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Well, here's part two of the League of Betrayal saga.

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He did, however, have a sudden realization of what he was doing. Ash closed his mouth and pulled away from Richie, turning his head. "This is wrong," he said, quietly.

"What's wrong?" Richie leaned back down to kiss Ash's neck.

"This! What we're doing!" Ash said, pushing Richie off of him. He quickly got to his feet and put his shoes back on, leaving his jacket and his gloves where they rested on the floor.

"Where are you going, Ash?" Richie asked, feeling a bit insulted.

"To find Brock. I have to apologize to him."

"Why? He's not your boyfriend or anything! I talked to Misty, Ash. Brock's just using you! All he wants is a quick fuck, and he's playing with your head and your heart so that he can keep getting it!"

"You're wrong, Richie! He's not like that. He's a sweet, caring, wonderful guy, who I happen to be in love with! Even if he's not ready for a relationship with me, I know he cares about me and would never, EVER use me like that!" Flinging the door open, Ash stormed out and shouted, "Show yourself out!"

Running down the hall toward the stairway, Ash didn't even bother to grab Pikachu or check to see if Richie had left the suite. After gaining momentum from running, he didn't want to have to slow down at all, so he grabbed the railing and flung himself onto the banister, sliding down as quickly as he could. In seconds, he had made his way down into the lobby of the hotel, and immediately spotted as familiar redhead.

"Misty!" Ash called, running over to his friend. "Misty, I've got to find Brock," he said, coming up behind her and grabbing her by the shoulder. When she turned around, Ash recognized a look of worry on her face. "Misty, what's wrong?"

"Uh, well... Brock went that way," she said, pointing over to the restaurant in the west wing of the hotel. "But, Ash, you probably shouldn't--"

"Ash, there you are!" Both trainers turned and saw Richie coming off the elevator on the opposite side of the room.

"Shit!" Ash said. "I don't know what the hell you told Richie, but please, PLEASE tell him I'm not interested and that all I care about is Brock, okay? I've got to go find him."

"Ash, wait--!" Misty called, but the younger trainer had already gotten lost in a sea of people, and Richie was already coming up to her.

It really didn't take Ash that long to find Brock. A few seconds after entering the restaurant, he spotted the dark skinned man in a nearby booth. With a woman. Whose shoulders he had his arms around. And whose neck he leaned down and began to kiss.

He's just using you! Richie's voice resounded in his head. He's playing with your head and your heart!

He had hoped so much that Richie's words had been lies. He was almost certain that Brock loved him in return. And even if he didn't, Ash had at least thought the older man would have the decency to let him down gently. Tears began to well up in Ash's eyes, but then quickly he shook his head.

This isn't what it looks like, Ash tried to convince himself. She's just…upset… He's consoling her… Yeah, that's it, he told himself as he took a couple more steps closer to Brock.

But Brock wasn't consoling her. You didn't console someone by placing your hand on their inner thigh, slowly moving it up their skirt.

Okay, he thought. If this is how it is, then fine. He can do what he wants, and I'll do what I want.

Taking a deep breath and wiping the tears from his eyes, Ash calmly turned around and exited the restaurant, returning to the lobby. Approaching Misty and Richie, Ash grabbed the trainer he had previously been avoiding by the shoulder. "I apologize. You were right. I hope you'll forgive me," he said quickly before pulling Richie in very closely and planting a kiss on him right in the middle of the lobby for everyone to see.

"Ash!" Misty shouted, grabbing the two boys by their shoulders and trying to separate them. "What are you doing?"

"Shut up, Misty," Ash said before shoving his tongue down Richie's throat once more.

"Ash Ketchum I refuse to allow you to do this any longer!" she screamed, trying to pull them apart even harder.

"Didn't you hear him?" Richie said. "Back off!" Ash took control of the situation and ran off hand-in-hand with Richie toward the elevator.