Realities United

Summery: Right after ESB, Luke finds a teleporting device that will take him to any reality at any time. But what will happen if a crazy jedi clone found out about this? A clone perhaps, by the name of Jorus C'baoth….


Luke Skywalker sat in the Alliances' medical freight. Contemplating…. and remembering. It was the night after the happenings on Besbin. Lando and Chewie had left in the Falcon about an hour ago, and Luke had finally convinced Leia to go to her room and get some sleep.

Luke sat next to the big window, holding his legs up to his chest and looking out at the stars. Any other time, he would be mesmerized at the sight. But he couldn't think about that. All he could think about was his confrontation with Vader. Luke looked down at his new artificial hand. Of course, that wasn't what he felt bad about. It was what Vader had told him that made the most pain for Luke. But not physical pain, it was mental pain. Mental pain that was beginning to give Luke a headache!

I am your father.

NO! It couldn't be true! His father had been a jedi, and a good man who cared about others. Not the evil human-turned-machine thing that had stood before him and said those words. Those four words which made confusion and anger run through Luke's body. Luke couldn't hold it back anymore. He buried his head in his knees and cried, letting his emotions run freely. It felt so good to let go of his control, to not have to worry about maintaining his feelings. But something didn't feel right. Luke reached out to the light side of the Force and let it comfort him. After a few minutes, Luke decided that this felt even better. He continued to bask in the light, not thinking about anything in particular.

One day he would come to terms with what he'd been told. But today was not that day. Speaking to the Force, Luke called out.

"Please… I need to understand the Force. I need to learn how to confront my fears."

That was all it took.

At first, there was nothing. But then…. the Force began to swirl around him. It was so bright that Luke covered his eyes and clenched his fists, waiting for the blinding light to go away.

When the Force settled once again, Luke felt something in his hand. He opened his fist to see a small, silver device with some buttons and a screen on it. There were some words on the screen. Luke read them out loud.

"The Teleporting Device," Luke paused. "The what?"

Listening to the Force, Luke pressed one of the buttons, and something previously recorded started up.

"Thank you for choosing The Teleporting Device to use in your travels through different realities. There are many different realities, and in each reality is a universe. There are exactly two billion realities, showing every different way this reality which is called the Home Reality, could have happened. In some realities, you have to look really hard to see the differences. In others, the realities are as different as night and day. This device is capable of taking you to any of those realities at any time. A warning; when using this device, you have to remember that not all realities are in the same time frame that you're in. In some places, the Old Republic may be still intact. You must also remember that this is NOT a time traveling device. Directions on how to use this will be connected to the back of this device. Thank you, and have a nice day." At this point, the recording turned off.

Luke just stared at the device, stunned. He there were other realities? And he could go to them at any time? Were there realities where his father was still around and a good person? Well, whatever! All Luke knew was that he was about to find out!

A.N: Well, should I continue the story? It just came from the top of my mind and I don't know if it's really that good. Review and let me know! I have to know if anyone actually wants me to finish this story.