Night had fallen for hours over a grungy neighborhood with little sign of activity aside from the occasional passing vehicle. When the cars pass, the residents can only hope not to hear gunfire. Then, they sigh in relief when no such thing happened. The darkness hid how badly kept the homes were, but the appearance of the property had no value here.

One car suddenly turned into a driveway, shining its headlights through Jorge's bedroom window. The boy tightened his eyelids for a second as if to keep the light from disturbing him as he continued to sleep, knowing that it was just his mother returning home from work.

The room remained silent for several minutes, Tapirmon sleeping peacefully by his side. Jorge slowly started to shift uncomfortably. Brushing up against the tapir digimon and waking him up. He looked as if something horrible was happening, tightening his eyes as if not seeing it will just make whatever it was go away. He suddenly sat up in bed and looked around, seeing Tapirmon was lying down right next to him. He then just palmed his head as he tried to calm down, shaking after his memory had replayed itself for him again. "Padre," Jorge muttered.

Tapirmon stirred a bit and looked up at his partner, without revealing he was awake. The mammalian digimon had become used to this after sleeping in his partner's bed for a month, and his concern for Jorge had grown each time. Please, Jorge, Tapirmon thought. Just let it out. Whatever is bothering you, just let it out.

Jorge sighed as he crawled out of bed as if trying not to wake his digimon and walking out into the living room. It made Tapirmon curious about what he does this late at night, but he decided to leave the boy alone before he drifted back to sleep himself.

Alamo Diaries
Entry 03: Hopeless
By: Izumi Ryu
Diaries Adventures concept by: Lord Archive
Disclaimer: I do not own Digimon Adventures, which belongs to Toei Animation.

Victoria wanted to stay in bed longer, keeping her eyes closed despite feeling the signs of waking up. She felt comfortable as something soft and warm had cuddled against her. The girl's arm had been wrapped around the furry object the whole night. That comfort came to a halt as she suddenly felt something cold and wet press against her exposed shoulder, jolting herself awake. Her leg slipped off the bed before it got tangled in the oversized t-shirt.

Terrermon laughed as she had woke up the girl, and the irritated expression Victoria had only prolonged the laughter. "Terriermon..." Victoria whined.

"I'm sorry, Vickie, but I had to wake you up, somehow," Terriermon explained.

"With a wet nose?!"

"Whatever works." Terriermon grinned. "Besides, don't you normally get ready for something now?"

Victoria's eyes widened before she rushed to the closet, throwing off the t-shirt and grabbing an outfit. "What time is it?" Victoria asked, pulling a pink-striped t-shirt over her head.

"You've got plenty of time still," a boy's voice said. She finally pushed her head through the collar of her shirt, only to see Jorge standing at the girl's doorway, fully dressed for school already. Victoria's panicked reaction subsided but she still remained tense in front of her brother, neither really phased by the fact that Victoria was still only half-dressed. "I'll make breakfast." Jorge said leaving his sister to get ready.

"Why does he always ruin the mood around here?" Terriermon complained, noticing how serious Victoria had become.

"I wish I knew," Victoria said, sitting up on the bed so she could slip her jeans on. "He's been like this for as long as I can remember." Then the girl wrapped an arm around the child digimon and lifted her, her expression suddenly lightening up. "C'mon, let's get breakfast!" the girl exclaimed cheerfully.

"Now, that's more like it," Terriermon remarked.

If there was one thing Tapirmon had learned about Jorge by now, it's that Jorge rarely talked. Even now as the boy focused on eating a bowl of cereal as the digimon looked on, having finished breakfast. Tapirmon wanted to learn more about the boy, but some nagging feeling kept Tapirmon from even asking a question. Even if Tapirmon had, he'd never get a response from the human.

"Buenos dias, Tapirmon!" Victoria greeted cheerfully as she sat down at the table, setting Terriermon down on the table next to her. It had taken Tapirmon a week to realize that she was greeting him in Spanish, another human language.

"Good morning, Vickie. Heard Terriermon had fun waking you up this morning," Tapirmon replied before looking over at the child digimon. Terriermon only replied by sticking her tongue out at him.

"It's okay, Tapirmon. I don't mind," Victoria replied, before she started scooping cereal into her own mouth.

"I see," Tapirmon muttered before turning his attention towards Jorge. He still hadn't said anything since he walked into Victoria's room earlier, but something seemed different about the way Jorge was sitting. He seemed more relaxed now that his sister had sat down at the table, though you could barely tell the difference, except that he was focusing less on his food and paying some attention towards his sister. Perhaps there is a soft spot within him, Tapirmon realized as he looked at the young human girl, who seemed completely oblivious to what he just saw. However, even this relaxed moment didn't ease Tapirmon's concerns for his partner.

"Can I go with you to school today?" Terriermon asked as her partner took another bite.

Victoria shook her head. "I'm sorry, but I told you before. They won't allow me to bring you there. Besides, you wouldn't like it there. Most of the time, we just sit in a desk and listen to a teacher."

As Terriermon complained and tried to persuade the girl into taking her, Tapirmon found himself sympathizing with the younger digimon. Though, while Terriermon wanted to explore something new, Tapirmon just wanted to watch over the boy some more. If there was anyway he was going to learn more about Jorge, he had to watch what he did outside of home.

"I don't see why you shouldn't take them along," a woman spoke up. Everyone turned to look at the children's mother, her hair disheveled and still wearing her work clothes from the previous night. She held herself up on the doorframe, looking fatigued still.

"Madre?" Jorge said. "You should be asleep."

"Don't worry about me, Jorge. You take Tapirmon and Terriermon with you today," Mrs. Gonzalez told her children. "It would make things easier on me."

"Okay, Madre," Jorge told her before looking to Tapirmon. "But you two must keep out of sight. Don't attract attention or things will be a mess."

Tapirmon nodded. Terriermon didn't seem to be paying attention, just hugging onto Victoria glad she could stay near the girl for hours.

As Jorge got up and prepared to leave, Mrs. Gonzalez walked up to Tapirmon and told him, "I really want you to keep an eye on them, especially Jorge."

Tapirmon nodded as the woman walked back into her bedroom. Jorge had grabbed both his and his sister's backpacks while preparing to leave.

The longer Tapirmon watched Jorge, the more disappointed he became. Jorge kept the same guarded and emotionless attitude that he carried at home. While he watched the boy through his classroom's window, the boy just silently paid close attention to the teacher, only looking down at his desk to write something down and only spoke when asked. He hadn't even turned his head towards the window to look at him for even a split second. Outside of the classroom, his classmates avoided him. He sat alone during recess and looked as if he was staring off into space.

However, as he watched over Jorge, Terriermon became more than he could handle. Starting to become bored, she tried to find something to amuse herself, or at least tried to find Victoria on her own. Every time he turned around, Tapirmon would have to rush to stop her.

As the final bell rang, within minutes, students came pouring out of the doors. Terriermon jumped into the crowd, in search of Victoria. Tapirmon panicked before chasing after her, trying to keep her in sight within the crowd of children. "Terriermon!" Victoria called out in surprise when the the dog digimon found her partner. "What are you doing?"

"She's been a handful all day," Tapirmon told her, as he floated toward the two. "Where's Jorge?"

"We'll find him later, we have to hide you two!" Victoria told him, grabbing Terriermon and running back into the school building, Tapirmon following close behind.

Victoria rushed into the first opened room she could find, closing the door close behind her. Tapirmon looked around, noticing all the computers lined up on tables. "Not the best hiding spot, but it's something," Victoria sighed.

The door opened without warning, all three there looked up and froze, only relaxing when they realized it was Jorge. "Victoria, what are you doing?"

"Terriermon came out of hiding," Victoria told him. "I'm sorry, Hermano."

"Don't be. It wasn't your fault. You did what you had to," Jorge reassured her, though his tone hadn't changed, which didn't help.

Something beeped on the computer closest to them. They turned towards it to see a program had booted up itself. "Don't they turn these things off?" Jorge asked.

"It wasn't on when we got here," Victoria replied, curious herself. When she asked that, the children's D-3's flashed light before drawing them and their digimon in through the screen.

Clint seemed more withdrawn lately than before. His parents seemed to notice that he hasn't been able to look them in the eye, as if doing so would just reveal a dark secret, something the boy was deeply ashamed of. Clint on the other hand, just couldn't get a grasp on something. All he knew was that it wasn't good, whatever it was.

"You're concerned over Aquilamon, aren't you?" Patamon finally got the nerve to ask him.

Clint really didn't want to answer that question, but it felt like he couldn't hide anything from the digimon. "Something like that," Clint answered. "What was that? That feeling? You felt it, too, didn't you?"

Patamon shuddered a bit at the thought. "Pure hatred," Patamon said. "We both hated Aquilamon enough that we wanted him dead. It's only natural, but it's never good."

Clint nodded. It answered his question, but it didn't help either. "Does that mean...I'm like him?"

Patamon shook his head. "There's still a lot I don't know, Clint. This is one of them. Clint how you deal with this is completely up to you. It'll take time for you to deal with it. And to do that..."

"We'll have to experience it again, right?" Clint interrupted, not liking the way this could go.

"Unfortunately, yes," Patamon said. "Sometimes, it's best we get into the problem to find the answer. As long as those guys are still around, it'll happen again."

Clint nodded before realizing the Digital Gate program had loaded itself once again. "Speak of the devil," Clint muttered. "Guess we're needed."

As Clint and Patamon entered the other world, his father watched on, having listened to his son's conversation. He could only shake his head. It frustrated him not to be able to help his son, but Patamon was right. Clint would have to find his own answers. "If he needs my help, he'll come to me," the man said to himself.

The children looked around the forest surrounding them, nothing more than trees. No one spoke for a few good minutes, afraid to break the silence that surrounded them. Numerous questions ran though their heads as they wondered where they were now.

"We're back," Tapirmon said, grimly. "Not good."

Victoria took a couple of steps back, still holding onto her partner before bumping into something rocky. She looked up slowly as she looked up into the eyes of the golem that she bumped into. "Vickie..." Terriermon said slowly. "Don' inch," she told the child, hoping like mad this was not the same Golemon she thought it was.

Then the golem rose one of its arms over the ground, as if preparing to swing down at the girl. "RUN!!" Terriermon shouted. Victoria made a mad dash forward as the brownish rock arm slammed down into the ground where she was before. Jorge grabbed onto Victoria's arm and ran off with her in tow without a warning. The golem yelled out in frustration before chasing after them, crashing through the trees that would've barred his way if he weren't so large. Jorge tried to run as fast as he could, so that the trees that were knocked down wouldn't get in his way.

Golemon picked up one of the fallen trees and threw it ahead of the group. Jorge stopped cold upon seeing the tree fall right in front of them. "This way!" Jorge yelled before turning left into denser parts of the forest.

"Nightmare Syndrome!" Tapirmon called out as he fired a dark wave at Golemon, stopping him for a second. "Hide!" Tapirmon called out, to the others, following them as Jorge ducked into some brush. The four of them cowered in the bush, trying to stay silent as they listened to Golemon's footsteps, which sounded like they were coming closer for a while.

Then they heard the sound of something large hitting the ground, probably more trees being thrown around while trying to crush them, or bring them out of hiding. Without much explanation afterwards, Golemon's footsteps grew softer until they were silenced. "Come on," Jorge told everyone as he got out of hiding. "We're getting out of here somehow."

"Hey! Anyone out there! I need help!" a panicked voice called out. Everyone turned their head towards where the voice was coming from.

"What's that?" Victoria asked, starting to run forwards, trying to find who called.

"Victoria! Wait!" Jorge said, but Victoria was already gone. Jorge followed after, trying to catch up with his sister. Jorge started to worry, wanting to leave before Golemon came back. They couldn't afford any detours.

When he finally caught up with her, Victoria had stopped in front of a pink bird, pinned to the ground by one of the trees Golemon uprooted and threw. "Piyomon! Are you okay?" Tapirmon asked.

"I can't get out. I couldn't get out of the tree before Golemon threw it," the Piyomon told them. "I didn't have time."

"Hermano, we've gotta help him," Victoria said.

Jorge shook his head at this. "We don't have time. That thing could come back and kill us."

"Jorge!" Victoria shot back. "Why are you so selfish? What if this was me?!"

"I wouldn't have allowed it to happen in the first place," Jorge told her. "Until you are safe, nothing else matters."

" aren't gonna leave me here, are you?" the Piyomon pleaded.

"I can't believe you!" Victoria yelled at him before, turning towards the tree and placing her hands on it. She tried pushing it forward, wanting to roll the tree off, but the tree wouldn't move, no matter how hard she pushed.

"Jorge, this is not the time, if you don't help her now, we're all dead," Tapirmon told him. "I'll keep a look out, help them."

Jorge nodded seeing as Tapirmon was right. Jorge walked up and turned around with his back against the tree, trying to get it to roll. He thought he managed to move it for a second, but then it only rolled back the way it was after he stopped, his body tiring from the attempt.

"Nightmare Syndrome!" Tapirmon called out, firing a black wave into the forest suddenly, signaling Golemon's approach.

"Victoria! We really don't have time for this!" Jorge yelled at her.

"Shut up and push, Jorge!" Victoria called out.

The moment that happened, Tapirmon suddenly flew straight into the tree they were pushing and fell to the ground. "Tapirmon!" Jorge called out before looking up at Tapirmon's attacker. Golemon had found them.

Terriermon spread her ears and took to the air, floating over Golemon. "Blazing Fire!" she called out, opening her mouth and firing a ball of green energy at Golemon, which seemed to stall Golemon for a split second. Terriermon let loose another more, one right after the other, anything to keep Golemon from getting close to them. Within seconds, Golemon grabbed the dog digimon and slammed her into the ground, pinning her down. "Terriermon!" Victoria called out, hearing her partner cry out in pain.

"Stay back, Vickie!" Terriermon cried out, cringing.

"This is what I was afraid of," Jorge said. "There's no way we can win here. The same thing happens back home when we stand up to the gangs. We die."

"Stop...thinking like that," Tapirmon said, shaking his head as he finally got up, recovering from being thrown like a baseball.

"Holy Shot!" a white ball of energy slammed down on Golemon, knocking him down to the ground and losing his hold on Terriermon. Terriermon slowly got up and shook her head, still aching. Unimon landed before the group, staring down Golemon as Clint dismounted.

"A Unimon..." Golemon chuckled, talking for the first time since he was found. "So you're the brat that left Aquilamon half-blind."

Clint instinctively reached for the hilt of his knife, but stopped when Unimon spoke up, his gaze never leaving Golemon. "Help them free the Piyomon. I'll handle Golemon."

Clint nodded before turning around and running, as Golemon and Unimon stared each other down. "You!" Clint called out, pointing at Jorge. "Help me push on my mark!"

Jorge nodded, turning towards the tree again as Clint placed his hands on the trunk "Now, push!" Clint yelled. The two boys pushed hard, slowly but surely starting to roll it forward, breaking the branches on the other side as Piyomon's legs became free. Piyomon pulled himself up and to his feet before taking flight. "Now, get out of here!" Clint told the Piyomon.

Behind them, Unimon charged in, ramming into Golemon head first before he could react, but the golem refused to budge. Unimon started to form another blast of light, fully intent on shooting at Golemon at point-blank range. Golemon slowly lifted an arm before punching down on Unimon's side, knocking him to the ground.

"Unimon! Hang in there! I'm coming!" Clint called out. The moment he gripped the handle of his knife, another hand grabbed his, keeping him from pulling it. He turned to see Jorge shaking his head.

"Call him back and let's get out of here before we die," Jorge told him.

"What are you talking about? If we don't beat this guy, he'll never leave us alone," Clint snapped back at him.

"We can't win this fight. He's too strong. It's best to get away."

"Is this how you face all your challenges?" Clint asked Jorge, who didn't seem phased by the remark. "Like some kind of coward."

Jorge refused to fall for such a bait. "Whatever it takes to make sure no one dies."

Golemon suddenly threw Unimon into the ground before the bickering boys. "Why don't you two just shut up and die already."

"Unimon!" Clint called out, Unimon slowly got to his feet as Golemon approached, raising his fist to strike it down once more. Suddenly, Terriermon vaulted off of Unimon's back and started rotating with her ears spread. "Petite Twister!" Terriermon called out as the small tornado formed around her, and moving straight for the golem. Golemon, however, stood as if he wasn't affected by the attack as it collided with him. With one swift swipe, Golemon swatted Terriermon away, only this time, Terriermon spread her ears and flipped onto her feet, glaring at the golem.

"Terriermon?" Victoria asked at the sudden change of attitude.

"I don't know what your problem is," Terriermon growled as light flared around her. "But you're...going...down!!" With that, everyone in the area covered their eyes as the light brightened. "TERRIERMON EVOLVE!!!" The light dimmed down to show a brown-furred mammal with a more elongated body and a stubbed tail. It's oversized feet tensed but seemed out of place compared to the fact that its ears ended in metal blades while its front paws were replaced by metal gauntlets that ended in red elongated claws. "PRAIRIEMON!!"

The prairie dog suddenly crouched before dashing forward at high speeds, ramming its claw straight into Golemon's rock-hard body, not even putting a crack in it. More annoyed than anything, Golemon swatted Prairiemon away, only for it to flip onto its feet and turning its head in preparation for something. "Sonic Ear!" With a quick snap of its head, the bladed ear whipped forward and fired off a bladed sonic wave that cut right through Golemon's arm, barely grazing it.

Getting sick of the new Adult digimon, Golemon rushed forward, ready to strike it down once and for all. Prairiemon charged ahead in what looked like a suicide move. Prairiemon had nowhere near the physical strength Golemon had. Then, Prairiemon dove down and shoved it's claw into the ground. "Dimension Hole!" With that cry, Prairiemon vanished, leaving Golemon confused, before he stumbled forward, another Sonic Ear attack hitting its mark at his back. Golemon hit the ground, not necessarily hurt, but the attack was enough to anger him even more.

Prairiemon started up ready to finish Golemon up as he started to get up. Golemon felt humiliated that such a lowly digimon had gotten the best of him. He needed to show these punks where real power comes from. When he saw Tapirmon in reach, he knew where to get his power. He slowly reached out to grab the child digimon. Tapirmon barely had time to yell out in surprise when he saw it. Golemon got up and held Tapirmon out for Prariemon to see, which caused the prairie dog to freeze.

"No..." Prairiemon mouthed when she noticed her brother in Golemon's grip. That moment of hesitation was all Golemon needed to rear his arm back and throw a punch down on Prairiemon that virtually crushed the adult under it. Prairiemon cried out in pain.

"Prairiemon!" Tapirmon called out from Golemon's grip. Jorge and Clint both had to hold Victoria back from running out to her partner. Prairiemon slowly got up after that. "Attack!" Tapirmon ordered. "You have the power to kill him, do it!"

"But I'll..." Prairiemon started. Golemon immediately swung down on her again. This time, the prairie dog slammed its claw into the ground, disappearing and reappearing only a few feet away out of Golemon's reach.

"He'll kill me anyway!" Tapirmon yelled. "Just do it!"

"Just shut up," Golemon muttered closing his fist around Tapirmon and starting to crush the child digimon in its grip.

"No!" Prairiemon yelled, and looked like she was about to dash forward again, but was placed in front of her...a human hand. Prairiemon looked up at where it came from to see Jorge standing in front of her, shaking his head. "Jorge?" Prairiemon asked, wondering what the boy was up to.

Jorge slowly walked forward, staring blankly at the imposing feature. An unsettling scene that made people wonder what the boy was even thinking. Even Golemon, who was annoyed at the whole situation, was curious. "What do you want?" Golemon asked.

Jorge stopped, continuing to look up at the massive golem. If Jorge was capable of any emotion, even in a situation like this, it would be difficult to tell. However, his voice hadn't betrayed any emotion when he answered, but still sounded just as dangerous. "Leave my family alone," Jorge plainly told him.

"Or what?" Golemon dared. "What's preventing me from flattening you right here."

"Go ahead. If you're gonna kill everyone like you say you will, it's not like it's gonna matter," Jorge told him.

"Jorge, no!!" Tapirmon called out. "NO!!"

Golemon shifted to stomp on Jorge as if to prove a point, raising his foot above the boy. Jorge never shifted, standing his ground and if he felt fear, he still never showed it. "NOOOOOO!!!" Light erupted from Golemon's fist, stopping him in surprise. Tapirmon was growing within his fist, growing too large for Golemon to keep the grip he had on him. "TAPIRMON EVOLVE!!" As if being repelled by the energy Tapirmon was emitting, Golemon stumbled back, leaving Jorge untouched. Tapirmon grew massive into a large mammal, growing 4 legs ending as hooves that emitted flame. A tail grew out as well and as it grew into its pig shape, more flames emitted from its mane and tail, growing red and black tusks at the mouth. "BOARMON!!!"

Boarmon dropped to the ground, landing hard and towering protectively over Jorge. Boarmon gave a loud shriek before charging forward, slamming hard into the golem with the metal plate on its forehead. Golemon hit the ground once again purely pushed by the force Boarmon hit him with.

"Nose Blaster!" Boarmon called out as flames spat out from his nose, engulfing the golem. Golemon slowly got to his feet, not really affected by this.

He was immediately hit by another sonic blade as well as a ball of holy energy. Prairiemon appeared in a flash on one of Boarmon's side while Unimon landed on the other side. Both digimon looked like they had seen better days, but had recovered enough to move on their own power. Despite that, it now looked like Golemon was outgunned.

"Attack! Finish him off!" Clint called out, simply wanting this fight to end rather than out of malice. At once, the three adult digimon prepared to fire off their attacks, just as ready to defeat Golemon and end this fight.

"Desperado Blaster!!" A barrage of energy balls rained down on the trio. Unimon and Prairiemon almost instantly devolved having suffered more from the fighting. Boarmon was a little more stubborn, actually taking a minute to devolve back to child form from the damage he was taking.

A new digimon landed right in front of Golemon, this one much larger than even the golem. A humanoid figure with draconic wings arms and legs, however he also possessed insectoid features as well. Golemon didn't appear happy that the newcomer showed up, despite the fact that his life was spared. "Get out of here, Golemon," the new digimon spoke.

"PailDramon," Golemon glared. "Don't talk down to me."

"You don't want to die, do you?" Paildramon barked at him. "I'm sure you could handle these kids, but Were Garurumon would be a different story, would he not?"

Golemon went silent, before trudging off reluctantly. The children listened in, but didn't like the sound of what they had said, more digimon like them appearing? More hostile enemies? Or would they live long enough to see them even? At the moment, all they could think about was getting to their partners safely. They needed to get out of here now if they would be allowed.

"Don't think of moving," Paildramon warned the children, pointing his claw at them. "Not very smart to cross paths with any of my men."

"Nor is it smart for you to cross paths with me, Paildramon," another voice said. A humanoid wolf appeared fin the clearing the battle had recently created. The Piyomon that Clint and Jorge freed safely behind it. What surprised the children is the clothing he wore resembled Native American attire. "You know this forest is under my watch."

"Yeah, yeah," Paildramon said with a bored expression. "That doesn't stop me from protecting my men."

"That's supposed to prevent you and your men from coming here in the first place. I don't know what you're planning, but next time I find out they're here, I'm not going easy on them."

"Listen, I don't care about this place. I don't see why they have so much interest in it," Paildramon retorted with a scoff. "Fine, I'm outta here." Paildramon spread his wings before taking flight out of the forest.

The children had rushed to their respective partners at this point, and became nervous when Were Garurumon approached them. "Are you kids, alright?" he asked.

"We're fine," Clint told him, though he couldn't say the same for Patamon as he looked over his partner. "What's with that? Some kind of gang rivalry or something?"

"No," Were Garurumon shook his head. "I don't lay claim to this forest. I'm merely a shaman and guardian for it. Paildramon, don't be so quick to judge him. He's a bit misguided but he's not what he seems. The rest of his gang, on the other hand..."

"Easy for you to say," Clint said. "These guys right here have had a hard enough time with them."

The werewolf nodded. "It's not like I don't understand either. Something big is about to happen, and I don't know what. All I know is you kids are a sign of that."

"Why us?" Jorge asked. "My sister and I...we have enough to deal with at home. Why do we have to get dragged in?"

"If I knew, I'd tell you," Were Garurumon shook his head. "Honestly, I wish I knew."

Jorge stood silent before turning around, picking Tapirmon up. "C'mon, Victoria. We need to get home, now."

Victoria just remained silent, holding Terriermon close. She still seemed angry with her brother, but that still didn't change that he was right. All either of them knew was that this was going to be an uneasy trip home.

After having left the region, Paildramon landed near Golemon, making sure he was okay. An act that seemed to only serve to annoy the golem. "I'll be fine, Paildramon. You know you're too soft."

"I can still kill you," Paildramon muttered, a threat he only threw around when Golemon questioned his authority.

"You know we could kill Were Garurumon with no problem, why are you hesitating? We could take over this place," Golemon told him.

"I'm not interested. Leave Were Garurumon and the others to their own devices. As long as we don't bother them, they won't bother us," the draconic digimon told him.

"And what about those kids? You saw what they did to Revolmon and Aquilamon, didn't you?"

"Which they both deserved last I also heard. You attack those kids, they will defend themselves. Look, I don't know what you or the others are planning, but stop it. I never intended to rule anyplace." With that, Paildramon took off, flying off and leaving an even more peeved Golemon.

"Not like we ever listen to you," Golemon muttered as he tried to figure out his next move. Aquilamon will be blinded by revenge after having his eye stabbed out., while Revolmon has plans of his own. As powerful as Starmon is, he's still Revolmon's lapdog. That leaves him to do any proper planning to expand his own power.