-1-Part 7- Revenge Conclusion Part 3

Dean stood in the center of the dinky motel room his arms out reached as he listened carefully to the words his brother was directing at him. Face set in concentration head tilted to the side fingers locked around the wooden handle of the large blade.

"Three O'clock.." Sam called out watching as his brothers feet shifted and the blade swung in the air at somewhere around two fifteen on the virtual clock that most blind people use… "This is going to be harder than we thought." Sam mumbled to himself lunging up from where he sat on the bed to grab his brother as he threatened to fall flat on his face blade still in hand… Feet still in mid pivot.


"It's alright…. I gottcha…" Sam grimaced a little as he noticed the tip of the blade only centimeters from his throat as he steadied his brothers footing moving his head to the side slowly and using his free hand to lower the blade to a less threatening position.

Dean simply growled in frustration as a response, "I cannot wait to get my eyes back dude,…..This,…. Sucks…."

"You're doing fine…"

"Fine for a beginner…. I've been hunting evil, firing pistols and swinging blades for damn near twenty years, I could kill a demon before I knew how to tie my own frickin shoe laces! So why is this so hard for me?"

"You've just got to relax Dean." Sam stepped behind him and placed his hands on top of his older brothers. "Here let me help you."

Dean sighed irritated, but did not refuse the gesture, he knew Sam wanted to help, to feel useful, but he also knew that he needed a pair of eyes to help him through this, and who better than Sam, he trusted Sam with his life, he did really…. But he seriously never thought he was going to have to test that theory until now… "How long we got?"

"Don't worry about that right now…" Placing the blade back into dean's hands, Sam had never been gladder that his brother was the shorter of the two of them, than he was at that moment as his body tended to lean right over deans his shoulders on top arm locked against arm, fingers over lapping each other.

"How much time Sammy!"

"Uh…" Sam looked up at the clock and swallowed a little, knowing that his brother heard it with their bodies being so close to one another right now.

"And no lying…" The older man added as an after thought.

"A little under 6 hours….At the most."

"You mean assuming she's going to wait until the end of her feeding cycle to arrive?"


"Wouldn't it just be easier if shit like that happened man? If the demons would just surrender… or lay down and die, and we didn't have to go through all this mumbo jumbo bull-shit to get rid of them?"

"Mhm…Now quit changing the subject, and pay attention, you've got about a two and a half foot blade in front of you right now…"

Dean closed his lips, usually one to welcome the silence, it seemed like ever since this whole thing had begin, ever since he found his eyes useless and his ears the only connection to the outside world, he hated silence, he hated dead air, because he hated not knowing and being aware of his surroundings at all times.

"Now…" Sam's voice was a concentrated whisper as Dean felt their hands rise and then swipe into the empty air in front of them in a swift motion. "twelve….." And again after a small foot adjustment… "One…" This motion repeated itself another three or four times, the two boys picking up a slow steady rhythm until Dean's small chuckle broke it.

"What is it?" Sam's voice was thick with irritation as he dropped his hands from his brothers, bringing one up to run through his hair…. "What's so funny?"


"No tell me…." He prodded

"It's just that…I feel like we're filming a Star Wars sequel in our living room….. All we need now are a couple of light sabers…. "

Sam managed a small smile at the thought shaking his head before forcing his tone back to serious gripping his brothers hands again… "Alright Han… Let's get back to work then shall we?"

"Sure thing Princess…"


"Sorry…Sorry Chewy…"

Sam groaned loudly purposely in his brothers ear causing him to jump, he made sure his hands were tight enough so that he wouldn't startle and fall, "It's good to know you're feeling better…." He snorted.

"Back to my old self in no time…"

"One." Sam brought their hands up into the air and back down hard as the motions began again silence befalling them aside from the sounds of numbers spilling from Sam's lips as their feet moved in a circle and they appeared to almost be doing some sort of warrior dance… Pivot, rise…swipe…Shift… pivot, rise swipe.

It was nearly two hours later when John returned back to the motel, having gone to pick up some supplies he knew they were going to need. Coming to the door two brown paper bags under his arms John stopped for a minute to listen to the boys inside, they always poured themselves into everything they did… A smile played at his lips as he quietly pushed the door open and saw the two of them there in the center of the room blade raising and then falling Sam studying his brother intensely, almost as though he were watching over him…

Dean listening to the words coming from Sam's mouth as though they were the only sounds he could ear, as though they were the only sounds being spoken right now on the entire face of the planet…. It was now at times like these you could really see that they were brothers, both men wearing identical masks of stubborn determination….

"And down…." Sam slid his hand from Dean's now letting a long sigh fall slowly from his lips as he lead him a few feet to the bed, "Rest…"

"Tired of counting already Sammy boy?"

"You're brother is right…" John cleared his throat using those words to announce his presence back into the room, "You need your rest if you're going to be at full strength tonight,…"

"Where in the world did you go to get this stuff pop? Africa?" Sam asked already digging into the bags just as a young child would the minute their parent returned from the grocery store digging through and looking for a surprise.

"Missouri… And she says to tell you hi by the way…"

"And what else did she say?" Dean asked, he knew there had to be more to her message, especially for him, she loved giving him a hard time…

"That if you ever worry her like this again she's going to smack you with something a lot bigger than a spoon…"

Sam chuckled.

"I'll bet." Dean allowed his body to fall back into the not-so-soft bed placing his hands behind his head and yawning.

"You alright son?"

"Just a little tired, it's been a hell of a week, and I think when this whole thing is over I might just sleep for a damn month…." his words were accompanied by the pops of nearly every bone in his body as he stretched snapping them into place.

"You're telling me." Sam nodded in agreement.

"Are you nodding at me?"

"Uh…. No." Sam cleared his throat again, knowing that if he copped to it, it was going to open a whole new can of lets make fun of Sammy worms.

"You so were to! You were nodding at a blind guy!"

"Yes, I'm a moron …now lets just uh, get back to work alright…."

"Admittance is the first step toward recovery."

Sam shook his head toward his father who glanced up from the book of Latin and Spanish binding spells he was reading to give him a small smirk.

"You're gonna do it on your own now…" Sam placed the blade in his brothers hand and stepped away from him toward where their father was sitting…. "Just keep counting…"

Dean nodded a little letting his fingers run along the handle of the blade gripped there between his fingers, the power and energy of the weapon , the strength radiating from it, as he forced himself to picture his enemy in his mind standing there before him, with her yellow glowing eyes and wrinkly flesh staring at him…. Looking into him…. Through him with a smirk on her crusty old lips.

Sam Tapped his father's shoulder as he watched the blade of the knife swipe up in the air and crash down again swiftly, his faced stone frozen in determination as his jaw was clenched tightly.

John smiled to himself, his son was back… full force, more powerful now than ever. "Good." He nodded, and then sprung to his feet when that one word broke Dean's concentration sending him quickly toward the ground the blade falling to the carpet with a soft thud…

"I got it!" He growled defiantly feeling Sam and his father each gripping one side of his body, "Would you two quit fussing over me like I'm friggin two!"

Detecting the anger and fire in his son's voice John backed off slowly signaling Sam to do the same and fallow his lead, "Just start again."

Dean nodded snatching his arms out of the grasps they were in and rolling his shoulders back to loosen them

"We're going to be here with you, you know we're not going to leave you alone with her…." Sam's words were only mildly comforting, and a high percentage more fear inducing for Dean, he knew this woman's power he knew what5 she was capable of, he had seen it, before she of course had taken his eyes from him…

"Don't look at her…." He warned them both, "Don't look into her eyes, do you hear me?… And if I tell you two I want you both out of here…."

"She'll kill you if we leave you alone with her…"

"No she won't…."

"Dean, your brother is right…"

"Damn-it." Dean exhaled loudly, "Why won't you just listen to me this once…?"

"Because you're ready to sacrifice yourself to this thing without so much as a second thought…"

"Have a little faith here Sammy, would you please? This is not the first Demon I've battled and it sure as hell is not going to be the last…"

"But Dean- Those others… I mean this is a little different."

"No it's not…."

"Yes son…. It is." John injected as he slowly let his foot slide a chair out in front of his blinded son without warning… Nodding toward Sam to keep a close eye.

"No It's-" Dean's words were cut off by another trip down toward the carpet as he felt his brothers hand grasp him and pull him up…

"See, all it takes is one little slip up and she's got you…."

Dean snarled once he was on his own two feet his knuckles white as he gripped the wood of the chair in his grasp before sending it flying across the room and into the far wall with a loud echoing crash.

"Just take it easy…" Sam placed his hand on Dean's shoulder.

"I don't want to take a fucking easy Sam, I want this bitch dead, I want you and Dad to back off, I want to know that your going to be safe during this fight….I want…. I just I want my damn eyes back so that you two will quit acting like I'm some incapable fool who needs to be watched over and protected! IT'S MY JOB TO PROTECT YOU AND NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! I KNOW WHAT SHE IS CAPABLE OF I KNOW WHAT SHE IS GOING TO DO AND NO ONE WILL LISTEN TO A WORD I'M SAYING!"

"We're listening to you Dean…." John's voice was low but held a very warn filled tone as he rose to his feet and put his hand on his sons shoulder heavily watching as Dean bowed his head face still angry, "But you need to accept that right now there are limitations to your abilities and you need a little help… The first thing that comes with being a part of this family son…. The number one rule is that we never, ..NEVER…. Leave one another in danger, We protect each other, no one more than the other…."

"I thought the number one rule is that we do what we do and we shut up about it?" Dean retorted dryly…

"Very funny…." John let his hand fall now, and he could tell by what was written across his son's face that he was unhappy with the events, but he also knew that Dean knew that when his father spoke there was no room for argument…. You obeyed and that was an order….

Picking the book up again John stepped toward the door way holding it on one hand and sprinkling a concoction of Salt, rosemary…crossroad dirt, and a few other odds and end he had gotten from Missouri across the threshold as he spoke.

"Sea ido desde aquí, malo... Usted no está bienvenido en nuestras almas, no sea ido desde aquí, mal pasará más allá de este punto. ... Pueda el eavens nos protege y defiende nuestros cuerpos contra su alcance... sea ido desde aquí, y nunca regreso. ... sea ido de aquí y en el infierno que usted quemará. "

He called out into the silent air his voice rising as though he were speaking to the heavens themselves, and to the gods that resided there…

"Sea ido desde aquí, y nunca regreso…… Sea ido desde aquí, y nunca regreso"

Sam frowned deeply as he watched Dean fall to his knees as if taking some kind of cue from his father's words his hands going to his head as he groaned loudly, so loud that Sam thought the walls were going to shake….

"Dean!" He screamed frantically dropping to his knees beside him and placing a hand on his lower back,

"She's coming….." He panted, "I can feel it, she's almost here…."

"Fight it son." John ordered in the middle of repeating the incantation as his voice rose even louder his speech going faster.

"She's strong…." Dean whispered in his brother's general direction… "She's so friggin strong Sammy…"

"You're stronger." Sam growled looking at the clock… They still had three hours to live through before this ordeal was going to end…… Three hours early he knew she was almost to their doorstep, and from the state of his brother before him, he knew she was at full power and ready for a fight.

Sam's eyes shot up as he was helping his brother to his feet Dean's head still pressed in his palms as he struggled against the pain placed there.

The door blew open sending their father back a good twelve feet and against the bathroom door with a resounding thud.

"Don't look at her Sammy….. Don't look at her eyes…." Dean panted fighting his inner pain and straightening his posture out, he knew that there was no more preparing, that this had to end, and it had to end now. "Mom…" He whispered to himself as the being was now standing in the door way to room the sound of thunder and lightening seeming to fallow behind her like an echo with her every move. "I hope you're here with me."

Obeying his brothers words watching as his father went flying across the room Sam stood faithfully at his brother's eyes taking in the sight of the ugly old woman but carefully avoiding her eyes…. Never looking beyond her lips.

"Check on dad." Dean ordered… Against his own screaming inner child, wanting his brother there.


"Check on Dad Sammy…."

Sam hesitantly let go of his brothers arm and ran to their father's side where he now lay slumped over against the bathroom door kneeling down beside him….

"It's just you and me now bitch…." He growled more forceful than a tiger between gritted teeth, he knew exactly where she was exactly how many feet, he could see her standing there…

"For Now…." He voice, that stupid nail driving…. Pain inducing voice rang through Dean's skull, he didn't even flinch.

"You won't get them." He snapped as he felt her bring herself in closer to him, and cross the threshold in to the room…

Lights… bright flickers filled the air, the minute the end of her black robe finished crossing over, the protection spell having stripped her powers from her body making the fight fairer then it would have been, giving Dean the only source of power in the room,

Although her face fell, she would show no weakness as she cackled loudly, "You think this is going to bind me? You think you can hold me? You think you-"

"Would you just shut the hell up already?" Dean interrupted spatting sarcastically in her direction.

"Dean…" Sam called out his fathers arm now draped over his shoulder as he helped him to the bed,


"You can't kill her yet! Times not up!"

"And the spell won't hold her long enough…." His father added vaguely coherent.

"What time is it?"

"6:03.…" Sam's eyes widened as he watched his brother re-grip the blade beside him on the small table and take a few steps in closing the gap between them…

"Dean!" He called out….

But Dean was not listening as the blade came up quickly and was hoisted above his head, "Say goodnight bitch."

The witches face contorted heavily with fear in her blinding eyes shrinking to her feet in a nearly pleading gesture as the blade connected with her neck sending her lifeless form to the ground er head rolling away….

Dean's body collapsed almost instantly….. The blade falling from his hands….. He lay there still and nearly lifeless as Sam hurried over to him and knelt down his fathers gaze filled with worry as he watched.

"Dean… oh god… Dean….." He felt himself beginning to choke on the lack of air coming into his lungs as he tapped harder and harder against his cheeks helplessly, "Come on Dean."

Dean's mouth opened and a deep cough escaped him as he drew in a breath causing his whole chest to rise then fall his eyes opening slowly, his brothers face coming in quickly to his few…

"Damn good to see you little brother…" He whispered as he slowly sat up and let his eyes fall to the witches lifeless body… "And that too…."

"So- You can see? You're okay?"

"Never Felt Better…."

"How did you!-"

"Six is the magic number remember," Dean rose to his feet picking up the blade, "It had nothing to do with the final 24th hour…. 6 was the magic number…. Typical powerful demonology little brother…." He looked down into the now vacant eyes of the witches head…

"You lose." He then drove the blade down into the bridge of her nose with as much strength as he had inside of him.

There you have it, then end of the story… I hope you found justice in it, and I hope you liked it as much as the rest….. Please let me know all your thoughts on it, and yeah thanks again for all your responses and replies.