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Garcian Smith sat at the small dining room table, in his private trailer-house near the outskirts of Seattle. He sipped his coffee and was about to indulge in a meal of macaroni and cheese when the answering machine beeped.

"Hello Mister Smith, the elections are drawing near, have you decided on your vote?" a bored voice with a New York accent said, "If not please let the republic party make the most of your precious vote, thank you and have a nice day," BEEP.

Garcian took one more sip of his coffee and headed off down the hall.

"You stupid old man," a cold voice hissed at the old man, practically comatose in his wheelchair. A girl of about twenty, dressed in a red tube top, and very high riding black shorts yelled again, "I TOLD YOU TO ASK THE NEXT QUESTION! I'M NEVER GOING TO PASS MY CLASSES IF YOU DON'T HELP ME STUDY!" She spit in his face. Garcian walked into the room. "Can you believe this old fart?" Samantha, the girl asked him. "Hurry up," she said walking over to the old man in the wheelchair.

Garcian flipped on the T.V. The room went dark.

Harman Smith, the man in the wheelchair, now fully awake and aware.

"The master is awake,"

"Ah, Garcian, I've felt it, the presence of a man who has lost all touch with his code of honor and now makes a mockery of death." Harman said, hands in his lap, Samantha by his side in a maid's outfit.

"What course of action must be followed, master?" Garcian said, now on one knee.

"He, and his assassins must be eliminated, which is a shame, he was once a dear friend of mine."

"As you wish master."

"Samantha, the lights," Harman said.

"Certainly, master," Samantha said kindly as she pressed a button on a remote control.

Samantha stormed out of the room.


Garcian also walked out of the room and headed outside.

An expensive looking car was pulled over on the side of an overpass, and a man in a brown sport coat leaned over a guard rail looking into traffic. A tall black man, in a white suit, walked over to him and leaned on the guard rail, looking away from traffic.

"I take it you've heard about Bill," Christopher Mills asked Garcian,

"The assassin? Yeah, I've heard of him."

"Then you know how dangerous he is? I'll tell you Garcie, if you really think this guy is a threat, go for it, but I'm warning you, he's got some of the best in the game under his thumb; The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad," He pulled out a manila envelope and handed it to the tall man. "You're gonna want to take them out, one by one, you won't stand a chance going up against them all at once." Garcian opened the envelope and pulled out a photograph of an attractive Asian woman with specked freckles across the bridge of her nose.

"O-Ren Ishii, AKA: Cottonmouth, the new leader of the Tokyo's Yakuza underworld. This girl's good, been killing since she was twelve, and on top of that she's being guarded by The Crazy 88, a squad of the most dangerous thugs the dregs of society has to offer. I want you to be careful out there Garcie."

Garcian smiled, "I shouldn't have too much trouble, after all, they're only human."

"One way to Tokyo"

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I just can't pay this week! You see, business is slow, no one wants to go to a mom-and-pop tea house anymore. Nowadays everyone's going to the night clubs," The balding middle-aged man was on his knees, bowing as low as he could on the ground, "Please have mercy!" A young Japanese man with a trendy blonde haircut, and a black face mask smirked.

"Not my problem old man," he brushed some hair out of his face, "Pay up, or..." the punk pulled a razor sharp katana from a sheath he was holding.

"AIIEEE!" The man covered his head with his hands, shivering.

"Kojiro," A young woman gingerly placed a cup of tea at a table she was sitting. She got up and placed her hand on the man's shoulder, he reluctantly lifted his head. "We are not barbarians, we can find a way to settle this without bloodshed." She smiled at the man. Kojiro grinded his teeth and put away his blade. Suddenly a young boy holding a handgun jumped out from behind a curtain.

"I won't let you bullies push us around anymore! RRAAAAHHH!"

"YUKI! NO!" the man leapt up and reached for his son. A girl, no more than sixteen came from behind the curtain and slit the boy's throat before he could pull the trigger. Yuki clutched his neck trying to catch the blood as he dropped to his knees and fell face first into a pool of his own blood.

"NOOOOO!" The man cried and dropped into a fetal position sobbing uncontrollably.

"Thank you Go-Go," O-Ren nodded to the young killer. She did a curtsy with her short plaid skirt. "Let's go," O-Ren, Go-Go, and Kojiro walked out of the small building, leaving the broken man and his bloody lifeless son behind.


The Bloody Battle at the Ishii Manor

Mission 34:

Eliminate O-Ren Ishii and the Crazy 88

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