Title: Aquamarine

Author: Slash-tastic2

Rating: M

Chapter: 6

Pairings: Mainly Leon x Cloud. Vincent x Cid, Riku x Sora, AkuRoku

One-sided: Sephiroth x Cloud, Shera x Cid

Summary: It's Valentine's Day, will Sephiroth step in and ruin Leon and Cloud's plans? Or will their trip to the hot springs actually go as planned? Of course it won't.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters mentioned in this story. Cha.

Warning: lemon in this chapter

Chapter 6 – Valentines and Suspicious Persons

Cloud sighed for what seemed like the millionth time as another wave of teenagers filled the bakery. Valentine's Day, all in all the worst day for fellow bakers. It was even worse than Christmas! In addition, Cloud still had no idea what to get Leon for Valentine's Day. He was supposed to get him something, right? But what? He knew Leon wasn't a fan of sweets so that ruled out anything he could possibly make. Leon didn't really wear much jewelry either. Even though it was a silent agreement that they would not exchange Valentine's Day gifts Cloud couldn't help but feel guilty anyway. Then again, Cloud didn't really have to wait long before his train of thought was interrupted.

"Strife! Are you breeding a chocobo back there? Hurry up, we need more of those caramel chocolates!" shouted Marluxia from his perch on the famous leopard stool.

It seemed as if Marluxia was in a sour mood. Marluxia had always loved Valentine's Day but for some reason, this year he seemed pissed off at something.

"Or perhaps someone…" he muttered quietly as Tidus entered the rear of the store.

"Luxy's in a bad mood and I can't figure out why! Just this morning he got a call from Xemnas n' he was all pissy and whatnot. Now all of a sudden he's hissing all over the place. You'd think he hated Valentine's Day!"

Aah. So that's it. Xemnas had to work late tonight, which meant he wouldn't be spending Valentine's Day with Marluxia. Cloud supposed florists work late on Valentine's Day as well.

'At least Tidus isn't exploding the oven yet' Cloud thought to himself, taking a minute to double-check on the rambunctious blonde. He gave a sigh of relief when he noticed said blonde attempting to flirt with some of the female customers, especially a shorthaired brown one. Cloud felt the attraction was kind of odd, considering the girl had two different eye colours.

Either way, Valentine's Day in XI's Bakery was a bummer.

Leon growled lowly before picking the newspaper but up again.

"I said no Yuffie."

"But Leeoon, pretty please! I promise if you just do it just this once, you'd be my savior for life!"



"I repeat, no."

"Just this once!"

"That's what you said the last time."


"The answer is still no."

"Just take the damn week off! I'll cover for you, come on!"

"Yuffie" he said in a warning tone whilst eating his breakfast of bacon & eggs. Yuffie was half crawling on the floor, trying to get Leon's attention. "When was the last time you stayed home with Spikey? Doesn't it sound nice, a long relaxing week of vacation? I'm sure he'd appreciate it."

"…What are you up to Yuffie?" Leon inquired, suspicious of Yuffie's odd behavior. She was begging him to take a week off? She must be planning something and there was no way Leon would skip a week of work, he needed the money to pay the bills. And nothing was going to stop him.

"I'll give you my blackmail photos of Cloud dressed as Santa's elf in Twilight Mall!"

…Except for perhaps that.


"Ah, I knew he didn't tell you! During Christmas he dressed up as Santa's elf to raise some money and let me tell you, the girls could not keep their hands off him! Then again, if you saw him you wouldn't be able to either. So cute!"

Leon had no idea Cloud had done that for him. Griever must have been really expensive for Cloud to get a second job to pay for it. Leon lifted the newspaper up again, covering his face and pretending he went back to reading it.

"…I want all the negatives."

Yuffie grinned victoriously, using her index and middle finger to create the 'V' sign. 'Oh, yeah Party at Sea World!' she thought, cheering triumphantly.

Smoke filtered through the air as Cid took a drag of the bent cigarette that dangled from his pursed lips. He tapped his foot impatiently. Vincent had gone out to the parts store well over 2 hours ago. He should've been back by now! It wasn't that Cid felt Vincent couldn't protect himself. Bullshit. The caped man could fight and win with only his stare. But those parts weren't going to put themselves together, so the longer Vincent took with them the later Cid had to work.

Shera placed a warm cup of tea by his desk, looking very nervous.

"Captain…I need to tell you something… So please, just listen" she announced before taking a deep breath. Cid raised an eyebrow quizzically but noticed she was being very serious and only nodded in recognition.

- - - - - - - - - - -

"Congratulations! With every 20 parts you buy, you are eligible to win a prize from our booth. Please step forward and spin to claim your prize!"

Vincent blinked once before narrowing his eyes slightly. "I do not want a prize. I simply wish to pay for the parts in this crate."

"Yes, but sir, you do realize you could win some fabulous prizes? In fact, our second-place prize is a thermal blanket not unlike the one attached to your sh--"


"I'm sorry, excuse me?"

"It's a cape, not a blanket of any sort. Now if you would kindly remove yourself from my line of sight I would be very appreciative."

"I'm sorry sir but you cannot leave unless you spin the prize board! It's my job to make sure each and every customer has the opportunity to spin the wheel!" the vender protested vehemently.

"Yes. It is your job. To make sure each and every customer has the opportunity to spin the wheel. I however, wish to decline said opportunity in favor of retreating. So if you'll just--"

"Please!!! Just spin it!!"

"…I suppose if you're so desperate" Vincent replied, angry that he had wasted so much time in this parts shop. Vincent spun the colourful wheel until it stopped, dropping a white ball.

"Congratulations! You win…a package of tissues!"

Ignoring the man, Vincent began walking away, muttering "Never coming back here again."

The vender started sweating profusely at the thought that he had just lost a customer for the store. "B-But you're our 100th customer so you win top prize!!"

The dark haired man halted, turning around slowly to stare at the frazzled worker.

"…Top prize?"

"It's…" the worker became very nervous by the fact that he had just given away the grand prize and was only now realizing what it was, "a weeklong trip to Atlantica Hot Springs."

"Hn…" Vincent grunted loudly before returning back to the worried employee, "A week, did you say?"

When Vincent returned to Highwind Mechanics he found it in almost complete darkness. He knew as soon as he stepped through the garage that something was wrong, the lights were dimmed and a few bottles of alcohol lay scattered near the couch.

Following the scent of smoke, Vincent eventually tracked down Cid—who was sitting on the window-ledge, cancer stick protruding from his mouth.

"…Cid" he called tentatively and blonde turned sluggishly to look at him. Receiving a silent reply, Vincent padded softly over to the window and sat beside him. "What's wrong?"

The mechanic looked terrible, as if he hadn't been sleeping for days, and his breath smelled strongly of alcohol. The pilot raised his tired eyes to look at Vincent but couldn't hold his gaze and returned to staring out the window. Vincent waited patiently for him to begin, watching him take a drag of his cigarette.

"Shera…………she's in love with me. She's been in love with me, this whole time. And I was too ignorant to see it…or maybe I didn't want to see it." He shifted slightly so that he was leaning on Vincent's cool shoulder. "She knows…but she still told me."

Vincent intertwined one pale hand around Cid's callused and rough fingers, squeezing reassuringly.

"She knows…how I feel. But how do I face her? She won't leave unless I tell her to. I know she hurts but…damnit."

Vincent leaned down, pressing butterfly kisses to Cid's closed eyelids as a sign of support. He would help him through this dilemma, but it would ultimately be Cid who could pull up the strength to make the right decision.

Cloud giggled as he tried to push in the key to their apartment as well as defend his ribs from Leon.

"Stop it!" he cried whilst missing the keyhole once again, "Leonhart! I mean it!" he attempted to finish as he burst out into laughter. His boyfriend merely grinned before pulling him flush against his chest where he could continue to attack his sensitive sides.

"S-Stop!" Cloud managed to get out and grabbed Leon's hands in an effort to hold them. Valentine's Day dinner had been a nice surprise, an unexpected one. Leon was so sweet sometimes. Leon pressed a kiss against Cloud's temple as the baker finally got the door open. Cloud dashed in the apartment, Leon close at his heels.

"Wait!" Cloud shouted, causing Leon to cease mid-pounce, "I want to give you your present." The blonde scurried off into the guestroom, leaving Leon to sit patiently on the couch.

"You didn't have to get me anything" Leon called from the couch.

"You paid for dinner, so I'm glad I thought of this before."

Leon was beginning to wonder what exactly it could be when he heard Cloud tell him to come to guestroom. Taking long strides to the room, Leon barely paused at the door before entering.

Leon flushed red, feeling as if his nose would burst, unable to remove his gaze from the man before him. Cloud was lying, naked beneath the massive comforter; a small red bow attached to his left wrist. Leon gulped loudly as he felt himself beginning to get very hot, just by looking at his boyfriend.

Was Cloud offering himself to him as a gift? It was true that they'd never had sex, of course they'd come close but each time it had been considered too soon. But now that Cloud was lying against the bed sheets in nothing but his birthday suit, a pretty blush marring his face as he parted his lips suggestively, there wasn't one thing that Leon could think of other than opening his present. "Happy Valentine's Day Leon."

A few days later…

"Tomorrow?" Cloud asked, looking over to Leon as he made lunch.

"Vincent called and said he won a bunch of tickets for a week at Atlantica Hot Springs. Yuffie begged me to take off this week but I'm not totally sure this was the reason. Apparently the store gave him 8 tickets, complete with transportation," Leon replied as he marked some of the bills, "I think he's inviting the rest of the gang."

Cloud smiled as he flipped a pancake onto the powdered plate. "Sounds like fun. I've never been to a hot spring before."

"Me either, but it sounds kind of crowded. I don't know."

"Aww, come on. When was the last time you went on a vacation?" Cloud offered, nudging Leon in the side with a wooden spoon.

Well…it did mean that Leon would be able to spend the entire week with Cloud. A lovable Cloud. A very wet lovable Cloud, possibly semi-naked lovable Cloud.


Cid's POV

As soon as we got on the bus, I knew I was in hell. Damn, I should've thought about it more before inviting those fucking brats. They're loud as hell. And irritating too. I have to say that the transportation however was pretty up to par. There were two long black leather couches on each side of the bus, enough to seat 3 comfortably.

Also, since Vince and I were the winners of the trip, we got our own personal king-size waterbed. Too bad it was sittin' right smack in the back of the bus in clear view of the couches, no privacy. But eh, what can you do?

Vinny isn't too keen on sitting in public places so I had to practically drag him from his standing position, eventually he complied but then the loudest of the squirts shouted like he had just shit his pants. There was no way the brat was touching my waterbed!

Sora's POV

"Wow it's a water bed!" I gazed at it longingly before Riku pushed me gently towards one of the couches, "But Riku!"

My boyfriend just looked at me with a smile and I couldn't help but return it. Riku was just too cool! I knew we would sneak out of Atlantica and try out the waterbed at least once before we left. Sorry Cid! Leon and Cloud came on the bus and I tried to give them hugs but only got as far as a half-hug from Cloud. Leon gave me the evil eye so I backed off and watched the two of them begin to snuggle up on the opposite couch.

I decided to follow their example and squirmed up to Riku until I found a comfortable position. Roxas and Axel came on the bus and I called them over to our couch. I didn't want to separate the two so I decided to sit on Riku's lap instead. He was too irresistible anyway.

Axel's POV

Oh man, I was so psyched when I found out I would be going on a trip to ATLANTICA with my bodacious blonde boyfriend. He even let me put my arm around his waist until we got on the bus! This is A-W-E-S-O-M-E, got it memorized? I came to a dilemma however when I spotted both couches already occupied with content couples. And both the alpha males were sending glares my way, as if daring me to sit near them. Thankfully Sora spotted us and motioned Roxas and I over to their couch.

I was beginning to wonder if we would all fit when Sora climbed on top of Riku and straddled his legs. I was beginning to get a little nervous when I saw Riku's feral smirk as he brought his hands up to Sora's sides, moving them in small, slow circles.

It was Sora however, who surprised me most, when he initiated the contact. His hands had been situated on Riku's shoulders, but within seconds they had tightened their hold and the small brunette pressed his mouth hungrily against the silver-haired boy's lips with a small moan. His tiny arms wrapped themselves around the other teen's neck as Sora pressed closer to Riku, said Riku dragging his hands down to begin groping his boyfriend's ass.

I looked to Roxas in embarrassment but he already had his head buried in my shoulder, trying to shield his eyes. Hey! When did that happen? I surreptitiously laid my arm around his small frame and pulled him closer. I snickered internally before leaning back to get comfortable.

Leon's POV

Damn Riku. The kid didn't know how to control himself in public; there he was, practically fornicating on the other couch right in front of us. My gaze quickly shifted to Cloud, who was busy averting his eyes from the scene and drumming his fingers noiselessly on his kneecaps. He glanced over after about a minute and smiled at me. I love it when he smiles. The way he moves. The way he sounds.

Leon groaned internally as the last thought went through his mind. Definitely love the way he sounds. Although…he and Cloud hadn't done it since that night. Leon prayed it wasn't a one-night thing, but a week had already passed since that magical night and Leon wasn't afraid to admit that he was having Cloud withdrawal.

Stop it! Don't think about it, you'll just feel worse. Concentrate on something else. Something else…Where was their bus driver?

Sephiroth's POV

I finally thought of a brilliant plan after hearing Cloud and Leon's conversation from my spot, pressed against the apartment front door. I would pose as the prizewinner's bus driver! I was already a master of disguise, so it didn't prove to be a problem.

Hiding my luscious silver locks with a vibrant red wig (completely natural looking I might add), I entered the bus and was surprised at the other occupants. I recognized two on the waterbed, as well as the tiny brunette on the couch that was snogging with some guy. I remember them from Zack's friend, Aerith. Stupid bitch, her friends never did like me.

Whatever, as long as I get Cloud in the end, I win.

(He forgot however, that in order to get inside Atlantica he shouldn't end up locking himself in the bus for the entire vacation.)

The group finally made it to the resort in one piece, although when Cloud had moved to lean on Leon the bus had swerved sharply to the left, almost barreling him over. The driver said something about a chocobo in the road. As soon as the bus came to a stop, all its occupants filed out and walked up to the front desk.

"Hello. Welcome to Atlantica Hot Springs, where all your under the sea dreams come true," the blonde receptionist drawled in a bored and condescending tone,

"Atlantica is a place…fuck it. You know where you are, take your fuckin' keys and get out of my face."

"Larxene!" a pale and nervous looking man shouted as he entered from the back. It seemed as if everyone was blonde nowadays.

Leon arched a delicate eyebrow, whilst Cid began chuckling.

"What? They're staying here for free anyway, what does it matter Vexen? Anyway, you're in the Tropical Suites so take a hike."

- - - - -

"This place is weird," Roxas stated as if it were a known fact, walking down the hallway with Axel carrying his bags. It wasn't until the others had continued walking that he realized he was standing in front of his room. And also the fact that he was sharing it with Axel.

"W-WHAT!? We have to sleep in the same room?! The same bed?! Screw it, he can sleep on the couch!!" Roxas screeched as he ran into the suite to claim the bed.

"Aww, that's unfair Roxy. Play nice!" Axel replied as he carried in their luggage and kicked the door closed.

The others continued on, Vincent and Cid going to their designated room as well as Leon and Cloud.

"This week is going to be so much fun!" Sora chirped excitedly.

"Sure is," Riku chuckled as they finally entered their own room.

Sora beamed as he spotted both Roxas and Axel lounging about in the changing area, sporting the resort's towels as they waited to enter the hot spring.

"Hey Sora. Where's Riku?" Axel asked, afraid he'd be punished if he were alone with Roxas and Sora.

"He's coming, said something about his hair. What are you guys waiting for?"

"Some employee is cleaning the spring, he said he's almost done," Roxas chimed in, watching as his best friend shredding his clothes at the speed of light before tying on a towel.

Suddenly there was a loud 'click' as the sliding door opened, revealing yet another blonde employee! Except this one wasn't female. In fact, the man was sporting a rather odd looking beard. The man immediately zoomed in on Sora, grasping his hands just as Riku entered the area.

"Aah, such soft hands from this angelic cherub! Your eyes, they intoxicate me with their bright sky hue. Hn…your lips, they are like strawberries; so red and delicious looking. May I partake upon a taste?" At that, the strange man quickly stole a kiss from the shocked Sora.

'Oh shit. He is so dead.' Axel thought, having no remorse for the strange foreign sounding man.

The two were immediately separated as Riku unleashed a punch to the man's jaw, sending him back a few feet. Sora's eyes were wide and his lips were parted in surprise, an intense blush spreading across his face.

"Just as I thought, a heavenly taste. Perhaps another kiss would—"

This time Riku forgoed the punch and went straight to tackling the man so he could beat him into a bloody pulp.

And that was how the rest of the gang found them a few minutes later.

Vincent grabbed Riku's arm before he could bring it down again.


"This dick-wad kissed Sora!" Riku shouted angrily.

"…By all means, proceed" the pale man answered, releasing his grip on his wrist before walking off into the hot spring.

Ping-Pong had turned out to be quite popular at the resort and became a local hangout for the group and the employees. The strange Russian sounding man, whose name was discovered to be Luxord, had chased after Sora since their trip began six days ago. Riku had become increasingly agitated, snapping at almost everything that came near Sora and apparently Sora was receiving most of these powerful emotions. The poor boy came waddling to Roxas' room and asked if he could borrow some more bedsheets, which Roxas promptly gave him without question.

Leon was also frustrated, but for the opposite reasons. He knew it wasn't Cloud's fault but wasn't the blonde even getting the least bit horny? Leon glanced toward Cloud as they sat in the steamy spring, relaxing, away from the rest of their "clique".

He watched as Cloud rose a little out of the water and proceeded to wander over to his side.

"Would you like me to wash your back?" Leon proposed as he grabbed one of the floating buckets and extracted a tiny sponge.

Cloud nodded, floated over and turned his back to Leon, who was beginning to regret offering to rub at his boyfriend's tempting back. As he began slowly massaging Cloud's shoulders with the sponge, he felt him relax. Leon was very talented with his hands and proceeded to turn Cloud into a puddle of goo. Cloud couldn't resist letting out a moan and dropping his head to the side, exposing his neck to Leon. The dolphin trainer couldn't take it anymore and leaned down, starting to suck gently on the blonde's neck.

Cloud's moans increased as he felt Leon attacking his neck, the soapy sponge dropping from his shoulders to brush against his waist, over the tops of his thighs and then circling up to his chest. He felt Leon rub the sponge against his nipples, and arched up, keening as the cool air made them harden instantly. Leon moved his mouth to Cloud's jaw, and then to licking a spot below his right ear. Cloud gasped as one of Leon's hands began pinching and rolling one of his nipples, the other hand slowly dragging the sponge down to his navel. Cloud's breath hitched as Leon began flicking his tongue inside Cloud's ear, the hand on his lower body abandoning the sponge in favor of suddenly grasping his shaft and stroking forcefully. Cloud cried out and pressed back against Leon, bringing both his hands to clutch wantonly at Leon's hips and spreading his legs wider as Leon tongue-fucked his ear in a promise of what was soon to come.

"L-Leon…haa……you mmm…uhh…god."

Leon chuckled softly, the sound of it reverberating down Cloud's spine. He removed his tongue from Cloud's ear so that he could flip Cloud, pushing his back against the wall of the hot spring.

"Ahh!" Cloud cried when Leon bent down and replaced the hand that had been playing with his nipple with a moist hot mouth. He clutched at the edges of the bath as Leon's swirled his tongue around the nub, biting it softly before turning the same attention to the other one. "Ah…ah…nnh…p-please…" Cloud mumbled as Leon began moving his mouth slowly down the front of his torso. Cloud raised himself more so that the water only reached up to mid-thigh and mewled loudly as Leon left more probable passion marks on his navel.

Cloud thought he would die, feeling Leon breathing hotly on his member, tasting a drop of precum before he was swallowed his shaft completely and Cloud was only able to manage a wordless scream. Gripping tightly onto Leon's long shaggy locks only served to arouse Leon further and he upped the pace, alternating between hollowing his cheeks and sucking while using his other hand to milk the base of Cloud's erection.

"L-Leon! Uhhh….Leonnn…I-I'm going to…"

Leon could feel the impending orgasm and despite the tugs on his hair from Cloud as a sign to pull away, he remained, tasting all of Cloud's seed as he released.

Leon sat up, using his tongue to lick off any traces on the corner of his mouth, watching as his beautiful lover attempted to get his breath back, chest heaving as if he had run a marathon.

"Mmm…you taste good," Leon whispered softly to Cloud as the baker seemed to regain his focus.

Leon watched Cloud's aquamarine eyes darken lustfully before Cloud pounced on him, using both of his hands to grab the sides of Leon's face and pull the Sea World employee into the most mind-blowing and passionate kiss of his life. The kiss was long and their tongues fought for dominance, but Leon seemed to win when he pinned Cloud's body against the side of the spring and thoroughly devoured his lover's mouth. When they finally ran out of air, they pulled back from one another, only to take a quick breath before tumbling back into their passionate routine of kisses. Leon growled at the ferocity Cloud was showing, biting somewhat roughly on Cloud's bottom lip. Cloud practically purred at all the attention his lips were getting and let out a whine when Leon pulled back.

Stormy grey eyes studied Cloud, who was out of breath, dripping with water, flushed red, and littered with passion marks. He let his hands rake down Cloud's backside, enjoying how his boyfriend arched up into his chest.

"…gods……Leonnn…I've been wanting you so bad for the past few weeks. Nnn…please, Leon…please…"

Leon realized he couldn't control himself any longer after hearing that and gave an animalistic growl before using his fingers to stretch Cloud. Dipping a finger into the puckered hole, Leon continued to kiss his partner and enjoyed the vulpine cries Cloud was making before adding another finger. He scissored the opening, using a third finger until he felt Cloud was fully prepared. They didn't have any lube so Leon hoped the water would make it less painful.

Cloud continued whimpering, releasing a litany of pleases as his eyebrows scrunched together prettily.

"Please Leon…please…haaa….please…"

Moving carefully, Leon slowly pushed into Cloud's entrance, letting his lover dig his nails into his back to ease some of the pain. Cloud winced as Leon waited for him to adjust to the strange feeling. Leon had to use all of his self-control not to just slam right in. He didn't want to hurt Cloud but the molten heat encased around him was difficult to ignore.

"…move…Leon…" Cloud whined softly, pushing down slightly as a signal for him to get moving.

Leon pushed inside before starting to make slow thrusts, he wanted to make it as painless for his lover as possible. Soon Cloud's whimpers of pain turned to ones of pleasure. "Faster…god…harder…yes…h-harder" Cloud chanted, his eyes hooded with desire as he tried to keep them open.

Leon slammed into Cloud continuously, merciless as he thrust harder and harder into Cloud's tight passage.

"Cloud…god you feel so good…" Leon grunted as he grasped Cloud's arousal that was pressed against his stomach.

"Nnn, yesss…more…m-more…yeah..oh…Leon" Cloud replied as tried to slam himself down faster and harder onto Leon's intruding member. Both were at the brink and Leon moved his hips even faster than Cloud had thought possible.

The sound of Leon's grunts and Cloud's noisy cries filled the empty spring.

Cloud came with a cry, screaming Leon's name, to which Leon released soon after with a moan of Cloud's name. The two collapsed onto the seat in the hot spring, panting against one another as they both looked up at each other and tried to smile.

Riku had been on his way back from beating the shit out of Luxord (who had tried to hit on Sora for the last time; in fact, it is said that he has several broken bones and two black eyes) when he had contemplated taking a nice unwinding session in the hot spring. Thanks to his keen hearing however, he was able to avoid a near traumatic experience. NO ONE wanted to see their brother having sex in the place where they enjoyed relaxing.

Instead, he made a quick detour to the cafeteria where Sora was sure to be waiting for him so that they could spend their last night at Atlantica eating a dinner just for two—no other unwanted visitors.

AN: Happy Belated Valentine's Day! XD that was my first time writing a lemon scene (hope it wasn't too bad) the next chapter should be out around…the first/second week of March. I also want to work on another fic, I have the plot summary and the opening but I'll try and make it work as soon as possible. I want the new fic's 1st chapter to come before Aqua.

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