This story doesn't have anything supernatural about it. Just another little story I came up with to smack the boys around a little. I'm not sure if you'll like it or not but here goes……

Fight or Die

"So what do you think it is?" Dean looked over at Sam who had just taken over the driving.

"Could be anything. Could even be another Bender family."

"I hope not." Dean said looking out the side window. He remembered the terrifying feeling he had felt when Sam had gone missing. He never wanted to feel that way again.

They were on the hunt for whatever was taking men in their twenties and thirties from a lonely stretch of highway in Colorado. The men's badly beaten bodies turned up weeks later. The odd thing was there was no sign of decay, as if the men had been kept alive until the day they were discovered.

"There's a bunch of things it could be….a woman in white…some kind of demon hitchhiker…"

"Or there could be nothing supernatural about it." Dean said as he put his head back and shut his eyes. "Well I'm beat. If you see anything give me a shout." He had been driving for over ten hours and right now all he wanted to do was get some rest.

Sam turned the radio down; sometimes he preferred the silence to the hard rock music Dean seemed to like. He was tired himself but had managed to catch a few minutes of sleep every few hours while Dean drove.

He had been driving for about two hours when he came to a sharp bend in the road and had to swerve the car to the left to avoid a motorcycle lying in the road directly in front of him, the driver lying next to it.

"What the hell!" Dean said as he was jarred awake and almost thrown from his seat.

"Someone's been hurt!" Sam said jumping out of the car and running over to the driver.

"Wait a minute Sam it could be as trap!" Dean shouted over to his brother as he too got out of the car, but Sam was already leaning over the driver.

"Hey…" He said softly as he put his hand on the man's shoulder. "Hey buddy…"

The man slowly rolled over and shoved a gun in Sam's face.

Dean began to reach into the glove compartment to retrieve his own gun and never saw the men who ran out of the woods behind him. The last thing he saw was Sam put his hands up and step back as the man on the ground stood up. He then heard Sam shout a warning to him right before the a pipe smashed down on the back of his head and every thing went dark.

Three hours later

Dean moaned softly as he began to wake up.

"Oh man…" He groaned as he touched the back of his head. He lay on the ground for a few seconds trying to remember what had happened. He remembered Sam swerving the car to avoid a downed motorcyclist, then… "Sam!" He shouted as he sat up a little too quickly and his head protested the sudden movement. He ignored the pain as he looked around at the dozen or so men who stood around him.

"Welcome to Hell." One of the men said reaching down and helping Dean stand up.

"What the hell's going on?" Dean asked looking around. They were being held in a large wooden shed whose windows were covered with bars. Dean scanned the men's faces hoping to see his brother among them, but he wasn't there. "Where's my brother?"