Chapter Twenty-Two


TO:\Republic Space\Naboo\Theed Palace\Kenobi, Knight
FROM:\Republic Space\Coruscant\Jedi Temple\Skywalker, Padawan

Dear Knight Kenobi:

It feels strange not calling you Master any more, but Master Yoda thinks it's best that he become my master after what has happened, and I guess I have to agree. Plus, you needed to be able to spend some time with Padmé during your honeymoon on Naboo.

Master Yoda says my rehab is going well and he thinks I should be able to see my friends again soon. That's good to hear. I miss them. Especially Riven.

I miss you too. And Padmé. Tell her I said hi.

Thanks for coming to see me before you left for Naboo. I know I seemed upset about you and Padmé becoming bonded and all, but Master Yoda explained everything to me, and I understand now. It was the will of the Force, and as a Jedi, I have to learn to listen to the Force and let it guide me. I want to be a Jedi, now more than anything.

I still have a lot of training to to do before I'm released from rehab and a lot of work too. (Rebuilding the Serenity Gardens for one.) Sometimes it seems too hard and as if I'll never make it, but then I remember what you have always told me. Just take it one day a time, padawan. I will do that, Master.

With Master Yoda's guidance and everything you have taught me, along with the help of all my friends at the Temple, I know that I'll succeed.

Love to you both,


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