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Chapter Seven: Finalities

It was just a few minutes before the plan was going to be put into action… just a few minutes. Normally, right before a major mission like this, everyone would be nervous, but no. They were all pumped up and excited. In the one day they had all spent together, all the Lukes and Padmes felt very close. The Padmes were all talking about different political strategies, and certain good and bad aspects about Anakin or Vader. The Lukes were doing lucky handshakes with each other and giving each other pats on the back for good luck. They all couldn't wait.

Vader was standing at the viewport window in his own personal chambers. So far, as far as he knew at least, the rebels still didn't have any idea where Luke was. Why did things have to be so difficult?

Luke insisted that since he had the teleporting device and it was his dimension, that he would be able to have a little fun first before they added the rest of the Lukes and Padmes to the plan.

Using the device, he found a way to rewire it so that it could send him and the others to the corridor right outside Vader's chambers. As soon as this was done, Luke opened the door and quickly slid inside. He couldn't help the devious grin that played across his face, but he wiped it off as quickly as possible and adopted an air of seriousness…

Vader suddenly felt something. It was as if the Force had gotten a whole lot stronger all of a sudden, but not quite that. It was… confusing.

"Well, well, well…"

Vader whirled around when he heard the young voice from across the room. It was Luke!

"Look who woke up on the wrong side of the galaxy this morning." Luke was casually making his way toward him. Vader couldn't believe it. Luke was right there! Right in front of him! How did he get on this ship?

Luke held up his hand. "No Dad, before you say anything, I want to say this…" up until now; Luke had been acting fairly serious. But now he started laughing, almost hysterically. "Man, I'm so glad I'm not you right now!"

Vader regained his composure and said calmly, "Oh? And why not?"

Luke kept laughing. "Because…!"

"Luke!" another, familiar sounding voice said from behind what Vader had assumed was the closed door that led out into the corridor.

The door opened to reveal someone who looked exactly like Luke! His Force presence even felt like Luke!

"That wasn't part of the plan!" the boy who looked like Luke said.

"What?" Vader asked looking back and forth at the two Lukes. "What plan?"

"Hey!" Luke said. "I was improvising! And now you just ruined it!"

Suddenly, the door flew open and Vader saw Padme walk in! "Padme!" Vader said, taking a step back. This was too much for him.

Padme, instead of taking notice of him, went to the two Lukes and insisted that they stop arguing. At that point, through the open door came in a multitude of Lukes and Padmes and they all started arguing.

Vader backed away until he reached the wall. What was going on!? He felt overwhelmed!

Luke noticed that, in spite of the major change in the plan, it seemed to be having the same affect on his father. He rushed towards him and helped him stand, for he could see that Vader was collapsing.

"Are you alright!?" Luke asked in a concerned voice.

Vader/Anakin shrugged, clueless. "I don't know Luke… I … I think I'm going crazy."

Luke grinned. "That's the idea."

Despite the way the plan got way out of control, it turned out to serve the purpose intended. Luke was very happy to finally have his father.

And you all remember the Luke from the other dimension who got disowned by Owen Lars after his little accident? Well Anakin and Padme (the ones that Luke had visited for a few days) were more than happy to take him in. And when they found out that Leia was his twin sister, they took her back to their dimension as well. (Don't worry; the dimension they left behind turned out alright in the end.)

Back in the dimension where this all started, Luke woke up one day to realize that the traveling device had disappeared. From the Force it had come, and now the Force had taken it back, for it had served its purpose.

Luke and Leia get along great with their dad. Vader became Anakin once again. (Of course, you could have guessed that. After all, that's how almost all my fics end! Hehe.) And also, I guess you know that everyone lived (say it with me!) happily ever after! (Audience cheers.)

And now, of course, it is The End.

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