This is just something I came up with for a creative writing assignment...hope you enjoy it.

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Elphaba was a classmate of Fiyero's. She had eyes the color of overturned earth and her hair resembled black silk. She was as slender and as delicate as a rose. She walked with such grace and speed that she reminded him of a gazelle. Her elegance shocked him and her mysterious nature mesmerized him. He held her close, once, caressing the velvety skin of her sides. She murmured his name and snuggled against his chest. He placed his lips onto hers in a passionate kiss and she encircled his neck with her arms. The two lingered for hours in one another's arms. She slid her long, narrow fingers through his honey-blonde hair and brushed her lips against his. His light-ochre skin against her emerald green had an exotic quality of beauty about it.

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