

'Huh?' was my reply as I broke out of my reverie. 'I asked, what do you know about Romeo and Juliet, Miss Manson?'

'Um….!' I said dumbly. What would I know about them? I did not write the book.

'Hm!' Baldy…um…Lancer huffed, 'Since you know nothing about it, I suggest you prepare yourself to enact Juliet, as we are going to perform the play in class, so that you'll understand the concept better.' He finished smiling.

'What? But that's not fair Mr. Lancer. I really don't need to do this if it's for points. I'm passing your class, aren't I Mr. Lancer?' I asked him. Honestly this was violation of my Right to remain Silent.

'It's not for points Miss Manson! I'm just helping you understand better.' 'But...' I began to protest but he was finished with me.

He moved towards the sleeping form of Danny. 'Mr. Fenton!' Danny looked up and opened an eye sleazily. 'How nice of you to grace us with your presence.'

'Oh! Don't than me ol' man! Thank my parents!' Danny said lazily. Even I had to bite back giggle at the look on Baldy's face.

'Oh Dan!' Paulina squealed as I frowned. Ugh! Shallow preppy witch. 'You're so funny! That is just one of the reasons I love you.'

'Really! Why how nice of you!' I can say without holding back the laughter that threatened to erupt that Paulina totally missed the note of sarcasm in Dan's voice….um…Danny's voice.

'Would you care to share what you know about Romeo and Juliet with the class?' Lancer asked smirking. We all watched, in pin-drop silence, waiting for Danny sarcastic reply.

He merely smirked and sat up straight, and then looking straight at Lancer, he said, 'Romeo and Juliet is the story of forbidden love. They knew it was not right to love each other. They knew that every touch, every kiss, every look was forbidden but that's what made it more thrilling for the star-crossed lovers. They loved each other even when they knew they weren't destined to be together. It was daring and that's what I admire about them.'

Everyone's mouths fell open. Danny looked at me and cue blushing on my part and smirking on his part.

A delighted smile spread over Lancer's face, 'Well Done, Mr. Fenton! I'm proud of you. And since you know all about the topic, I want you to play the part of Romeo and help Miss Manson.'

Cue protest from me and Paulina….and a delighted smile from Danny……This day just keeps getting worse! Don't you mean better? Asked a voice inside my head, with a love-sick sigh. He's so hot!

I resisted the urge to bang my head against the table. Ugh! Stupid mind!

'Sweetness! When am I going to your house?' Asked a familiar voice.

I groaned. 'Not now Tucker! Please!' Tucker was once again enacting on his favorite pastime. Imitating the quarter-back.

'Awww! C'mon Sam! Don't be a spoil-sport. It's so much fun.' I grinned and replied in an exaggerated Spanish accent, 'Fun is never fun when you're not with a boy dahlin'. Toddles!' I waved my hand daintily.

Oh! Did I forget to mention? I was just repeating the famous words of the Spanish witch.

Tucker burst out laughing and two minutes later I joined him. 'Oh Sam! You say it exactly the same way!' Tucker and I continued laughing, when a disembodied voice cried, 'You know Tuck? You're so lucky. Sam laughs with no one that way but you.'

Tucker jumped and I merely sighed. 'Are you stalking me Phantom?' 'Maybe…' was my answer as he appeared in front of me, grinning. Tucker was wide-eyed with surprise. 'Tell me he's not the one who gave you the hickey Sam!'

I blushed and Phantom raised his eyebrow, 'Sam! Have you thought about your children? They'll be half-ghosts! What were you thinking?' Tucker continued blabbering and I grew red with each word. Phantom smirked again.

Finally I yelled, 'TUCKER!' He stopped and stared at me. 'Nothing ever happened between us ….got that geek?' I growled holding him by his collar. 'Yes!' he squeaked. 'Good!' I said satisfied.

It was then that Phantom decided to intervene, 'But that's not to say it won't happen soon!' Cue blush and smirk.

I glared, 'Phantom! If you don't get rid of that smirk, I'll get rid of it personally.' 'I don't mind if you do!' he retorted puckering up his lips.

Something snapped inside me and I leaned over pressing my lips against his…….

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