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Now the exciting conclusion to the two part episode Sidewinder! Brought to you by Kaboom cereal, for when you're in the mood for a .45 millimeter breakfast!



"You know, I haven't... how can I say this? Well, I haven't killed anyone in a while." Budd sharpened a knife as Coyote came back to conciousness. He was chained to a chair where he and his captor sat in the middle of the desert. "You know," Budd chuckled, "I could have done all manner of nasty things to ya while you were out," He lifted himself off of a rock he was sitting on. "But I thought we could enjoy this moment together". Coyote would have spit in his face if his mouth wasn't duct taped shut. "Oh, one more thing. I would like to personaly thank you for killin' my boss. I would have offed him myself, but, you know..."

Coyote eyed him viciously. "Mmmfff hhmmmmfff rrhhhggg," Budd walked over to him with another length of chain, and a large padlock.

"I'll tell you one thing, friend, I agree whole heartedly there. I couldn't have mumbled those there words any better myself." Coyote could hear Budd clicking the padlock into place. It lightly brushed against his finger. Hard steel. He could tell, just by the sound, what make and model the lock was. High quality, three key holes...easy. Budd got up and started walking to his truck while singing Johnny Cash's, Ring of Fire, under his breath. Coyote kept his gase on Budd as he started to claw at the watch he wore on his left wrist. He discretly removed two silver lock-picks from a compartment on the wristband, and slipped them into the fist keyhole.

"...and I fell into a burning ring of fire-" Budd had returned with a canister of gassoline. "How's it goin' Paco? You hanging in there? I know you are." He splashed some gas on Coyote's face.

"HHHMMMMMFFF!" Coyote pretended to struggle as he felt the first lock give. He continued to struggle.

"HEY!" Budd shouted, "You wanna shut up now? It's just me and you out here, alright? You needn't waste any more energy trying to cause a ruckus." He started pouring gassoline into Coyote's lap. "Ohhh, you think that's gonna leave a stain?" Budd laughed as emptied the can and tossed it aside. Coyote felt the second lock click. He started to work feverishly on the final lock.

Budd tore the tape off of the soaking assasin's mouth. "Now, you wanna make your peace before you go out in a flame of glory?" Coyote looked up with a sick smile in his eyes.

"Yeah, I've got something to say..."


"You're fucked!" Coyote launched himself from the chair, freeing himself from the chains. He pounced at Budd bringing them both to the ground. He struggled as the weight of Coyote Smith's fist repeatedly relayed themselves onto his face. Finaly Coyote took a length of chain still hanging on his shoulders and wrapped it around Budd's throat. The man gagged and began to turn a deep red as the killer tightened his bind on him. Budd stopped struggling, Coyote snapped his neck before risng to his feet. Coyote removed a handkerchief from his back pocket and wiped his face off.

"Sick fucker."


"Smiles through regret or relief are never sincere"