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-Part 1- Dean

Sam's heart was pounding mercilessly in his chest keeping time with his feet running faster and faster against the dirt beneath his feet. Finally a lead in the case, it had been over three days, 75 hours to be exact, since his brother had gone missing…. And he had to find him.

All hope had looked grim until this morning, in the Winchester boys father's journal he finally found a lead on where his brother might be… Finally some strand of hope to cling to in a hopeless situation, that was how Sam saw it.

He had been searching and searching through that damn journal, he had gone to the library of the local town, not of course that he found much help there, other than the fact that this had happened quite often before every six years like clock work since the late 1800's…. six males young fit and healthy… on the sixth day of the sixth month of the sixth year would come up missing…. They would of course be found again on the sixth day…..

But they were never the same, most were found wondering the streets, beaten, blind, and insane mumbling to themselves about the witch of the Pine-Forrest Woods and how she had tortured them with the lights, the lights that were the last thing they saw, not even remembering their own names or their families, only the witch and what she had done to them….. Their minds were vacant and their soul's tortured, and this scared Sam more than anything…

He could not bare to think of the things that Dean must be going through, what that evil stupid bitch might be doing to him, he couldn't think about it, he refused to think about it, the only thing he kept telling himself was that his brother was strong…. His brother was strong and he was going to find this bitch of the woods and burn her before she could take his brother from him…..

So now here it is, 75,…. Nearly 76 hours into a six day time limit and finally the clues of the brown leather journal have come together, Dean was always better at deciphering their fathers code anyway…. But this time it was up to Sam alone and he had finally done it.

Standing outside of the large dark cave of the Pine-Forrest witch, Sam felt his heart sink into his chest who knew what he would find in there, who knew how bad things would be, who knew anything about what was hidden in that darkness…..? He didn't and that was what ran his blood cold. Not of course whatever big bad was hiding in there, Dean and Sam fought big bad's everyday… but more of what he was going to find as far as his brother, his protector…..

He knew that the Witch would be gone until near sunset when she would return to her lair and her victims for a little hocus pocus play time, when those poor innocent people, his brother would become her favorite toys….. But more than likely there was something in there waiting, guarding and ready to kill anything that entered into the stench-filled cave…. So drawing in a deep breath and pointing the gun with the rot iron bullets out in front of him Sam stepped into the darkness.

The smell alone was enough to make anyone hurl…. Or pass out even, but Sam smelled nothing, he concentrated on one thing and one thing only…. Finding his brother…. Saving his brother, and making sure he was safe before killing this bitch and getting the hell out of this town.

His soft foot steps stopped when he heard something approaching from the darkness in front of him, his mind spun with ideas on what it was…. What he was going to have to fend off…. According to the towns people this witch (in legend of course) Was the most powerful and vengeful witch that has ever existed, and that was why she never killed her victim instead she fed off them and set them free, letting their tortured souls suffer for years and years until it was their natural time to die. So there was no telling what she had trained or even maybe concocted to guard her toys. All Sam hoped though was whatever it was silver bullets and a pissed off little brother were going to be enough to do the trick.

Yellow eyes were the first thing he saw as the hair covered beast lunged toward him followed very quickly by a snout, fur covered muzzle and large sharp teeth… A werewolf…. Yes a werewolf which meant he could kill it…. That was of course unless it killed him first… He thought quickly as he felt his back slam against the hard and rocky ground. It took a few seconds to register that he was no longer on his feet as adrenaline rushed through his body his bright blue eyes flying open his hands raising out in front of him the gun clasped between them. Just as the beast was lunging forward to pounce him a loud bang rang through the cold silent darkness of the cave and the fur covered beast fell lifeless on top of the younger Winchester brother.

"I hate dogs." He grunted using all his strength to pull himself out from under it and rising back on to his feet. Taking a few more steps inside he began to call out his brothers name, "DEAN!….. DEAN COME ON I KNOW YOUR IN HERE!" He called out as he pulled a lighter from his pocket and lit it the small orange light flickering to light his way.

"Come on DEAN!" He felt his voice growing shakier with every call out he made and ever response he didn't receive…

"DE-" His breath hitched in his throat as he held the lighter out in front of him to get a better look, there was his brother, along with five others hanging by their wrists against the back wall of the cave…. Deans head was slumped forward his body listless as Sam watched a small trail of blood work it's way down his face from a laceration on his forehead.

"Oh god…. Dean…Dean…. Come on" He felt tears come to his eyes as he made his way toward the still figures stopping at his brothers. Reaching back into his pocket his pulled out a small pocket knife and stood on his tip toes slicing the rope with one hand and bracing his brothers lifeless body with the other.

Slowly lowering himself and his brother to the floor, Sam sat on his knees placing his brothers head in his lap and tapping the side of his cheeks lightly with his palm he tried to remain calm calling for his brother to come back to him. "Dean….. Dean…. Come on brother, it's me, it's Sam, you're safe now…. I'm here….."

Dean's body jerked a little his head shifting as an incoherent mumble fell from his lips, something that Sam could not hardly hear let alone understand…. Followed by a hoarse and pain stricken sob for help.

"I'm here…" He whispered and slowly lifted his brother's head from his lap to rise to his feet before lifting him up careful of his wounds… "We're getting you out of here…." He whispered wondering if his brother was even listening if he could still understand him….

Looking back at the others Sam frowned and then nodded to himself, as soon as he made it outside of this cave and knew that Dean was safe, he would call the local Wichita authorities and tell them where the others were, they would come for them, there was no way he could fit five other people along with them in the Impala and besides that if he did Dean would kill him and hang his head from the rearview mirror if anything happened to the interior..

Making it outside of the cave and nearly back toward the car Sam heard a stir come from his brother's still figure in his arms and decided it was time for a break as sweat fell from his brow and stung his eyes, "there is no way you weight less than 225." he found himself mumbling as he slid down to his knees and leaned his brother against his legs as he took his jacket off and wadded it up before placing it behind his head.

Dean's breaths were hard and shallow, getting faster and faster in pace, this caused a pain of worry to shoot through Sam's body as he placed his hand on his brothers face and the other inside his left palm once more tapping his cheek. "Come on Dean it's alright…. Wakey wakey big brother…. Come on."

With a yelp Dean's eyes flew open and Sam's heart seized beating in his chest "Oh god." he mumbled swallowing the knot that had devoured his airway . His older brothers head tilted up his eyes were white as snow as he blinked rapidly his voice scared… soft and broken….


Clearing his throat Sam nodded as he wiped his face and steadied his quivering chin, "I'm here Dean I'm here….. I've got you now your safe….?"

"No!" Dean's head shook and he fought to move away, This wasn't his brother his brother was dead, she had killed him right there in front of Dean's face, she had suffocated him and forced Dean' to watch, he had seen her do it. "Yo-you're dead….. You're not my brother!"

"Dean!" Sam put a stern hand on his shoulder and forced him back down…. "It's me…."

"You're DEAD!" Dean growled frantically as tears flew from his now vacant and sightless eyes, "I-I saw her kill you, just leave me alone….. Just leave me alone….. You're not my brother…. It's all in my head… all in my head…. Crazy…. She's making me crazy… it's all in my head" He shook his head back and forth trying to shake his brothers voice from it.

Sam had never seen his brother like this before and panic was now creeping up into him as he fought to stay strong and composed in front of the broken man…. "Dean…." He whispered softly and put his face so it was hovering over his brother's taking the trembling man's hands he put them on his face and fought back tears… "It's me…." He whispered…. "I'm not just some voice….. I'm here…."

Dean's face contorted in confusion and pain as he let his fingers slow and unsure wander over a face that seemed oddly familiar, his fingers quivered as they ran along, the long thin cheek bones. Dean swallowed hard and fast as the face formed in his mind reaching his brothers distinctive trademark small mole near his nose and then up to his eyes…

"Sam…?" He finally asked his voice still quiet and questioning….

"I told you…. It's me Dean, I found you, I'm here okay?"

"Oh god….. Sam…. I-I thought you were dead, we-we have to go….. We've got to go, she's going to be back, she's going to be back for me…. And for you….. She told me you we're dead."

"Easy Dean…. Easy…." Sam calmed him as he rose to his feet before lifting his brother to his. And bracing him as they headed back to the car….

Opening the passenger's side door to the Impala Sam slowly lowered dean into the car and slid the seat belt across his chest the older brother leaving his hand firmly and shakily around Sam's wrist…. "You have to let go now….." Sam whispered softly prying Dean's fingers from his flesh. "I have to go around to the other side and get in…. it's alright….."

Sam watched as Dean jerked almost violently at the loud sound of the door closing and watched as his head moved quickly from side to side his eye lids blinking rapidly up and down up and down over and over again struggling to see anything… anything at all… he watched as Dean's chest rose and fell in some sort of panic and decided he better get in there. Jogging around he climbed into the drivers seat and reached over resting his hand on his brothers leg.

"Breathe Dean…." He whispered, "Breathe…." He reached over with his other hand and turned on the tape deck letting Metallica blast through the car speakers in hopes of soothing his brothers frazzled nerves even just a little bit. "I'm going to get you some help…"

"NO!" Dean demanded finding that defiant and stubborn older brother attitude coming back to him as he shook his head,

"Dean We need to get you to a hospital…"

"You know as well as I do there is nothing that they are going to be able to do for me, this is not some medical condition…."

"What did she do to you…?"

"Nothing alright?"


"Sam I said nothing."

"I wish you would let me take you-"


"Okay…. Okay…" Sam whispered studying the look of pain on his brothers face as he revved the engine, he knew he was fighting to be brave, he knew it was all a mask, but he knew that this was who Dean was, that no matter how bad the situation was for him. Sam came before he did and he was never to show fear in front of his baby brother it was his job to protect him no matter what.

"Thank you." Dean whispered as he leaned back into the soft leather of the Impala and cleared his throat, "This will clear it's self up Sammy don't you worry…… Everything will be alright…." He mumbled trying to sound reassuring as his eyelids drooped shut as Sam found that he was now fast asleep.

Calling the authorities he told them of the cave and the other 5 victims saying of course anything except for the truth to get them to go rescue the others, this time he told the officer that he was a local hiker and he stumbled on the cave by accident and decided to go exploring only to find what he found inside, he decided it best not to move the bodies and young men and told them he would send for help.

The police bought it of course, they always did and Sam knew that the others, for now would be out of danger. Glancing over at his brother still fast asleep he decided it best to put a few towns between this witch Bitch and Dean for the time being until he could find away to fix his brother and kill her….

Looking down at his cell phone Sam sighed, he had called his father everyday for the last three days leaving him voice messages to tell him that Dean was missing but he was going to find him so not to worry… But now, now he needed his father, Dean needed his father…..

"Dad….It's Sam, listen I-I uh I found Dean…. We really need you…..I-I don't think I can uh handle this on my own. Something it seriously wrong, we are leaving Wichita I have to get him out of here, were on our way to Great Bend so ummmm, if-if you you could get here I need you dad… Dean needs you….."

With a long and shaky sigh Sam hung up his cell and let his eyes fall on his brother once more…. Dean was by no means having a peaceful rest as Same brought his hand once more to rest on Dean's leg and try to sooth him as he wrestled painfully against his hellish memories in his head…. "Just relax…" He whispered. "I'm going to fix this Dean… I am."

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