While reading the book 'Salem's Lot by Stephen King, I came to a part where I was really inspired by the thoughts of a particular character.

In case anyone is interested, it was the part where Susan was at Matt's place, just after Ben was beaten up and sent to the hospital, and Matt hears something upstairs. It was his thoughts as he walked up the stairs (at the bottom of page 233 in the 2005 hardcover Illustrated Edition) that were what started me thinking.

Anyways, going back to the original point, this is the poem that came of my moment of inspiration...


Alone and Lonely


Mark Petrie - the new kid.

He knows what to do

To make do with

His new school,

New classmates.


At home,

Rearranging his monster models,

While his parents talk



He doesn't need friends.

Friends can betray,

Friends can lie.

All he needs

Is a pass-time.


Mark Petrie is alone,

And that's how he likes it.


Dud Rogers.

Lives, works, spends

Most of his time

At the Jerusalem's Lot dump.


It's got its perks:

Lots of things thrown out

That are still in

Perfect condition to use.


But they laugh...

They don't understand

That he just wants a friend.

Someone to talk to,

Besides the damn rats.


Although it may not seem so,

Dud is terribly lonely.