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Evangelion/Ranma/King of Fighters/Naruto Crossover
by Shinji the Good Sharer

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Chapter 1
Falling into fate

"AAAAHHHHHHOOF!" There was a dead silence as a scrawny looking boy fell out of the sky and landed on a purple haired girl interrupting her match with an outsider red head. The purple haired girl was the village champion. She was a beautiful and strong young girl of 16 years who was fighting an equally beautiful redhead who had been eating the first prize for the village tournament. However before the battle could truly begin a boy had appeared 10 feet above the girls' head and fell on her. While that in and of itself was surprising it was her head hitting the dueling log and getting knocked out that drew a wince from the redhead.

The skinny Japanese boy slowly pushed himself up and shook his head before looking around to get his bearings. It was then that he looked down and noticed his hand was on something firm yet pliable. The firm, round object was hidden by a Chinese blouse, which made him bolt back nervously. "Uhhhh… sorry?"

The girl slowly sat up and looked at the boy with an unreadable expression. Her eyes met those of a tiny old woman clinging to her staff. At the nod of the old woman she crawled up to the boy nearing him slowly. He flinched and covered his head like he was about to be hit much to the girl's surprise. Pulling his face up to hers she kissed his lips deeply causing his whole body to freeze as he blushed like a red light.


I was a year later that Shinji Ikari now found himself standing with his new adopted brother and father. Shinji Ikari was by no means a large young man, nor was he a bulky boy, but he was rather sturdy. He was skinny and rather weak but sturdy enough to survive quite a bit. His training at being an Eva pilot had given him a small lithe frame with slight muscles that made him look similar to a dancer. His hair was longer reaching to his hips and he stood about 5 feet tall under the baggy pants and long sleeve thermal shirt he wore. Over the shirt was a short-sleeved yukata top. A large sword nearly the same size as him hung diagonally across his back with a white mask over his face. His feet were bandaged with wafuku wooden showed on his feet.

On the way back to Japan, Shinji discovered that he was 20 years in the past. Apparently, being pulled inside the 12th angel was more of a time warp than anything else. Saotome Ranma was the one who 'convinced' his father Genma to take him in. For several days they had traveled back to Japan until they came to a village with a thick fog almost hiding it. Apparently it was a small village of ninja and Ranma had been offered the chance to train in their martial arts style. Ranma had naturally refused until they extended the invitation to his "little brother Shinji" as well.

At first they had given Shinji only the basics but the teachers were amazed at how exact and precise his attacks were. They'd then upped his training deciding he'd make a good 'tracker' as they called it. Both Ranma and Shinji were forbidden from teaching the things they learned to anyone, including Genma, but that didn't stop the fat man from trying to learn them, he got beaten up a lot for it.

Ranma was of course stubborn and refused to use weapons or Jutsu abilities that didn't fit into martial arts, unfortunately that limited his training, though he did master most of the hand-to-hand techniques after the first 3 weeks. Shinji had no such problems and was quickly given a mask and title of the 'tracker ninja' however he got a rather bad reputation for not wanting to kill getting him the label of 'pussy assassin'. For some reason the female ninja started bothering him allot and giving him extra food once he got 'named' that. The worst had been when they discovered Shinji's bloodline limit, apparently somewhere in his family was an Uchiha from Konoha and clans had been absolutely tossing their daughters at the 2 brothers ever since.

By the time they left Ranma was able to beat most of their hand-to-hand experts in a fight while Shinji had become an expert at being unnoticed and using Jutsu techniques. Another difference was in what Shinji and Ranma wore. Ranma stood in his red Chinese tang with black kung fu pants with easy to slip on shoes. Shinji, on the other hand, wore a form fitting body suit, similar in form to the plug-suit he had been wearing when he appeared, however his outfit was a deep blue with a dark green vest that held many pockets and hiding places for weapons and tools. Shinji also wore the headband of the hidden mist village around his thigh proudly while his Anbu mask sat hiding his face.

"So this is Nerima, it looks like every other town pops has taken us to." Those words brought Shinji out of his thoughts as he stopped walking and looked down the hillside and saw a picturesque city with several large houses. Genma lead the way down into the city as it started to rain. The first time Ranma and Genma had demonstrated their curses had thrown Shinji off. Seeing the guy who saved you from some whacked out Amazon girl who according to a Chinese guide wanted to "kill you for defeating her", turn into a busty redhead while his father turned into a panda kind of has that effect on a 14 year old boy.

"There's no police here, and the public security is low." Ranma sighed as his adopted brother overanalyzed things yet again. Shinji's insight and observational skills due to the Sharingan had saved their butts several times after leaving the ninja village, but it grated on Ranma's nerves sometimes just how observant Shinji could be. "It's true Ranma and you know it. That means either there's going to be allot of problems here, or the population can take care of itself. But I don't see more than the normal number of martial artists walking around here, do you? I think coming here is going to haunt us."

The panda held up a sign startling most of the people around them who were watching. : Be quiet boy, I'm trying to remember where my friend lives.: Genma led both boys and stopped at certain landmarks, the fact that all the landmarks were restaurants or fast food places didn't escape Shinji's notice.

Several hours later it was late afternoon and both Genma and Ranma were starting to get hungry. Good thing neither had noticed that he snagged an apple off a stray apple tree they passed. And so, with Genma and Ranma distracted by their hunger, Shinji removed his mask and munched happily and quietly on his snack as they reached the front door to a compound called 'The Tendo Dojo.' Rolling his eyes slightly Shinji knew that Genma and Ranma wouldn't think about how a person would react to seeing a giant panda at their front door. After putting his mask back in place Shinji took out a second apple and tossed it on the ground drawing the attention of both and causing a rather rough fight over the red source of food while Shinji stepped to the front door. It was times like this that he was glad he was adopted.

Knocking on the door Shinji was surprised at how quickly the door was opened. A man with long black hair and a moustache and 3 girls of different ages nearly ran into him as they opened the door. "Are you Saotome Ranma?" Before Shinji could answer the oldest girl the dark haired man hugged him.

"At last you've come! Now the schools can be joined!" The Anbu mask hid an extremely dark frown as Shinji was set down and he turned to Genma.

: Can I have some hot water: Was written on the sign that the panda held up. Woodenly the oldest girl led the way inside. After everyone was seated Shinji took the hot water kettle and poured it over the girl, turning her into a taller and more muscular boy, before pouring what was left onto the panda turning it into a fat balding man. "It needn't be that hot Shinji." Said the portly man.

"Shut up old man, and what's this whole join the schools crap? You're not trying to scam your way into getting us to teach you our techniques again are you?" Ranma accused his father. Genma had been trying to scam and trick them into teaching them for a while and sometimes it was necessary to teach him to back off. To Ranma surprise it actually looked like Genma was innocent of that idea.

"If you're Shinji, where's Ranma? And how did you turn into a panda Saotome?" After demonstrating the curses several times and minor introductions with Shinji being introduced as Saotome Shinji, a fight broke out between Ranma and Genma in the back yard as Shinji sat down. "It seems that Ranma's curse isn't so bad. Which of my daughters do you think your older brother would like best? Oh, how rude of me. I'm Soun, this is Kasumi age 20, Nabiki age 18, and Akane age 17."

Shinji faltered for a moment before shrugging. "I'm sorry sir, but you would have to ask Ranma that. I've yet to see him take an interest in anyone, let alone been able to decipher his taste in women. I do feel he would find each of them pretty and attractive in her own way though."

"So what do you turn into? Or is that why you're wearing the mask? Do you turn into something hideous and deformed?" Nabiki asked. Shinji could only sigh as he thought about why nobody in his life EVER seemed to have a tiny thing called tact.

Lifting off his mask Shinji turned to the middle Tendo. "I have no curse. I met up with and was adopted into the Saotome family after they went to Jusenkyo. I met them at a small village in China."

"Oh my, you're a handsome young man, aren't you?" Soun and both younger sisters could only stare at the eldest girl. Shinji turned a fire engine red at the complement. "Why were you alone in China?"

Shinji frowned and looked to Kasumi. "I'm sorry miss, that's a matter of national security. I'm not allowed to say." Nabiki frowned and looked at the scrawny young boy suspiciously. To her disturbing discovery he seemed to be completely strait forward. That wouldn't bode well for her 'enterprises' if the government were watching him.

When Ranma finally came in and sat down from beating the crap out of Genma he wasn't too happy. "So what now? I want to go back to china and jump into the spring of drowned boy to get rid of this curse. Why don't we get out of here Shinji? This is a waste of time that pops will probably blame on us anyways."

"Ranma, please sit down and be quiet. You know the guide said that would just turn you into a hermaphrodite so leave it alone. Now, I feel that it would most likely be prudent to hold off on the engagement for the time being. Knowing our father he most likely talked you into providing a dowry of some type?" The shocked nod Soun gave was enough. "I assume that he tried to get you to give him the dowry ahead of time as well?" Another nod came as Shinji frowned. "I don't advise you enforcing this pact. However, it is your choice."

Nabiki frowned and looked at Genma before heading to the phone. 'I need some intelligence on these guys' "Daddy, why don't we let them stay here for now and get to know them? Then we can see who Ranma gets along with and if none of us gets along we can look for another way to unite the schools."

Soun began to cry but it was fairly obvious he'd backed down. "I refuse! I challenge you to a match and if you lose then you have to leave and we never need to see you again!" Ranma would have smirked and accepted a year ago, but Shinji had changed. The Chuunin exam had been tough on Shinji since he'd been forced to kill a person for the first time. Shinji had originally only meant to disable his opponent but when the boy Shinji had been paired against tripped the shuriken hadn't hit him in the shoulder like Shinji had planned. It had hit him in the neck. It was an accident of course but Shinji had been a wreck for 2 months after that. Shinji had come out of it enough to begin his training again but it had been bad and eventually Shinji became colder, and more methodical. He still held back from killing but he rarely had a problem with doing what he had to do.

Ranma counted his lucky stars that his father hadn't let him join the Chuunin exams or any exams after that. Ranma knew he was a martial artist and a good one too, but the idea of actually taking a life sent chills down his spine. After the guilt began to set in Shinji's bloodline had activated and gone strait to the final form called Mangekyou Sharingan. The amount of Chakra it had taken nearly killed Shinji but a week later he had woken in the hospital and started crying.

Apparently the different levels of the Sharingan were unlocked by different emotions that happened through out a person's life. The first level was unlocked by determination or dedication it seemed as Shinji had been determined to become a Chuunin and be able to make Ranma proud of him. The Mangekyou was apparently unlocked by massive guilt or pain, which was demonstrated by the guilt Shinji suffered over the accident. However Shinji had yet to unlock the other 2 levels and the Sharingan in general seemed to leave him tired and drained after extended usage.

Shinji always said that the Sharingan was the only reason he was an ANBU and Ranma was inclined to agree, but it didn't mean Shinji wasn't good at what he did. He just needed practice. And so, as Shinji began to recant their adventure in the village hidden in the mist, Ranma began to remember.

End Chapter 1



Author's Notes:

Well, here's the prologue of the first Shinji/Shampoo fic. Nice huh? Anyways, this will start out with some Drama and head on to Humor and Romance as I write. The next update I have should be for the next part of Princely predicaments, as I haven't updated it in a long while, then Warrior wife. I hope you all enjoy this and I'm already working on chapter 2. So keep reading and reviewing! Chapter 2 will be back story and info on training and life in the hidden mist village as well as the Chuunin exams for hidden mist and Shinji's link to Haku and Zabuza.