Title: Back Early

Author: Kalmiel

Spoilers: Charmed Season 1- I Dream of Phoebe

Disclaimer- I own none of the Witches, Whitelighters, Warlocks, or Demons. They all belong to the late but forever talented Aaron Spelling (1923-2006) and Paramount.

Summary- A/U- What if Chris hadn't gotten the chance to make his wish in "I Dream of Phoebe" and was sent back to the future by Leo? Will Phoebe and Paige be able to convince him of the terrible mistake before it's too late? Without revealing Chris's secret? Also I've changed it so that Piper and Leo have already made love, so Chris can continue to exist.

Author's note: Okay, so I'm not completely sure how many powers Chris has. I know he can orb, obviously, and has telekinesis. But I'm gonna pretend he can freeze, blow stuff up, and has the power of empathy like Phoebe. beams Basically, I'm giving him the mother-load. What can I say, he was my favorite character sighs So cute! Anyway, back to the story.

P.S. This starts out at the beginning of "I Dream of Phoebe"

Leo stared hard at the twenty-two-year-old. "Well, you won't have to. Chris is coming back up there with me. The Elders have agreed to send him back to his time."

Chris swallowed; feeling a unmitigated emotion that felt quite like horror hit his stomach.

"What?" he finally managed to ask.

Much to his mixed astonishment and appreciation, Phoebe spoke up quickly, and Chris could have swore that there was the slightest hint of panic in her voice. "You don't know what you're doing here, Leo."

Chris kept his face emotionless; yet on the inside, he felt his heart warming slightly at the small show of support from his aunt.

As his father, although Leo didn't know that of course, tried his hardest to send him away.

"You don't belong here," Leo said, looking coolly at Chris, before turning a much warmer gaze at Phoebe. "And as your Whitelighter, he's doing more harm than good."

The Whitelighter in question nearly exploded. "You are so full of it! This isn't about me being a bad Whitelighter, it's about you feeling like I've let you down somehow. So whatever issues-"

Whatever else Chris was going to say was abruptly cut off as Leo roughly grabbed his arm.

And orbed him out before he could even open his mouth to protest.

"Oh… oh no, this is bad… very bad." Phoebe said, her dark eyes closing in pain.

Leo had just sent Chris… his son to the future. A future where apparently it was extremely dangerous. Not to mention the little fact that if he and Piper didn't have sex within the next few weeks, Chris would cease to exist.

In this time or the future.

"What's very bad?"

Startled, Phoebe jumped; feeling more and more ridiculous every second in the stupid genie costume.

"Oh… hey there Paige… I um, didn't hear you come in."

"Just orbed in a few seconds ago," Paige raised a dark eyebrow. "But that doesn't answer my question of why you were muttering to yourself."

Phoebe swallowed. "Leo got his wish… uh, that was a bad pun. He got the Elders to send Chris back to his own time."

"And why exactly is this such a terrible thing? He hasn't exactly been trustworthy, you know. What if-"

"Because Chris is Piper and Leo's son, that's why!" Phoebe clapped her hand over her mouth. Oh my god, why does the secrets I'm supposed to be keeping always slip right through my teeth?

Paige blinked at her owlishly for several long moments before speaking.

"Chris… our Whitelighter Chris? He's Leo and Piper's son?"

"Uhh, yeah. But neither Piper nor Leo know about it, and Leo's pissed about everything Chris had done… the lies and stuff. So he petitioned to the Elders to get him sent back to the future, and got his way."

Paige had been nodding calmly all the way through Phoebe's rather rambling explanation. Now her dark eyes began to sparkle rather dangerously in a way that made Phoebe want to back away.

"And you've known this for how long, exactly?" Paige wasn't quite yelling, but she was coming very close. Phoebe winced.

"Uh… just a little while. Since the headless horsemen incident at the Magic School. You know, when I was with the Shaman…? Yeah, anyway, in my vision, I saw Wyatt older… playing a video game, then Piper came in and told him to let his little brother play. The younger boy started talking… and then our Chris's voice was telling me to wake up from my vision. So I thought…" she shrugged helplessly. "I cornered him after everything was over, told him not to lie to me, and asked him straight out… if he was Wyatt's little brother."

Paige raised an eyebrow. "And what did he say?"

Phoebe closed her eyes, remembering Chris's words and the haunted look in his eyes.

"He said yes he was… but only if he got Piper and Leo back in time."

Paige looked at her older sister curiously. "What?"

"It was just… his expression, his eyes. Whatever is happening in the future, it must be terrible."

The half Whitelighter-Witch nodded slowly. "Well then… we'll just have to find a way to get him back, won't we?"

Without letting Leo or Piper know who he really is.

Leo had returned him through the portal without so much as a goodbye.

In fact, Chris thought as he glimpsed his father's face before everything dissolved, I'm pretty sure that I saw a load of satisfaction in his eyes.

As the portal closed, Chris tumbled roughly onto hard cracked pavement, bruising him, and opening up cuts as he rolled.

When he finally came to a stop; he laid briefly on his back, staring at the permanently overcast sky.

Oh well… at least I didn't land in the attic with big brother Wyatt and a host of his demons as a greeting party.

He glanced around; hoping against all hope that his abrupt arrival hadn't attracted any unwanted attention.

It was familiar; although basically the whole of San Francisco was to him, having been born and raised here.

It was the Fillmore District, north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Before Wyatt's reign of terror had started; it had been a beautiful place, centered mainly around music, like the previously well-known Fillmore Auditorium.

There had also been a bunch of very cool nightclubs, too.

The Fillmore Auditorium was no longer standing; it had been burned to the ground during a demon attack… that Wyatt had sanctioned… in which everyone inside; roughly 230 people, had died.

But that was just the beginning of the horrors Wyatt had perpetrated.

Suddenly a presence brushed the edge of Chris's mind.

Someone was watching him.

He glanced around; vainly searching through the fog for whoever…

The presence grew stronger, and he smiled abruptly, as he recognized-

A arm lashed out and caught him around his throat, and flipped him on his back.

He automatically used his telekinesis to keep his attacker at arm's length. "Alana! Alana, it's me. It's Chris!
There was a long pause; then a soft, female voice asked "Chris? It-it can't…"

Chris released his telekinetic hold.

A form stepped towards him out of the murky fog.

A small, slender, female form.

Alana Cassidy swallowed hard. "It is you. I can't believe it. We never thought you were coming back."

Chris smiled. "Well, believe it. Here I am."

It was easy to smile at Alana Cassidy. She was heart-stoppingly beautiful, with the looks of a high-fashion model. Her face was a perfect oval, light olive skin tone that revealed her Italian heritage. Incredibly high-cheekbones, round, almond-shaped dark-brown eyes. A straight nose without a single fault, and amazingly full lips. All surrounded by long black hair that fell the middle of her back.

She was small, only 5'2" and weighed a mere 105 lbs soaking wet. But she could kick ass just as well as any man he'd ever met.

She was also a witch.

She rushed into his arms. "When Wyatt…" she swallowed hard. "Wyatt turned Bianca and sent her after you, I was sure that you were going to end up dead."

Bianca Hayes had been his fiancée. Together, they had formed the plan to send him to the future to protect Wyatt from whatever evil would corrupt him.

But Bianca had been descended from a coven of assassin witches called the Phoenix, although she had supposedly reformed, and turned away from that part of her heritage.

Chris swallowed hard at the sudden painful memory of him, Wyatt, and Bianca up in the attic. Wyatt strangling him; killing him… but Bianca had taken hold of him so he could retrieve the spell that would revive his powers from beneath the floorboard.

Then Wyatt had shoved Bianca backwards and in which she was viciously impaled through the chest on a ragged wooden spike.

"Well, uh…" he swallowed hard against the lump in his throat. "Bianca won't be a problem anymore. She's dead."

Alana was about to make a smart-ass remark about it being a good thing, but stopped abruptly when she saw the torment on Chris's face.

"You still loved her? Even though she went to Wyatt's side?"

"She thought it was the only way to bring me back alive… that the other bounty hunters big brother was sending just wanted me dead. And in the end… she held Wyatt off from killing me… even thought it got her killed."

Alana was silent for a long moment, her exquisite face solemn. "I'm so sorry. I guess she turned out all right in the end after all."

Chris blinked back the sudden burning of tears in his blue eyes. "Yeah, I'm sorry too."

"Leo!" Phoebe bellowed. "Piper! Come on guys, I need you here!"

After a few seconds, Leo orbed in; Piper in tow.

"What! What's wrong?"

"Leo, you made a terrible mistake and…" Phoebe trailed off, obviously at a loss for words as she stared; dumbstruck, at her older sister and brother-in-law.

Whom were only half-clothed. Leo was wearing a pair of jeans, while Piper was standing in a long man's button up shirt (which was only half-way buttoned) that obviously belonged to Leo.

Their faces were flushed and their hair was mussed.

Phoebe raised an eyebrow delicately in question, which made Piper blush furiously.

But she had more pressing matters at hand.

Like Chris.

Phoebe grasped Leo's arm. "Leo, you made a terrible mistake sending Chris back. We need to bring him back!"

The couple stared at her as if she had spoken Pig Latin.

"Have you forgotten what Chris has done?" Leo asked incredulously.

"No. But I think… no, I know he was just doing it to protect Wyatt."

"And how exactly do you know this?" Piper queried.

"I'm an empath, remember. Besides," Phoebe hesitated. "I just know. I'm your sister… can't you trust me?"

Piper and Leo exchanged a look, then finally sighed simultaneously. "Fine. We'll go back and get him, all right?"

Phoebe smiled. "I knew you'd do the right thing. I'll go call Paige."

But as she headed for the phone; I hope he's still alive when you get there, kept repeating nastily in her head.

"Of course he will." she muttered to herself as she dialed Paige's cell phone number.

Of course he will…

She kept repeating it in her head; a mantra of hope.

She just hoped it wouldn't turn out to be a false hope.

A/N... To be continued... if you guys like it.