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Fight or Die

Chapter thirteen

Dean hesitated; he was a good shot but what if he missed? The guard always made sure he stayed hidden behind his brother's tall frame and even if his shot was just a little off he could hit Sam.

"Look…all I want is my brother back. Just turn him loose and I'll let you leave." Dean meant it; as much as he'd hate to leave the man go he would if it meant Sam would be safe.

"You expect me to believe that?...No, the kid's coming with me." The guard backed up to one of the cars and keeping the car between him and Dean opened the driver's door and forced Sam in then crawled in after him. He knew Dean couldn't shoot without taking the chance that a bullet might ricochet off the metal in the car and hit Sam. Once Sam was sitting down Dean watched as he leaned against the side window in obvious pain. The guard then pulled out his gun and held it up so Dean could see it before lowering it and putting it against Sam's side. He then started the car and pulled away. Dean ran to another car and bent down under the dashboard where he quickly hotwired it then took off after the guard's car. He knew at any moment the guard could shoot Sam but he hoped he wouldn't as long as he was behind him. Dean knew the guard needed Sam as an insurance policy, if he killed him he knew Dean would kill him with no hesitation.


They drove for miles with Dean staying right behind the guard's car, but Dean knew he was in trouble, he was getting low on gas. He knew if he ran out of gas he wouldn't be able to follow them and the guard would probably kill Sam then dump his body out on the road. He knew he had to do something quick. He gunned the accelerator and flew up next to the car then began ramming it trying to get it to stop. When the guard turned the gun toward Dean, Sam grabbed his arm and began fighting him for control of the car. Dean backed off, horrified that the car would go out of control and crash. He watched through the rear window as Sam and the guard fought for control of the car and the gun. For the next few minutes the car swerved all over the road then suddenly a shot rang out and the car skidded sideways then rolled over twice coming to rest on its roof.

"Sam!" Dean screamed as he pulled up next to the wreck and jumped out. He fell to the ground and crawled into the broken window on Sam's side. "Sammy!" He cried out as he reached his brother.

Sam moaned softly and slowly opened his eyes.

"Dean? What….what happened?"

"You had an accident. Now just lay still and let me check you out." Dean ran his hands over Sam's arms and legs and couldn't detect any broken bones. He then felt his rib cage and that seemed fine also. Next he gently felt his neck and down his back. He wasn't a professional but as far as he could tell Sam didn't have any obvious broken bones. Dean knew he still shouldn't move him but he could smell gasoline and knew the car could go up in flames at any moment. "Sammy, I'm going to have to get you out of here, just stay loose and let me do all the work."

Dean gently put his hands under Sam's shoulder and slowly pulled him out. Once out he pulled him over to his car, far enough away so if the car exploded he would be out of danger. He then checked out the knife wound in Sam's side, it was deep and bloody but didn't appear to have hit anything vital. He knew he could stitch it up himself once they were out of there.

"Dean….you got to get him out of there…" Sam said looking over toward the car which was beginning to smoke.

"The hell with him!…Sam he would have just watched you die in that death match or killed you if he got away."

"Dean he's a person, a human…you can't just leave him."

"Watch me." Dean knew the man would have killed his brother if he got away and never even lose sleep over it.

"Dean…" Sam started to get up, if Dean wasn't going to help the man he would.

"Damn it Sammy." Dean gently pushed Sam down. "Just take it easy, I'll get him."

Dean ran back to the car and pulled the unconscious man out of it right before the engine exploded and the entire car erupted into a fireball. He drug the man over to Sam.

"Sam we got to get out of here before the cops come. We don't want to be answering a bunch of questions. Can you make it?"


Dean helped Sam up and into the passenger's seat then put the man in the backseat. He prayed the gas would hold out as he sped back to the camp that they had been held at. The car started sputtering on empty just as they got there. Dean handed the guard over to the men then went into the guard house and looked through a box full of car keys until he found his. He breathed a sigh of relief that his car hadn't been sold like some of the others had. He then spotted Nick and walked over to him.

"It's over. I left the rest of the guys at the other camp holding onto the guards."

Nick put out his hand.

"Thanks." He shook Dean's hand. "How's your brother?" He said looking over to where Sam stood leaning against a wall.

"He's pretty busted up but I think he'll be okay." He could hear sirens off in the distance and didn't want to hang around waiting for the cops. "Look, I hate to leave you with this mess but we really need to be going."

"Don't worry about it; I'm just glad to be free. We'll explain what went on out here to the cops and I'll make sure we keep you two out of it." Nick could tell they wanted to be out of there before the cops came and he really didn't care why, he was just glad it was finally over.

"Thanks, we appreciate it."

They shook hands again then Dean walked over to Sam.

"Well it looks like my girl is still here." Dean smiled holding up his car keys.

"I wonder why they didn't sell it. They could have gotten big bucks for her."

"Oh I'm sure they were going to, maybe they just didn't get the price they wanted." Dean led Sam over to his car and helped him in. He then took the first aide kit out of the trunk and quickly covered Sam's knife wound with a bandage, it would have to do for now, once they got to a motel he'd stitch him up. Dean then climbed in the driver's seat and turned the key. "Just listen to that engine." Dean patted the dashboard lovingly as he pulled out of the lot.

Sam only smiled and shook his head.

"Dean I swear, you'd sleep with her if you could."

Dean smiled back then watched as Sam looked down at the X on his stomach.

"It'll fade Sam."

"I guess it'll be a reminder of how close I came to buying it. If you hadn't gotten there when you did I'd be dead."

"Yeah, what the hell were you thinking letting that guy almost slit your throat? I should kick your ass for doing that….and I still might."

"I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to die but I couldn't just kill him….What would you have done?" Sam asked as he shut his eyes and leaned back in the seat exhausted from his ordeal.

"I honestly don't know….Hey, you okay?" Dean asked when he saw Sam wince in pain as he settled in the seat. He looked at Sam's beaten body and knew he should be in a hospital getting thoroughly checked out, but he also knew hospitals meant cops and cops meant questions, something they tried to avoid as much as possible.

"Yeah I'm fine, just drive."

Dean popped in a tape and drove down the highway. Usually he would blast his music but he kept it turned down. He knew his brother was hurting and wanted him to get some rest. Once they were out of the state he'd find a motel where they could hold up for a while and he could stitch Sam up and let him heal for a few days. He glanced over at his brother's bruised face and shook his head sadly. He'd give anything if he could take his brother back to Stanford and let him live a normal life. But he knew that was impossible now. The demon was still alive and had plans for his brother, what plans he didn't know but he knew as long as he was around he'd do anything he could to protect his little brother, even die for him if he had to.

The End