"Gibbs! You're back!"

"Very observant, Ziva."

"It's just that I was alone with him for so long that Tony was actually starting to seem attractive to me."

"Gee, we were gone for a long time."

"Shut up, McGee. So, Ziva, what's that about me being develishly handsome and my raw sex appeal? ... Ow! I mean, thank you boss. I've been needing one all day."

"Tony, Ziva!"

"Abby, I thought you were going down to the lab."

"I was Gibbs, but I forgot something. Tony, here."

"A small bag that you have to give Tony is more important them taking those to your lab?"


"Fine. Now go to your lab. The rest of you get to work."



"Yes boss."

"Yes sir."

"Oh! what was that for?"

"Ziva, if you goof off like Tony, then you will be swatted like Tony. Geeze, you two must have been left alone together longer then I thought."

"Well, Gibbs, Ziva was in here all day. I mean I offered that she go upstairs to spend time with Jenny, but she just wanted to stay here. What can I say, it must be my sex appeal. Ziva, you're turning pretty red, are you okay?"


"Hey boss where are you doing?"

"To see if Abby is actually doing her work, McGee. And when I get back you of you had better be working as well."

"So Ziva, was it really all that bad here with To-"

"You lied to me!"

"Did I?"

"You said it as just us?"

"From the team, yes."

"Jenny was here the whole time!"

"Jenny is not on the team, Zee-vah."

"I could kill you!"

"But you won't. Because we bonded."

"More like you held me hostage."

"You tied her up?"

"No Mcgee, but if she's into that... ."

"You'll never know, Tony."

"Ring Ring Ring."

"Tony, is that my phone?"

"Is what your phone?"

"That bag."

"What bag?"