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Pantha had finished explaining what NightScream and Curator had told her to Talon, the femme looked at her friend and blinked. "Well? Say something, please!"

"That's...whoa..." Talon muttered.

"I'm crazy, right? That's what you're thinking, isn't it?"

Talon shook her head. "No, it's not. Right now, I'd believe you if you said that it was raining pink dragons." She smiled. "So...who told you all of this? I know that the bat didn't. Primus rest his spark..."

Pantha sighed and bit her lip. "Don't call me crazy, but Orcus' brother did."


"His brother, Curator, who Orcus killed."

"He...killed his own brother?" Talon blinked. "That's low...and twisted..."

Pantha nodded. "He took over Waspinator's body and helped me out. As we hid from Orcus, Curator told me the story of him and his brother..." The feline sighed and looked at Talon. "Now do you still think I'm sane?"


Pantha almost anime fell, but managed to stay up. The femme looked at Talon and smiled. "Thank you, Primus! Someone who's not crazy that believes me!"

Talon laughed a little as Cheetor ran into the control room. "'Sup, Cheetor?" The owl asked the cheetah.

"SilverBolt's up and out of the CR Chamber, Pantha. He's ready to tell us what happened." Cheetor informed the two. "He's in his quarters..."

"Poor guy...Talon, would you-" Pantha started.

"I'm coming." Talon muttered, her face worried. "I wanna hear what the psycho did so I can enjoy it when I kill him..."

Pantha sighed. "C'mon, T."

Cheetor and Talon let Pantha lead the way to SilverBolt's room and, when they got there, they saw said mech sitting on his recharge berth with his legs hanging off the edge, looking at his feet. "SilverBolt?" Cheetor asked.

SilverBolt looked up and saw the three Maximals looking at him. He let out a ragged sigh and swallowed. "My friends..."

"Take a seat, everyone." Pantha said softly as she walked over and sat down next to the condor. The femme waited for Talon and Cheetor to sit down before she began to speak again. "SilverBolt, if it hurts too much, please note that I am not forcing you to tell us what happened right now. We can wait."

"No." SilverBolt held up his hand and shook his head. "I must tell it now or it will never be told. I have to do it...while I can..."

"Okay then. But please realize that we're not forcing you to and if you need to stop, you may."

"I know that. Thank you." The condor took a deep breath and began to tell the story. "After Rampage knocked both my love and me out, the two took us somewhere and we woke up some time later, strapped to two metal tables just feet apart from each other. Then our captors stepped out of hiding. Rampage and Orcus looked at us, grinning...oh their sick grins...all we could do was look at each other and...then at before. The pain...the torture...I was the first one that they tortured and the worst part of it all was they made BlackArachnia watch. I could see her terrified optics and her lips moving, begging the two stop, hear her voice breaking as I screamed...but they didn't. They wouldn't stop...I thought they never would, but after a while, they did. As I laid there, beaten and bloody, I heard Rampage say something about 'killing her himself'. Oh Primus...then I-I heard the worse sound that will forever haunt me...my love screamed. I looked. They were torturing her just like they did me...and like her, I begged them to stop, but my pleas fell onto deaf audios." He paused and swallowed, tears brimmed his optics.


"No. I must continue."

"Very well then." Pantha nodded.

"Rampage...looked at me and grinned as he and Orcus stopped torturing BlackArachnia. He said something to the wolf and then Orcus walked over to me. He grabbed me and forced me to watch as Rampage plunged his hand into her chest and...and..." SilverBolt stopped and then sobbed, burying his head into his hands. "He killed her right in front of me! Her screams...her pleading optics...slaggit, why didn't I protect her! I was her guardian! I was..."

Everyone in the room, other than SilverBolt, was gaping at said mech with horrified/pity filled optics. They all looked at each other and then looked at the ground. Pantha was the first to recover, but did not got into commander mode. Instead, the femme wrapped her arms around SilverBolt like she had NightScream and let the mech cry on her shoulder as she rubbed his back. "Oh, SilverBolt...I know, buddy, I know...jus' let it out..." She said softly. Pantha looked at her friend with hard optics. "Scan for that bastard and Rampage. Now!" She snapped, "I want him found as soon as possible!"

Talon and Cheetor looked at each other and ran out of the room as SilverBolt continued to cry. He finally stopped sobbing after about ten minutes and just looked at Pantha with lifeless, pitiful optics. "What do I do now?"

"I don't know, 'Bolt." Pantha said, shaking her head, "Get some rest. That's all I can say."

"Yes ma'am." SilverBolt nodded. "I will..."

Pantha stood up and smiled softly at the mech. "Don't worry, SilverBolt, I won't let these two get away for all the pain they've caused us...they will pay for what they've done. This, I promise."

"Thank you..." The mech sniffed before laying down on the recharge berth. He shut off his optics, but Pantha knew he wasn't going to get the sleep his beast mode and his mind needed.

"At least try to sleep, 'Bolt." Pantha said gently before walking out of the room, turning out the lights and shutting the door as she did so. The femme hurried over to control room. "Anything?"

"Nope." Talon shook her head. "Both Orcus," She growled his name, "And Rampage's signals are hidden from view...a blocker, most likely..."


Cheetor typed and then smiled. "Good news."

"Found 'em!" Talon and Pantha yelled at the same time.

"Uh...nope. But Tri and Waspinator got sentinel's power incresed." Cheetor said, smiling. "So if we're attacked-"

"Our butts aren't slagged...hopefully..." Rattrap muttered as he walked into the room. "Hey, boss lady. Bird lady."

Both Talon and Pantha looked at each other with a look that said "Where the hell's a REAL rat trap when you need it?" and sighed. The two shook their heads and Talon started to walk out of the control room. "I'm gonna go grab me some high grade and then get to work."

"On what?" Pantha asked, blinking.

"A project I've been working on ever since I got here." Talon shrugged before heading off to the rec room to get some Energon.

"Uh...okay?" Pantha shrugged. She looked at the others and shrugged before looking at the monitor again.

The others sighed and then went back to work. A moment later, a curse was heard and Talon ran back into the room. "I can't get to work yet."

"Why?" Rattrap asked, looking at the owl.

"My tools are missing." Talon deadpanned. She sighed and folded her wings behind her.

"Uh…guys…I got bad news…" Cheetor said gravely, causing everyone in the control room to look up at him. "Rampage has his spark back. All of it. Both parts."

"We get it!" Talon growled.

"Talon." Pantha looked at the owl, "Please." She looked at Cheetor, "How do you…"

"Inferno." Cheetor muttered, "He just commed. He wants us to come outside and talk. Says he has the Royalty's body…"

"Megatron." Waspinator's voice said softly.

Everyone turned and saw TriDrac, Waspinator and Dinobot standing in the doorway. Dinobot growled, "Megatron is dead…Rampage has his spark…who's leading the Predacons now?"

"My thoughts exactly." Pantha nodded.

"Let's ask Inferno." TriDrac suggested.

"Antbot?" Waspinator blinked.

"Yes antbot!" TriDrac snapped, "Who else, you-"

"Enough!" Pantha growled, "I've had enough of you acting like that, Tri! You, Waspy, DB and Talon are coming with me to talk to-"


Pantha yelped. TriDrac fell on his butt. Dinobot growled. Talon cursed. Waspinator eeped and jumped into Pantha's arms Scooby-Doo style. Cheetor let out a yell and then looked around. Dinobot growled again. "What was that!"

Pantha sighed and dropped Waspinator flat on his aft. "I don't know, but let's out find out."

"Where am I?" A femme's voice growled.

Everyone turned and saw a white, wingless dragon looking at them. Talon grinned like an idiot and glomped the dragon. "Dragonsbane!" The owl laughed.

Everyone blinked. The dragon looked at the owl that was on her snout. "Talon?" She blinked. "Where are we?"

Pantha stepped forwards. "I'll explain where we are and we we're here later, but right now we need to get to Inferno."

Dragonsbane looked at Talon and blinked. She raised an optic ridge.

"Like she said," Talon grinned, "explain later!"

"Let's go guys." Pantha said, walking away. "Talon. Dinobot. TriDrac. Waspy. We got an ant to talk to and a Rex's body to get."

TriDrac growled, but followed said mechs and femme. Talon looked at Dragonsbane and then walked outside the ship with the others. Once outside and in front of the ship, Cheetor, who had followed them outside, put his fingers to his lips and whistled a loud, shrill whistle that made everyone jump. Cheetor laughed weakly. "Sorry. That's what Inferno said to do once we were outside."

Pantha opened her mouth to reply, but a voice interrupted hers. "Maximals!" It was Inferno. The ant walked out of the woods, dragging something very large and heavy out of the underbrush. "I have the Royalty's body!"

The feline femme looked at everyone and then sighed. She looked at Inferno and nodded. "Inferno, Megatron's body will be safe here, I promise. Do you mind telling me what happened?"

Inferno growled, "The drone and the wolf came in and attacked the colony! They fought and killed the Royalty then the drone stole something from my queen."

"Which I figured was Rampage's spark because Inferno said that Rampage stuck it in subspace, whispering something about, 'the two halves being whole'." Cheetor stuck his two cents in.

Pantha nodded. "Go on, Inferno."

Said ant mech continued, "The drone and the wolf said that they were taking over and that anyone that dared challenge them could leave. Or die."

"So you left with Megatron's body." Talon muttered.

"Correct, drone."

Talon growled, but said nothing. Pantha looked at Dinobot, "C'mon. Help me get Megatron's body." She said, walking forwards.

Inferno snarled and stood in front of the thing he had pulled out of the woods, which was Megatron's body. "I will not let anyone harm the Royalty! Put down your weapons or prepare to burn!"

"Inferno, we won't…" Pantha trailed off and sighed. She pulled out her sword and then threw it away. "There. You win. Now may we come and get Megatron's body?"

Inferno growled and watched everyone else throw their weapons away. He watched the Maximals for a minute before putting his flamethrower away. "The Royalty's body be will be safe here, correct?"

Pantha nodded. "Yes. He'll be safe here." She said, and then paused. "Inferno, will you allow me to fix his body like I did for the others?"

Inferno looked at the bloody mass that was Megatron's body and then turned to glare at Pantha, "You may repaired his body, but-"

"I will not do anything else, this, I promise you." The feline swore. Inferno stepped out of the way and Pantha smiled. "Thank you, Inferno. Dinobot. Talon. Waspy."

The three names Transformers walked over to Megatron's body. They picked the mech's huge corpse up and struggled to carry him inside. TriDrac growled and, seeing that Pantha was glaring at him, walked over to the three bots and started to help the others carry him inside.

Inferno watched Megatron's body disappear inside the Axalon II and flew into the air. He looked at Pantha as the feline femme picked her sword back up and put it away. The femme looked up at him and then swallowed. "Inferno. Don't do anything stupid, okay? Don't go rush after the two mechs just because you're angry."

Inferno looked at her and, seeing the general concern she had in her optics, sighed. "I shall not do anything I will regret." He turned and flew away, "But I will not let them get away with this."

"Inferno!" Pantha called, but sighed. He was too far away. The young commander shook her head and walked inside the ship.

"We're all gonna die." Rattrap snarled as he watched Pantha head towards the med bay where the other Maximals had just laid Megatron's body.

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