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"C'mon, Tri!" Pantha grinned as she and TriDrac walked through the forest. "Hurry! The sun'll set soon and I want you to see the beauty it offers when the sun goes down!"

The Komodo dragon sighed and quickened his pace, smiling. TriDrac looked at the femme that he had grown up with and was like his sister. "Hey, Pantha! Exactly where are ya takin' me? Anywhere near Pred territory?" He asked, looking at Pantha.

"No!" The panther-femme laughed as she ran over to TriDrac and grabbed his arm. She started to pull him gently. "C'mon! I'm taking you to the lake I love to go to when I'm about to kill Rattrap."

TriDrac let out laugh. He knew how much Rattrap annoyed Pantha even though the femme tried her best to measure up to the legacy Optimus Primal left behind him. "Well then, it should be a good place considering you haven't kill the poor rat yet." The Komodo smiled as Pantha let go of his arm and ran ahead. TriDrac grinned and ran after the femme, remembering back when he and her were on Cybertron and nothing more than carefree sparklings. Pantha and the Komodo Dragon, TriDrac, charged into the clearing just a little to fast. As a result, the intoxicating stench of oil mixed with freashly spilt Energon hit their sensitive nostrils full on like a wet blanket.

The smell, however, was a warning of what was to come...

Midnight, an owl femme who had only recently cralwed out of her pod, laid in not whole, but pieces on the ground. Her delicate feathers were ripped off of her wings and strewn about wildly as if a mad Pit Bull had mauled a down pillow. The Owl's chest was sheered open, revealing the spark chamber, which was crushed beyond recognition. The poor femme's young, beautiful head and face were twisted and controrted in pain and unrelenting fear; her usually bright, blue optics were now black with death. The ground itself was stained with a layer of mech fluid that got increasingly thicker towards the center, where most of the carnage was. Tree and bushes were broken and some even mangled, depitctin the struggle that must have taken place just moments before, resulting in the young Maximal loosing her life.

Both the feline and the lizard gasped, covering their mouths, afraid they would gag.

"Who-Who would do this? And to her?" Pantha managed to said, her voice wavering with terror. She elt warm tears come to her optics as she walked forwards. The femme swallowed. "No…Midnight…" Pantha whispered, "By the Allspark, what the slag happened here? Why would anybody do this to such a sweet girl like Midnight?"

TriDrac looked at the femme and then at the pieces of the Maximal that looked like they were torn from Midnight's body while she was still alive and thrashing. "I dunno, P, but I do know that whatever did this-"

A cold, eerie voice interrupted TriDrac. "Whatever did this is still here, watching you. He also wants to do this again…and soon…he wants to rip you apart limb by limb while you scream and thrash and then crush your spark in his claws!" The voice laughed.

Pantha shivered as the voice laughed a cold, loud, evil laugh. She backed up, scared to death, and ran into TriDrac. The femme felt the dragon wrap his arms around her and pull her into a comforting hug like a brother would his scared sister as the laugh died away into the oncoming night. "Tr-Tri? What the slag was that?" Pantha asked, her frightened voice betraying her calm appearance.

"I dunno, Pantha, but I do know that that…thing did this and it wants to do it again like it said…" TriDrac muttered as he hugged Pantha, "We need to tell the others. They need to know about this monster…"

Pantha nodded. "Yeah, but first, let's get Midnight out of here and back to the Axalon. She deserves better than this…even Megatron would deserve better than this…" The Maximal leader shuddered.

TriDrac nodded and helped his best friend collect the pieces of Midnight's torn and battered corpse. The two quickly collected all of Midnight's body and headed back to the Maximal base.
Once back at the base, TriDrac and Pantha carried the pieces of Midnight's dead and broken body into the med bay. The dragon laid them on a bed as Pantha got out her toolbox. "You got tell the others…" The femme said softly, "I'll try to fix Midnight's body the best I can. For her and her brother."

TriDrac hugged his best friend gently and then nodded. He turned and headed towards the control room, sighing. Behind him, he could hear the tools clattering together as Pantha struggled to fix Midnight without breaking down and crying. She was just a kid. She shouldn't have had to go through the torture and the pain that she did. "Midnight…" He whispered. "I'll make sure your brother doesn't do anything rash to get the person that did that to you…I also won't let the…thing that did to you get away with killing you, This, I promise you. And I am a Maximal of my word."

The Komodo dragon took a deep breath and then walked into the control room. He looked at the others Maximals. "My friends…Pantha and I found something outside the forest that we think you should know. I'm afraid…"

"What happened, kid?" Rattrap asked, looking at the boy. "What's so bad dat it's got ya 'bout teh cry?"

"Midnight was found…dead…in the forest." TriDrac swallowed.

"What? No!" NightScream yelled, his optics filled with tears. "No! No! Not her! You're lying!"

"I'm afraid not, NightScream. I'm sorry." The Komodo dragon said softly.


"What happened?" SilverBolt asked, looking at TriDrac.

TriDrac took a deep breath and told the entire Maximal crew what he and Pantha had seen. He stopped a couple times to swallow his tears and then continued. Once he finished, the Komodo looked at everyone and saw their horrified faces. The one he studied the most, though, was NightScream's, who's was a mixture of horror, sadness, guilt and pain. "NightScream, I'm sorry."

"Oh man…" Cheetor muttered, shaking his head sadly. "Poor Midnight…"

Dinobot let out his growl-like sigh. "The femme had just woken up from her stasis pod slumber…" He said sadly, looking at TriDrac.

"I was just getting used to her attitude…" BlackArachnia said sighed. "Do you know who did it?"

TriDrac shook his head again. "No. The voice was a new one and Pantha didn't say anything about recognizing it, which you know she would have yelled and cursed the person out if she had."

"Tri?" NightScream asked softly as tears brimmed his optics. "I don't think even Megatron would go as far as ripping another 'bot to pieces like that…"

The Komodo dragon nodded. He knew NightScream was right. TriDrac sighed. "I know, NightScream. We've got trouble..."

"Big trouble." A quiet, soft voice said. "A psycho's on the loose who rips Transformers apart while they're still alive…" The tired voice shuddered.

The Maximals turned and saw Pantha standing in the doorway to the control room. She smiled softly. "Hi guys."

"Big cat?" Cheetor blinked.

"P?" TriDrac asked.

"I finished quickly." Pantha explained. "I didn't want to see my friend like that…I hurried. She's fixed now…" The femme whispered the last part. "Yes, Cheetor?"

Cheetor opened his mouth to say something, but decided against it. He looked at NightScream, who had tears in his optics, and sighed. "Night-"

"Don't talk to me!" NightScream yelled. "Don't you dare talk to me!" The bat 'bot sobbed once and then started to cry.

"What'd I say?" Cheetor asked, looking at the other Maximals.

Rattrap looked at the bat and shook his head. "Kiddo…"

"Cheetor…" Pantha said softly as she walked over to NightScream. She hugged the bot warmly. "Midnight was NightScream's sister."

NightScream sobbed loudly now that everyone knew as the Maximals exchanged uncomfortable and sad glances. "Mid-midnight was supposed to st-stay on Cy-Cybertron, but she-she disobeyed me and came aboard. If-If I just always stayed by-by her s-side and pr-protected her, sh-she would st-still be a-a-alive!" He sobbed as his tears rolled off his cheeks onto Pantha's shoulder. "I-I never i-imaged this would-this would…"

"Shh…" Pantha whispered. "Don't cry, NightScream. Please don't cry."

Cheetor looked at TriDrac and then at the ground. He felt terrible. "I'm sorry…I didn't know…"

Rattrap looked at Dinobot. "We'll go scan for dat monster…" He said softly, "Don't worry, NightScream, we'll get that bastard fer what he did ta yer sista. I promise. Let's go, Chopperface."

Dinobot didn't even bother to insult or shoot a comeback back at Rattrap as the two walked over to the scanners. BlackArachnia and SilverBolt looked at each other and then edged out of the room.

TriDrac looked at Pantha and then at Cheetor. "Cheetor. Go to the holding cells. Make sure Rampage is still there." He said after a minute of silence.

"I already did…" Cheetor muttered. He looked at NightScream's sobbing form and then walked towards the exit. "On second thought…I'll go do that. Maybe he got out after I left…"

NightScream trembled as he pushed away from Pantha. He was no longer sobbing, but tears brimmed his optics, threatening to fall again. "Mid-Midnight…where's her bod-body?"

"NightScream," The Maximal leader started, "I don't think you should see her. Not yet. Not while the wound's still fresh and raw."

"Pantha…" NightScream started, but stopped. "You're right…"

"C'mon, I'll take you to your room. Tri, do you think-"

"I got everything covered, P." TriDrac said, smiling softly. "Don't worry. Just make sure NightScream gets to his room safely and gets some sleep."

"And I thought I was commander." Pantha smiled softly before putting her arm around NightScream and leading him towards his quarters.

TriDrac watched his best friend and NightScream walk out of the control room and he smiled slightly. His smile faded, however, when he looked at the two remaining 'bots in the room. "Anything, Rattrap?" He asked.

The rat shook his head. "Nothin', kid." Rattrap muttered. "Not even a Pred out fer a walk."


"Negative…" Dinobot said in his growl/sigh voice.

TriDrac sighed as he walked over to a computer. He plugged himself into it. "I'll be offline for a few cycles. Try not to kill each other." The Komodo smiled weakly before going offline.

Dinobot let out a growl while Rattrap continued to type.

Meanwhile, out in the forest, two, blood red optics with a sadist look in them examined the ship they had just seen two mechs walk in with his latest victim. The face they belonged to smiled. "So…the little fighter had friends…well, they'll be next…" A cold, unfeeling male voice grinned from the branch it was sitting on. "But first…"

A cry was heard and then a loud, sickening 'snap'. Something hit the forest floor with a sickening, wet 'smack'. "Heh. That was fun. Too bad the animal didn't fight back as much as the femme did…I enjoyed killing her…hehehe…the way she screamed when I slowly crushed her spark in my head…the way she tried to fight me when I pinned her against the tree using my sword…it was so enjoyable…" The dark figure stopped talking and licked some Energon off his claws. He examined them and then wiggled an ear. "I only wish I could have dragged her death out a little longer…her screams were music to my ears…the fright in her beautiful optics as I ripped her power converter out…" The mech laughed and then looked at the Axalon II. "You had better enjoy what little time you have left before I find you, my friends, because when I find you…you won't last long…"

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