"Come on, Zabini, let's find a compartment," Draco Malfoy drawled, trying to persuade his tanned, dark-haired Slytherin friend to tear himself away from a group of giggling 6th years, all from Slytherin.

"Alright. Seems Draco is getting his feathers in a bit of a ruffle. HOLD ON!" he shouted, turning briefly to the girls, who giggled again, before Zabini sauntered over to Malfoy. Zabini grinned wildly, his hair a bit mussed, but obviously very pleased with himself.

"That smile would scare even Salazar Slytherin, Blaise." Malfoy shook his head as Blaise's smile grew even wilder and more reckless. Draco turned, striding gracefully towards the scarlet Hogwarts Express, ignoring his mother and father as he walked past them. Zabini stopped to talk to Draco's mother, jogging to catch up to Malfoy as they boarded the train. After depositing his trunks in an empty compartment, he went off with Blaise in search of Crabbe and Goyle, his usual bodyguards at all hours.

Zabini strolled along the now moving scarlet train with Malfoy, grinning at any girl that managed to catch his eye. Draco noticed, snorting at the idiocy of his womanizing friend.

"So, Draco… has any of these lovely ladies managed to catch your eye yet?" Blaise smirked, putting his hands into his pockets nonchalantly.

"Please, Zabini, you know no mere woman would ever have any effect on me," Malfoy said irritably, giving up on Crabbe and Goyle and going back to his compartment. He slid open the door, then was startled to notice that it now had another occupant.

The thin girl had a fine face, framed by her numerous freckles and the fading sunlight, which made her fiery hair glow even fiercer than it had before. She was reading a book, something he couldn't see the title of, and was decidedly peaceful, her pretty face in cupped in her hand. She hadn't noticed Draco and Blaise enter, and flipped a page casually, making the page ruffle and Draco burst out of his reverie. There was something too familiar about that face. . . Then Malfoy sneered.

"Weasley," he snarled, startling the girl and making her drop her book, which he now saw it as Quidditch through the Ages. She scowled, staring at him and Blaise through clear brown eyes.

"Malfoy." She said with utter hatred, rising slowly to her small height stepping on the forgotten, tattered book. She looked into his crystal-like eyes, rather startled to find a bit of.. what was it? He almost seemed.. rather. . . impressed. With her? Ginny Weasley? Did Draco Malfoy actually find her attractive? She wanted to be appalled at the thought. Yet, somehow, she couldn't be.

Malfoy paused for a second, looking at Ginny with a rather interesting thought. She looks lovely when she's livid. What! Lovely? When in the world had Draco thought a girl was lovely? Especially this one.. this.. this.. WEASLEY! "This is our compartment, Weasley. I suggest you leave, or I might have to call my Father and have him talk some sense into the Minister about your Father's. . job, if you can call it that." She took a sharp breath, her eyes flashing dangerously.

"This is my compartment as much as yours, you spoiled git." Malfoy practically lunged at her, then calmed himself, smiling dangerously.

"You, girl, are going to earn yourself an even poorer living than you already have, Weas…" The compartment door slid open behind Malfoy, revealing a very angry Ronald Weasley.

"MALFOY!" He shouted, charging at the tall blonde. Harry and Hermione stopped him, trying to hold the struggling boy. Ron's face was already a bright shade of pink, and he made a great show up shouting curses fluently to the slightly disheveled Draco Malfoy. Blaise watched Ron curiously, keeping an eye on the Weasley girl in case she started to take out her wand.

"He's rightly mad, Draco. You'd best leave him alone, or he might try to hex you with that shabby little wand of his," Blaise announced loudly, making Malfoy give a silky laugh.

"Potter. What on earth are you doing here?" Malfoy grinned casually, watching as Harry and Hermione slowly released Ron, who stood, glowering at Draco. Suddenly, the compartment door slid open behind Harry, and a man popped his head on.

"I'm sorry, but I heard a commotion. Is everything quite alright?" The man was tall, elegant, and in every way possible, the most beautiful creature that Ginny and Hermione had ever seen. Hermione gave a squeak, toppling over Ron and Harry. Malfoy's smirk faded, as he looked at the man with obvious distaste and envy.

"I think we're alright… sir..." Ron muttered, putting his wand away quietly. He moved silently over to Ginny, who stood behind Zabini, transfixed.

"Well, if you believe so.. I will see you all at Hogwarts?" With a swish of his gray cloaks, the man disappeared, Ginny swooning into Ron, and, consequently, knocking him into the seat. Draco and Zabini followed the man out, scowling, carrying their trunks awkwardly away.

"Who was that?" Hermione said dreamily, now sitting on a seat.

"I dunno," said Ron, with a bit of ill-disguised envy in his voice.

"But we'll find out soon enough, wont we? He said he'd meet us at Hogwarts.." Harry said, which rose a heated debate between the trio about who the man was. Ginny Weasley paid no attention, and couldn't help but realize that her mind kept flashing back to Malfoy. She shook her head to rid it of those thoughts, thinking dreamily about the strange man as she stared out of the window.