Title: Aquamarine

Author: Slash-tastic2

Rating: T

Chapter: 1

Pairings: Mainly Leon/Cloud. Riku+Sora, AkuRoku, & slight Sephiroth+Cloud

Summary: Cloud works at a bakery. Leon works at Sea World. While Cloud is busy feeling suffocated by his stalker boyfriend, Sephiroth, What happens when on a trip to Sea World Cloud feels a special connection with one of the employees?

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters mentioned in this story. Cha.

Author's Note: Hee. This is my first fic, hope you like it. Obviously Sephiroth is pretty OOC but if he wasn't….lots of people would be dead. So, yeah. Next chapter is on the way Reviews are appreciated & thank you even if you don't!

Chapter 1 – Hey, that's cold!

Cloud was positive that it was pretty obvious to anyone and everyone that he--was in a bad relationship. He received dozens of phone calls everyday, love notes stuffed unceremoniously into his generic black mailbox until they littered the sidewalk, multiple unannounced house calls, and frankly…it was getting annoying.

He understood Sephiroth's need to treat him nicely, but the man was turning into more of a stalker than an actual boyfriend. He decided once and for all, he'd break it off. This, however, is what he said last week to himself before being coaxed into taking Sephiroth out for his birthday. He'd told himself that he was only being nice and that Sephiroth would be really hurt if he broke up with him the week before his birthday. This decided, he called in sick for work the next day. And thus, brought himself to the current dilemma.

Sephiroth had concluded that they would indeed be going to his favorite place—Sea World.


Cloud sighed dejectedly as he was dragged through the excited, disgustedly smelling crowd of families and children towards the penguins. Just what was so fucking fabulous about penguins? He watched a group of girls coo and giggle about how adorable the birds were.

"They're just birds…that go underwater" he stated simply as he settled down in his seat next to Sephiroth.

Sephiroth proceeded to hand-feed him some cotton candy, which he really didn't want but nevertheless ate it anyway. His eyes glanced around the rows of benches, which were mostly filled with kids and their parents. There were a few couples and junior high students, but no one else (aside from the elderly, but they don't count). His gaze returned to Sephiroth when he felt an insistent prodding in his ribs. Apparently he wasn't paying enough attention to his boyfriend.

"What?" he snapped as his head whipped back to his companion.

"You're not paying attention to me," Sephiroth replied smoothly as Cloud struggled against rolling his eyes, "It's my birthday and I want a present, Cloud."

Cloud noticed the feral look in his eyes and gulped audibly.

"W-What do you want?" he asked nervously as Sephiroth scooted closer.

Sephiroth licked his lips dangerously as he brought his face close to Cloud's.

"I want a kiss, Cloudykins" he purred as he cupped Cloud's cheek gently, long silver hair breaking free from its delicate tie to drape across his shoulders.

Cloud's face flushed immediately as he jumped up with a quick "Let's go see the dolphins!" before rushing headlong into the sweaty crowd. He was 24 for crying out loud and still self-conscious about kissing in public. Besides, from his point of view, Sephiroth always got a little too friendly. The two had been going out for a little over 3 months and they'd only kissed a few times. Enough that he could count with only the fingers of one hand, excluding his thumb and pinky.

"Why do I feel so suffocated when we're together?" he questioned himself out loud, brushing a hand through his spiky blond hair. "We're the total opposite of Riku and Sora. Those two are always all other each other." Sora was his cousin, around 16 or so with a similar spiky mop of brown hair. He was pretty short for his age and…petite if you could call him that. And Riku (his boyfriend) was the same age, with long silver hair (not to be confused with Sephiroth's for it was almost three times as short) and typical bad boy attitude. The two were considered inseparable and had been together for a few years. Cloud was happy for his cousin. After a disastrous break-up with his ex-girlfriend, Kairi, it had been Riku who was the one to comfort Sora in his time of need.

'Although Sora tells me that he had liked Riku before but was scared of rejection' he noted absentmindedly as he finally ended up near the dolphin pool. He looked back expectantly, waiting for Sephiroth's short return.

"He probably has a tracking device on me or something" he muttered quietly as he saw the familiar head of silver hair maneuvering through the incoming crowd. Not that he needed one, thanks to Cloud's choice of dress. He stood out conspicuously with his oddly spiked blonde hair as well as his current outfit. Cloud was dressed in a dark grey turtleneck; a present from Aerith. The fabric clung nicely, showing off his perfectly sculpted chest and abs. The blue denim jeans encasing his legs accentuated his thighs and hips positively as it hugged in all the right places.

Sephiroth shoved a kid out his way angrily as he wrapped his arms around Cloud possessively. "No need to fret, my pet. I brought you some ice cream," he announced a little too loudly for Cloud's liking.

"Uh…sure" he mumbled as he grasped the frozen ice cream sandwich. He watched Sephiroth kick everyone out of the 3rd row, just so they could sit privately. Cloud blushed immensely in embarrassment. Those people definitely thought he had asked him to do that! He covered his face in his hands as he resisted the urge to whimper relentlessly. Removing his hands from his face, he situated himself on Sephiroth's left, his bag clamoring loudly as the sound of loose change rang throughout the stands. Wincing slightly at the glares he was receiving, Cloud quickly unhooked his bag and placed it by his feet. Just as he was getting used to the quiet chatter, the stands erupted in screams as three dolphins jumped simultaneously, two fountains shooting out from the rectangular pool. It wasn't a surprise that everyone's attention soon focused on the scene in front of them, the Sea World employees calling out to the crowds and swimming with the dolphins.

It was amazing, really. Even though he had protested to coming to Sea World, he always enjoyed the dolphins. Something about the way they moved so gracefully just fascinating the blonde. He felt a hand brush against his waist as he was enraptured by the synchronization of the mammals in the water. He felt a smile burst across his face as one of the dolphins performed an intricate maneuver. But soon after it was over, and the people exited. The dolphins returned back to their swimming tanks to be ready for the next day, with the exception of one. He watched it swim lazily for a while before Sephiroth was tugging at him to go over to watch Shamu. He paused momentarily before realizing he had left his bag at the dolphin pool.

"I forgot my bag! I'll be right back," he announced hurriedly, "I'll meet you at the Shamu show, okay?"

Sephiroth seemed a little reluctant to let him go alone but Cloud persuaded him that it would be better if he defended their seats until he returned. After seeing him nod in agreement, Cloud dashed back to the dolphin pool, the one dolphin still swimming languidly in the chilled pool water.

He grabbed his bag and slung it over his head, turning around to move back towards the exit. He froze as he saw someone burst from the water's surface, watching as the figure climbed over the tank side. He felt his mouth go dry as the man stood tall, using both hands to brush back his soaked shaggy brown locks as he faced up towards the sun. He stood clad in a black tight wet bodysuit, water droplets sparkling brightly as they ran down his incredible, chiseled body. Cloud's breath was caught in his throat as he none too subtly ran his blue-eyed gaze over the man's build appreciatively. He felt his face heat up as he realized he was staring.

It wasn't until he blinked and the fact that his eyes were reflecting those of deep grey…that he knew he'd been caught.


Roxas felt his vein twitch angrily as he slammed his hand on the souvenir shop counter.

"Just gimme Shamu you ketchup haired freak!" he yelled as he reached over the counter in an attempt to grab the small animal plush toy. The redhead smirked as he waved the stuffed animal out of the reach of the small blonde.

"Only if you go on a date with me" he replied in singsong.

"Forget it Axel. I don't even want…" he froze as the whale plushie seemed to give him puppy eyes, "I-I don't need the damn whale!"


Roxas watched the smirk slowly grow on Axel's face as he shoved a ten-dollar bill on the counter before snatching the plush and dashing out the store.

"See you on Saturday, darling!" Axel called from his post at the register as he watched the angry teen storm out of the Sea World gift shop.

Roxas rushed to the side of the building, leaning against it as he regained his breath.

"Stupid Axel…" he muttered as he hugged the Shamu doll.

"Aww, I thought that was cute. And you actually agreed to go on a date with him!" squeaked a voice that could only belong to Sora. He turned around, gaping as he saw Sora and Riku stick their heads around the corner of the building. He flushed angrily as he stormed over to the two.

"If you saw that, why didn't you help me?" he screeched, "What were you doing this whole time!"

"Well, uh…" Sora stumbled over his words as a blush rose to his face.

"Making out" Riku chimed in helpfully. He chuckled at the indignant gasp of 'Riku!' before he was punched lightly in the arm.

Roxas rolled his eyes as the two began to play fight, punching each other lightly and gazing into each other's eyes. Yuck. They were being sappy again.

"Jeez, get a room…later. Let's go see the polar bears! …What?" he asked confusedly as he began receiving weird stares.

"Roxas…" Sora started as his eyes began to sparkle. Roxas looked to Riku questioningly but found the said teen hunched over, grabbing his stomach in laughter. "…That was so adorable!"

Roxas could almost say he felt his eyes bulge out of his head, but he didn't…so he couldn't.

"I-I am NOT adorable!" he shouted, clearly offended. He almost thought he heard a 'Yes you are!' from inside the gift shop but ignored it.

Riku coughed lightly, having finally recovered from his treacherous case of the chuckles.

"Isn't your cousin here with that weirdo boyfriend of his?"

"Cloud? Yeah, and that 'weirdo' is Sephiroth. He's really creepy. He used to go out with Aerith ex-boyfriend, Zack" Sora answered with a hint of nervousness.


Roxas piped in curiously, "Hey Riku, isn't your brother here too?"

Riku nodded in confirmation. "Uh huh, Leon's working at the dolphin pool today."


"Do you need something?"

Cloud felt his throat close up as he struggled to find something intellectual and witty to say in response to that low, husky voice.


Smooth, Strife. Real smooth.

"I…forgot my bag." He wrung his hands nervously, as the employee seemed to study him intently before walking over to him.


"Huh? Oh! Uh, I'm Cloud" he replied, stumbling over his sentences as Leon squatted down on the platform above him so he could see him. He thought he saw the beginnings of a smile form on the Leon's face and smiled as well.

Leon chuckled, a soft rumble that made Cloud's heart flutter faster. What was wrong with him? It wasn't like him to act like—what the?

One minute he was dry and next, he wasn't? For a second he thought it was the quiet employee but as he heard a high pitched squeak he realized the dolphin had just drenched him. He watched Leon's face quickly change to one of concern as he climbed down from the platform with a towel.

"Nessa!" he chided the dolphin, his reprimand returned with a small fin wave.

"Sorry about that. She's just being playful."

Cloud didn't think he could get any redder as Leon started to dry of his hair.

"I-It's okay, it's not like I got hurt or anything."

Leon grinned again before climbing back up the ladder to the platform. He turned as he reached the top and held out his hand.

"Do you want to see her up close?"

Cloud knew he probably should get back to the Shamu show but decided a quick little peek couldn't hurt. Without a word, he grasped Leon's hand and pulled himself up the ladder. He walked with Leon until they sat on the pool's edge. He rolled up his jeans to his knees before sticking them in the water, mimicking Leon's position.

Time flew by so quickly he didn't realize it'd been 30 minutes since they sat down. The Shamu show was scheduled to end in another 30 minutes but he figured he had some time to spare. He'd found out that Leon worked at Sea World on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. That he lived at home with his younger brother (who Cloud had forgotten to ask for his name). That his favorite food is oatmeal and his favorite color is grey.

"Like your eyes" Cloud mentioned absentmindedly, not realizing what he'd said until he saw a small tinge of red spread across Leon's cheeks. They talked for a little while longer until he felt something brush against his foot. He jumped a few feet in the air when Nessa shot water out her blowhole at him.

"You!" he cried as he fell into the pool. He could hear Leon laughing from his seat on the side of the pool.

"It's not funny Leon!" he shouted as he swam over to the edge. Now he was…super saturated. He glared at Leon before pulling him in as well.

It was then that he noticed they weren't alone in the pool.

"Aah!" he shrieked as he attached himself to Leon. Dolphins were fascinating from afar, hell even from the pool's edge, but he'd never been in the water with one before. What if it tried to eat him!

"Don't worry. She won't hurt you" he replied and Cloud soon realized the position he was in. He could feel Leon's breath on his ear as he spoke and shivered slightly.

"Are you cold?"

Cloud shook his head lightly, blushing as he brought his gaze up to Leon's lips. The water from the pool made his hair cling to the sides of his face and on his neck. He held his breath, studying a droplet as it slid down Leon's cheek and into the brunette's already open mouth, a tongue peeking out to swipe away the drop of water. The two floated in the pool for a minute or two, barely holding each other but nevertheless still touching. Cloud watched the emotion in Leon's eyes darken as he leaned forward. Cloud knew he shouldn't but he couldn't help leaning up a little, his eyelashes dropping down to caress his cheeks. His heart was beating frantically as he felt Leon's hot breath on his lips. Just as Leon moved to close that last fraction, pressing closer to Cloud, Nessa squeaked again and shot water out her blowhole, interrupting the two. Cloud felt his face grow hot as he released Leon, unsure of his ability to control himself.

"I have to go" he stated in a hurried tone but didn't seem in a rush to move.

Leon was about to ask him something when he heard a loud,

"CLOUD! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?" from the bleachers. He paled slightly as he swam to the edge of the pool and climbed out. He sent Leon an apologetic look as Sephiroth climbed up to the platform before rushing over to him, wrapping him in a towel.

"Did you fall in, muffin?"

Cloud winced at the retarded nickname, "Yeah. I was…looking at the dolphin." That sounded stupid even to him, but Sephiroth seemed to buy it so who cared? Oh. Yeah. Leon…He looked over to him as he climbed out of the pool and walked over to the two of them. He spared an accusing glare at Cloud before motioning to Sephiroth.

"You are?"

Cloud groaned internally as Sephiroth wrapped his arms around him possessively. "Sephiroth, Cloud's boyfriend. You know you really shouldn't let people up here who don't know what they're doing."

Leon didn't contain the angry glare he aimed at Sephiroth and turned to Cloud. Cloud felt his heart clench as Leon looked at him as if he had betrayed him. As he was being steered away, Cloud gave Leon his full attention, apologizing through his eyes.

I'm Sorry.


Leon laid down on the wet surface of the platform, staring up at the sun. Another employee climbed up excitedly before bouncing towards the lounging Leon.

"What's the matter Leon-poo?" she questioned as she sat beside him.

"…Aquamarine" he whispered softly, dragging an arm across his face to block his eyes from the sun.


"It's nothing Yuffie."

Next chapter: Aerith's having a birthday party and as fate would have it, it's back at Sea World. Cloud runs into trouble, Roxas tries to get out of his date with Axel, and Sora gets lost in the penguin maze. Hold in the havoc for chapter 2!