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Naruto Uzumaki. Hinata Hyuga. Two people who appear to be complete opposite of each other. Besides being that Naruto is a boy and Hinata is a girl the two would seem to have little, if not anything in common with one another. Hinata is the heiress to the Hyuga clan while Naruto is a orphan with no known family. Despite being shy, Hinata always have a few friends, where as Naruto was always smiling goofily and laughing despite the fact that he was hated by almost everyone in his village. In order to protect the village, the fourth hokage sealed the nine tailed fox in Naruto, making him the vessel of a monster that the villages greatly resented. Naruto was always pushing himself his hardest and never accepted defeat while Hinata seemed to be intimidated by everything and would give up easily. Naruto was extremely confident while Hinata lacked self-confidence You can look at these two ninjas and say they are different as day and night, good and evil, etc.

Yet they both complement each other. Despite their differences they do have some common ground. Even though Hinata has a family she is always being called weak and put down by her father just because she wasn't as skilled as he would like her to have been. Naruto also knows what it is like to be put down and shunned by others so this is one thing that both Hinata and Naruto share. Another thing that the two share is confidence. Naruto was always confident in himself, believing that one day he will become a hokage and be looked at as a great ninja rather than the vessel of the kyubi. Hinata was able to become more confident by leading Naruto's example of never giving up and continuing in improving your skills. Naruto helps Hinata become more confident while Hinata offers him friendship and caring, which is why they seem to complement one another.

Hinata truly admires and even loves Naruto for his strong will and determination despite the sad, hard life he had. Living a life filled with neglect and hatred for reasons he didn't understand, until one fateful day when he was tricked by Mizuki to steal the Konoha's forbidden scroll , believing that by retrieving the scroll he would pass the academy. Mizuki ended up revealing that Naruto was the nine tail fox and that is the reason he is hated so much. But rather than despair he continued to grow stronger and meet new friends, aspiring Hinata to become stronger and braver as well. Hinata was the only girl in the academy that seemed to notice how great Naruto was, maybe it was because the other girls were always admiring Sasuke to which she could not understand why others would want to be with the brooding, depressed Sasuke rather than a high spirited, caring Naruto. Hinata knew that her love would one day be returned to her once Naruto got over his silly crush with Sakura, who like the other girls had eyes for Sasuke. Naruto was a caring person who would give his life to save others, even those who have wronged him, but that is why she loved him so. His strong will helped pushed her to become her best so that she can change for the better and would be able to stand side by side with the man she loved.

Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga, at first, seem to be complete opposites of one another.Yet, they do share similarities when it comes to people and confidence, so together they help each other and complement each other, making them right for each other; that is, should they be able express how they feel to one another.