Chapter 21: Out of hell

Naruto's POV

I had called Jiraiya, they had said I was allowed to have a parent present as they questioned me. I didn't want Jiraiya there, but I did tell him where I was at. He yelled at me, but I just hung up the phone, and was ready for the questions I would be asked. I had already thought up a story to tell them.

We sat at the table, and I was ask straight out, why and how. I let a smile cross my face. "He was hurting him…my boyfriend. He had told me about it that day in school. Then when I was looking for a CD I saw something going on in his room. I can see straight into his room, from my bedroom window," I start off. "Remembering what I was told at school, I ran over there. Luckily for me I found the door unlocked. I ran up to the room, and found him ontop of my boyfriend. Told him to get off, and he turned to look at me. Some loving words were exchanged between my boyfriend, and me after I cussed his father out. The showing of our affection pissed him off, and he threw my boyfriend against the closet. I went to him, to see if he was ok. His dad came towards us. I grab a spiked belt from the closet, hit him in the face. But he wouldn't stop coming at us. So I warped the belt around his neck. There was a struggle and we fell on the floor.

We were struggling right next to my boyfriend, who was in shock. His father then wraps his hands around his neck. Threatening to take his son's life, I stopped choking him not knowing what to do. The bastard took the time to laugh and taught me. Touching my boyfriend in front of me. Then I saw a metal chain belt, on the floor, I grabbed it and whacked him over the head with it. He fell down and me and my boyfriend just bolted over to my house."

"Your boyfriend was upstairs when we came, and it sounded like he didn't expect you to turn yourself in," a policeman stated. I came up with a quick excuse.

"We were both naturally happy, we weren't thinking about how this was bad. How I could be spending time in jail.. After all we were hoping he was dead and out of our lives. That we could be together and that he wouldn't have to worry about being hurt any more. We got a little into things, if you know what I mean." I say the lie coming out smoothly.

"So why turn yourself in?" Another cop asks me.

I shrug my shoulders. "What else could I do? I have nowhere to run. I ain't got no car or nothin'. It would be only a matter of time till you all started looking at me as a killer." I tell them hoping I sounded believable. I just hope they'll believe me over Gaara. I wonder if he's being interrogated too right now.

Gaara's POV

I had just gotten done telling the cops the story of what really happened. "I've even killed before. I don't know what else you need," I tell them in a monotone voice. They look at me and then each other. They could only hold Naruto and me for the night. Unless they charge us with something, we can go home. But, seeing as they're confused about who's telling the truth I'm not sure we'll get charged with anything.

The next day I call my house. Thankfully Temari picks up. She then comes down to the station to pick me up. Temari would be in charge now that dad is gone. She's the oldest, almost eighteen. She wasn't mad at me, but the car ride was quiet. The police would have to get more clues before they can charge anybody with anything, so I was free for now.

I go over Naruto's house the next day. I hadn't gone to school, mainly because neither did Temari or Kankuro—who's very pissed at me for what I did to father, not that I care what he thinks. Temari was looking in the newspaper for a job, she'd have to support us. Either that or we'll be put into a foster home and separated. Kankuro was mourning, that's why he didn't go to school. Naruto's adoptive father let me in and I went up to Naruto's room. I wonder if Naruto lied to Jiraiya too, or if he told him the truth. I could tell that either way Jiraiya wasn't in a good mood. I go into Naruto's room.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" I ask straight out, infuriated.

"What do you mean?" He asks dumbly.

"Why turn yourself in for a crime I committed?" I ask calmly, a little too calmly. Naruto, took my hand in his.

"I don't want you to go to jail or Juvie. You're finally free from him, enjoy life. You can't do that if you're locked up. Just let me take the fall." he explains.

I pull my hand away from him, "Why would you be stupid enough to do that?" A tinge of anger laced my voice.

"Because I love you." Naruto says, laying a kiss on my cheek.

"If you love me, then keep your nose out of my business," I tell him. He looks at me sadly. "I don't want you taking the blame…maybe I can plead insanity…" I mutter.

"So then you'll go to a hospital instead of jail! You could be trailed as an adult! I don't want you to be stuck in a hell hole if you just got out of one!"

"So what, if you get trailed as an adult, or even if you get sent to Juvie, I won't see you for years, or until you're eighteen! I'd be all alone Naruto!"

"Either way you'd be alone, you can always come visit. At least this way you'd have your freedom," he says not looking at me anymore.

I punch him in his face, "Idiot!" With that I storm out of his house. I wasn't afraid of juvie or even jail. I don't care if I go, but I do care if Naruto gets stuck there. There was a warm feeling inside me though. To think Naruto would go to jail for me, it was heartwarming no matter how stupid it is.

Weeks pass, and Naruto and I hardly have anything to say to each other. It was all so awkward with the investigation and everything. Police came and talked to my siblings. I couldn't go into my room seeing as it was a crime scene. I just hope everything points to me and not Naruto. In the end I'm relieved when my doorbell rang and I was told I was being charged with the murder of my father. I smile as the handcuffs are put on me. Many protesting yells come from both my sister and Naruto, when I'm led outside into the cop car. I soon found out that some of the evidence against Naruto was a phone call. He was on the phone with someone at the time of the murder. There's no way he could have killed my father.

I went through many things, getting a lawyer appointed to me and other things. Through the questioning of my brother and sister, the police found out that I was abused for years, I had to go see a shrink. Though Kankuro hadn't said it was abuse, but told the police that it was attempts to cast my demon out. The doctor had known and asked about the idea my dad had of me being a demon. I answered all questions truthfully. In the end, he had come to the conclusion that I am mentally stable to withstand trial, along with other theories that may or may not be helpful for me in the up coming trial.

In the end, a couple of days before I would go to court, my lawyer told me that we would be pleading self-defense. I had no problem with it. I was prepped for court and went through questions I would be answering. I would be called up to defend myself, along with other witnesses to support the clam of long term abuse. I wasn't afraid at all.

Naruto's POV

Every day I watched the news, in hopes that they would bring up something on Gaara's trail. But, they hardly ever did. It was nerve wracking, and I was on edge. I'd go to school, and hardly talk to anyone there. And if I heard anyone talking about Gaara, I'd usually tell them to shut up, or on one occasion I even punched a kid . I couldn't stand all the whispers. Especial the ones that sad, "he did it again." They didn't know him, they were just judging him. I even found myself crying in the German room, during lunch. I was falling apart. Every day, every week I'd force myself to go to school, but it was hell for me without him there.

"Naruto?" Sasuke started, carefully, as we walk down the hall together, waiting for the first bell of the morning to ring. We hadn't talked much, but he did try on one occasion to comfort me.

"You should have never involved yourself with him….You should have listened to me," he says almost cruelly. I glare at him.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"He's just killed someone for the seconded time. His dad! Who knows what he'd do to someone who he'd considered a friend. You're lucky he didn't turn on you," he shrugs his shoulders. But I grab those shoulders and push him against a pair of lockers.

"Don't you ever talk about him like that! You don't even know him! You're just like everyone else in this school, you arrogant prick!" I then leave. I felt like punching his lights out. I was shaking with anger.

Once I got home, I turn the TV on to the news. Watching every news channel in hopes of hearing something about Gaara's trial. Nothing, I wanted to hear something so bad, but nothing. My heart ached, I wanted him here with me. I felt so alone, it would be ok if I would just hear his voice. I wanted to stop worrying, but I can't. I take in a shaky breath and go to take a shower, before going to bed.

It's morning, and I'm lying in bed, looking at the ceiling. Jiraiya comes in. "Naruto, you have to get ready for school."

"I'm not going," I say plainly. My adoptive father let out a sigh. He walks over to look down at me.

"I suppose you can skip this one day," he smiles at me with pity. I give him my thanks. I really didn't want to deal with anyone today. I just wanted to be alone in my room, where I wouldn't hear bad talk about my lover.

"Naruto!" Jiraiya called from downstairs, "Gaara's trial's on the news!" I jump out of bed and run downstairs to see. When I enter the living room, the courthouse is on TV, a news reported was holding a microphone and was saying…

"Well, today is the last day of the on going trail against a young man who killed his father. Be sure to tune in later, and be the first to hear how the trial turn out."

Today would be the last day! I was so happy, but yet there was a great fear inside of me. Either I would see Gaara again, or I would only be able to visit him behind bars. I was on the verge of tears, and couldn't explain why. I was just full of emotions, and I suppose they were spilling over.

"Do you want to go?" Jiraiya ask me.

"What? What do you mean?"

"It's open to the public Naruto. If you want to be there, I'll take you to the courthouse." My eyes widen and I stare at Jiraiya unbelieving.

"Really?" He nods his head. I through my arms around him, "Thank you." I whimper out, as my emotions overwhelm me and a few tears run down my cheek.

"Hurry and get dressed though. We gotta get there fast, if we want seats. Once it's full we can't enter," he smiles at me. I nod my head and, go up to my room to get dressed. I'd see Gaara, I may not be able to speak to him, but I'll be able to see him.

Once I'm dressed, Jiraiya and me drive to the courthouse. There were a lot of people, reporters, and I even saw Gaara's sister. I've never been at the courthouse before. Jiraiaya lead me to the place they were holding Gaara's trail, and we enter the room. It was almost packed, with reporters, and other people. The doors close behind us. Obviously we were the last to be allowed in. We look around for seats. Everyone was standing and moving around.

"Naruto!" A female voice called my name. "That's your name right?" It was Gaara's sister. She takes my hand and pulls me to the front. "Gaara will be glad to see you." When we scoot into the front row, I could see red hair right in front of me. He was still far ahead, but it was so nice to see that familiar hair and back. I smiled to myself. And Jiraiya sat down next to me. Soon we were all told to stand. As the judge entered the room. Gaara was called up to the stand, and when he sat down and swore to the truth, his eyes spotted me. His eyes turn the moment his lawyer asks him a question.

"Please tell us in your own words what happened, the night in question." Gaara took in a deep breath, and told the whole room, exactly what he had told me when he came over covered in blood. He had paused a couple of times, as if unable to go on. His eyes landed on me, and it was like I gave him strength and he continued.

"Do you honestly believe, that your father would have killed you?"

"Of course he would have…after…" Gaara lowered his head. I could tell he was remembering the part were his father had tried to rape him.

"Were you ever afraid he'd kill you before this incident?"

"Sometimes, but I though he wouldn't take that chance."

"What do you mean, wouldn't take that chance?"

"There were always other people around; my sister. Or people more interested in exorcism than murder."

"No further questions," the lawyer stepped away and another one approached.

"This wasn't the first time you've killed right?" The other man asks.

"Objection, relevance?"

"I only want to know, if murder won't be a recurring thing with this boy."

"I'll allow it," the judge looked at Gaara, "Answer the question.."

"No, I had killed before," he states.


"My uncle."

"Strange how you seem to kill male relatives who's next your brother?"

"Objection!" Gaara's lawyer yelled.

The judge glared at the lawyer talking to Gaara, "Stick to asking questions."

"No further questions."

I didn't understand some of the court talk, but I did understand most of the closing statements the lawyers gave at the end.

"The defendant had been abused for years, almost since the day of his birth. Yes, he had killed before, but he was only seven, and once again his life was in danger. Fear for his safety already embedded into him at that young of an age. He had nowhere to run, this being his only family and home. He didn't know what to do, if he were to go to a friends place his father would find him, bring him back.. The only thing in his mind keeping him safe during the torture his father and his uncle in the past put him through, is the presence of others. He was all alone that night, with his father, his abuser. He was over powered, he struggled to get free; to get away. Only to be thrown harshly against the closet. He was afraid, and tried to defend himself in that fear. But his father had overpowered him once again, shocking him. A sign that he wasn't afraid of killing him if he kept being defiant. The defendant didn't plan on killing his father, he used force to try and defend himself."

The other lawyer came up. "This boy has killed before, how can we be sure he won't again? What happened that night, he could have ran. He didn't need to use deadly force, he could have went to his friends house next door, for safety. So he hadn't planed on killing his father when he first stepped in. But after a while we can clearly see he had planned on doing so, taking out belts and using them as weapons. There was no reason for his father to die, should we really let him go free? Will you really feel safe with this boy roaming the streets? Shouldn't he be punished?"

It was almost unbearable, sitting here listening to them talk, knowing that this is it. That today Gaara would either go free or go to jail. There was a short break, for the jury to come to a decision.

"Has the jury come to a verdict?" were the first words spoken after the break, and they sent fear and hope through my heart. My hands were clasped together tightly, as if in prayer.

"When it comes to the first degree murder of Yondaime Shukaku, we find the defendant," they took a pause that must have been only a couple of minutes long. But in my mind a hundred years had passed. I was so full of fear for the worst. And I could tell Gaara's sister—who had introduced herself as Temari during the break— felt the same. "not guilty."

Relief swam over me, and all tension drifted away. I was happy, Temari had her hands over her mouth. Laughing a little bit out of happiness. People were getting to their feet, heading out of the door, mumbling to each other. Some people were just standing, cameras in hand. Temari pushed past me, when she saw her brother coming towards her. She embraced him, and flashes of light filled the room, as reporters that were lucky enough to be able to find a seat in the courtroom took pictures. There were more people with camera's outside the door, waiting for Gaara to leave, and maybe even give them a statement. After he was done hugging his sister, he walked towards me.

"You came," he says simply.

"Wouldn't have missed it for the world," I tell him a grin on my face. His lips twitched, and he almost smiled softly. I wrap my arms around him. "I'm so happy, I've missed you." Our lips meet, in a long passionate kiss, neither of use caring if the cameras were flashing like crazy from all sides. Our kiss ended up on the front page of the newspaper the next day.

Temari had gotten a job, so she could keep her and her brothers together. Though Gaara and Kankuro didn't get along at all. She was taking night classes to make sure she'd finish high school. For the longest time people would talk about Gaara and give him evil looks in school. But, it didn't bother him, and I was always there to talk to him. Making myself an outcast because I am in love with a 'murderer'. Gaara got a part time job at HotTopic, to help his sister with the bills.

"Are you on break yet?" I ask my boyfriend who had just gotten through helping a customer. He looks at his watch.

"Yeah I'm off," he says. Then telling the others in the store he's going on lunch break. We sit in the food court together.

"So have you been to the book stores lately?"

"No, why?"

"I'll show you," I say reaching into my bag, and pulling out a hard cover novel. "This is for you," I hand him the book. He looks at it.

"The Child Named Demon," he runs his hand over the spot, Jiraiya autographed the book. "I like that title."

"Yeah the book's pretty cool, it's just weird to be reading about things that happened to us, kinda. I mean he changed names and shit." I grab the book from him, and flip through the pages. "Especially this part."

"You told him about our sex life?" Gaara mumbled no emotion behind those words.

"No, I just told him we had sex on the beach!" I laugh, at how Gaara's face expression was so pale. "There are like four other sex scenes in there."

"Are you serious?" Gaara asked me, almost in a whisper.

"Well, that's the difference between, 'inspired by true events' and 'based on a true story'," I say chuckling.

The End

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