The fire crackled, and Ash watched as the shadows danced across Brock's face. It had been almost an hour since the three of them had decided to go to bed, but Ash and Brock couldn't sleep. Misty was breathing heavily, though, as was Pikachu on Ash's other side.

Brock was sitting on a tree stump, feeding Vulpix and brushing her fur. It was times like this that made Ash love Brock even more. He was so caring toward his Pokémon, Ash could only imagine what he would be like with a lover.

The small red fox yawned and rested her head on Brock's leg, and he put down the jar of homemade food. Before she was to the pint that if he moved she'd wake up, Brock put Vulpix down on the ground where she immediately curled up and fell asleep. Ash watched him as he walked over to his sleeping bag and began undressing.

He took off his vest and put it on the ground, then pulled off his orange shirt, revealing his hard abs, making Ash stir inside. Then he took off his shoes and socks, tossing them aside, before unbuttoning his pants and stepping out of them, leaving him in nothing but his boxers.

When he began to lie down inside the sleeping bag, Ash opened his eyes and made contact with Brock's. Brock smiled at him, and Ash returned it, but got a seductive look in his eyes. He wanted Brock, and tonight he would make his move. Before Brock could zip his sleeping bag, Ash slowly shook his head.

Unzipping his own sleeping bag, he crawled over to Brock's. He had strategically placed his bag next to Brock's and across the fire from Misty's so that he would have easy access to his prey. The older man looked rather confused, but Ash wasn't deterred. He grabbed the back of Brock's head, intertwining his fingers in the coarse brown hair and pulled Brock in for a kiss.

As soon as he realized what was happening, though, and in just enough time to prevent the kiss from happening, Brock pulled back and asked, "What are you doing, Ash?"

The young man didn't give Brock the luxury of a verbal response. Instead, he pushed at the opening of Brock's sleeping bag with his foot and got closer. He inched his head forward, slowly enough so as not to seem desperate but quickly enough to outrun Brock's wary mind. Placing his lips on the tender skin of Brock's neck, Ash began suckling it. Brock's tense muscles relaxed a little, and he let a sigh escape his lips.

Soon, Ash began making a trail of kisses down Brock's chest, stopping briefly to bite playfully at Brock's hard nipples. He soon found the small trail of brown hair leading from Brock's navel down to the line of his boxers. Looking up, he caught Brock's eyes as though asking permission, though he had every intention of going down on him whether he allowed or not.

Brock broke the eye contact, unable to look Ash in the eye right at the moment, but figured he may as well let him do what he wants.

Ash curled his fingers around the elastic waistband and pulled the shorts down, revealing Brock's erect manhood. It wasn't the first time Ash had seen it, having been traveling and bathing with him for a long time now, but it was the first time he had seen it erect, and especially because of him.

Torturously slow, Ash moved his open mouth closer and closer to Brock's member. The warm, moist breath was like a warning, and soon Ash's mouth enveloped the head, causing Brock to shudder with pleasure.

Swirling his tongue around, Ash skillfully teased the shaft. He became focused only on the act of pleasuring Brock that he was startled when the strong hands of the man to whom he was giving head brushing through his spiky black hair.

Brock spread his legs, sitting up. He pulled Ash's head down, as far as it would go, and dug his feet into the soil surrounding his sleeping bag. As the pleasure built, his breathing grew more ragged, and he began to unconsciously pull at Ash's hair. The younger boy closed his eyes in pain, but was determined to finish his job.

Finally, with a blend of pain—for Ash—and pleasure—for Brock—the job was done. Brock came, panting heavily. Before Ash could do much of anything, the older man let go of his hair and grabbed him by the cheeks, pulling his head up to meet his own. Brock kissed him, with an intense passion that he didn't know he had.

Ash broke the kiss. "You know, next time you might want to try being a little gentler," he said, rubbing the sore spots on his head. Brock laughed and apologized, but then the two fell silent, staring at each other.

"Come here," Brock said, wrapping his arm around Ash's waist, pulling the smaller boy closer to him. Ash reached down and pulled up Brock's underwear, part of him disappointed that he wouldn't be letting out his own sexual release, but another part had known he wouldn't all along. Not the first time, anyway.

"I should get back to my sleeping bag," Ash said quietly. "What if Misty sees us?"

"She won't," Brock said. "I always wake up before both of you, and I'll put you back in yours before she can see us."

Ash smiled lazily. He hadn't realized how tired he was from traveling, and now he had spent even more energy having sex, despite the huge adrenaline rush. Brock was tired too, and they both fell asleep in each other's arms.

Unfortunately for the boys, they hadn't realized how late it had been when they went to sleep, and as tired as they were, both of them slept in. Misty woke up at her usual time, expecting to smell breakfast cooking, but didn't. She stood up, stretching and yawning, and figured she'd gotten up earlier than usual and would go take a bath. The fire was merely smoldering embers, so when Misty turned around, she immediately saw Ash and Brock curled up in the same sleeping bag, locked in each other's arms.

She smiled. "I knew those two would eventually do something." As she grabbed her backpack, she decided it would be best if neither of them found out she had seen them. That is, until she was ready for them to, she though with an evil grin.

When Brock woke up, Misty was in her sleeping bag. He looked to the sky and realized that it was almost noon. 'That was a close one,' he thought. 'If Misty hadn't slept late, too…'

He decided that since it was so late already he would go ahead and wake up Ash. However, that task was easier said than done. So Brock decided to try a new tactic. Unzipping the sleeping bag, he gently spread Ash's legs and began kissing the inside of his thighs, licking and nibbling every once in a while. It didn't take long before Ash's eyes were wide open, and Brock stopped.

"Hey, keep going!" Ash whined.

"Nuh-uh. Not until you go take a bath. There's a lake back there," he said, pointing to a grove of trees. "Take Pikachu, I think there are some Pokémon out there."

Ash sighed and said, "Fine, fine. But breakfast had better be ready when I get back! I'm starved!"

Misty had heard everything, only having pretended to be asleep, and decided to wait about two more minutes before waking up herself. When she did, Brock had put his dirty clothes back on, and was now beginning to cook breakfast.

"Oh, good morning, sleepy head!" Brock said, when he saw her sit up. But his greeting smile faltered when he noticed something. "Your…Your hair's wet."

Misty stopped faking a yawn and felt her head. 'Oh shit! I forgot to dry it the rest of the way and put it back in a ponytail!' She tried to come up with an alibi, but Brock beat her to the punch.

"You were up before." He was now shaking a little. "You…you saw us, didn't you."

Looking down, Misty sighed. "Yeah, I did. I wasn't going to tell you, either." She stood up and grabbed Brock by his arm, as he was about to stand up himself. "Brock, it's okay! I've known that Ash liked you for a long time. I always thought something might happen, but I wasn't totally sure."

Brock sighed, but he was still a little shaken. "You know I'm not gay, right?"

Misty gave Brock a do-you-think-I'm-stupid face and said, "Brock, anyone who obsesses as much as you do over women is definitely not gay."

"Good," he said. "Just wanted to clear that up."

Misty gave him a sideways look before saying, quietly, "But you do know that Ash is, right? He's not just fooling around, like you."

"I never said I was just fooling around."

"No, but I can tell that's all you're interested in doing with him right now!" Misty picked up Togepi, who had been trying to get her attention for a while, and said, "I know I make fun of him and stuff, but I really do care for him. I don't want to see him get hurt." She looked Brock right in the eyes and said, "Especially not by one of my best friends!"

Brock sighed. In all of what happened last night, he hadn't thought about what would happen to Ash. He supposed maybe Misty was right. A romantic relationship with a boy was something he could never have, but there was something about Ash that made him lose his physical inhibitions.

"I know. You're right. I'll be careful." Brock stared at the fire that had been supplied by Vulpix and tried to clear his mind. "Just…don't let him know that you knew about it, okay? He's the one who was afraid last night that you would find us together."

Misty was perplexed as to why, but decided it was probably in Ash's best interest not to tell him. As much as the three of them had grown in their travels, Ash was still the youngest and still had a long way to go, so she wouldn't spoil the fun they were having by making it complicated. "Of course I won't, Brock."

Before they could say anything more, however, Ash's voice could be heard coming from behind them. "Is breakfast ready yet? I'm starving!"

"Almost!" Brock yelled back to him, and he smiled at Misty. She winked at him, then got up and started teasing Ash about always being hungry. Inwardly, Brock's smile grew even more. "Business, as usual," he muttered, stirring the food around in the frying pan.