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Piper stared at where they had been standing… her boys.

Something that felt very much like despair flooded her body, and she felt like giving in to tears.

With a wrenching effort, she turned her attention to the three other people, looking sickened and shell-shocked.

"Wyatt really won't," Piper choked on the next word. "Kill Chris, will he? I mean, he's his brother."

The girl… Alana, Piper suddenly remembered from the wanted poster, looked up, her dark eyes seeming even larger from the tears that glimmered in them. Fierce emotion glittered in them as well, pain, rage… and unspeakable sorrow.

"That doesn't mean anything to Wyatt… Family doesn't mean anything to him. You… all of you," she looked at the sisters and Leo. "Your future selves… are dead. Murdered by Wyatt. I'd show you where you were buried, but unfortunately, most of the cemetery was destroyed during a demon attack a few years ago."

Their faces paled. "What?" Paige managed to choke out.

"Alana!" Max hissed. "Shut up! Future consequences, remember!"

She rolled her eyes. "I kind of think that if they're here… the future can't get screwed up anymore than it already is," she turned back to Leo and the sisters. "Yeah, Wyatt kills all of you… Chris was the only survivor, although just barely. It happened on his fourteenth birthday."

Piper looked devastated. "Oh my god. What… happened to him? To Wyatt? Why is he doing this?"

Alana swallowed hard, her dark eyes closed tightly. "We don't know!" she exclaimed, exasperated. "That's the whole reason Chris went back! To find out what happened. Because whatever turned Wyatt, it happens right before Chris is born. Right after Wyatt's second birthday."

The Charmed Ones exchanged somewhat guilt-filled glances.

No wonder Chris had been sending them on demon hunt after demon hunt. Why he worked so damn hard, especially lately. He had very little time to work with, and the deadline was drawing closer and closer with each passing day.

And what have we been doing? Bitching and complaining the whole way, Piper thought, regret and shame washing over her, a suffocating, overwhelming presence that nearly brought her to her knees.

Alana looked at them hard. Even though she felt nearly overwhelming sympathy for them; she couldn't allow the emotion to cloud her judgment, as she had work to do.

"Hey Leo." she said sharply.

The Elder looked up, startled.

"Since we're short on Whitelighters at the moment, I need to heal rest of our group. We need to get out of here quickly, and we can't move the injured."

Paige's brow wrinkled. "But I thought Wyatt and Chris made a deal… won't you be safe?"

Alana gave a humorless laugh. Obviously none of them were understanding how treacherous or dangerous Wyatt was. "Wyatt doesn't keep deals… he only breaks them. I figure we have about fifteen, twenty minutes at the most before he has a spare moment and sends demons back here," her dark eyes locked with Leo's blue ones. "Shall we?"

But the surprises for the hour weren't over as a familiar figure shimmered in.

Immediately, the Charmed Ones and Leo went into offensive positions as soon as they caught a glimpse of the newcomer.

"What in the hell are you doing here!" Phoebe felt her blood start to race, pulsing furiously through her veins.

Could she not get away from him, even twenty-odd years in the future?

She levitated and tried to deliver a kick at Cole Turner's midsection… but to her surprise, Alana stepped in front of her, giving her a hard look.

"No," she said, shaking her head. "Cole's a important member of the Resistance."

Cole, meanwhile, not looking a day older than the last time Phoebe had seen him, was looking around, blue eyes wide with something akin to sick horror.

"What in the hell is going on? It's a fucking massacre out there…" he swallowed hard. "Keiko's-"

Alana looked at him abruptly, dark eyes full of a mixture of fear and certainty. "What about Keiko?"

"She's dead… looks like she got hit," Cole swallowed hard. "Hit in the throat with a fireball."

Alana sucked in a harsh breath, eyes closing briefly, trying to block out the horror.

"Any other casualties?" she finally managed to ask, her voice rough with unshed tears.

Cole nodded reluctantly. "A few… now what is going on? How…" he gestured to the sisters and Leo. "Is this possible?"

"They're from the past. Leo here sent Chris back, realized what a idiotic mistake he had made, and came back to fetch him." Alana replied.

Cole whirled on them, his bright blue eyes furious. "You sent your own son back to a future where you knew he was being hunted non-stop?"

Piper swallowed painfully. "We didn't know… that Chris was our son until-until we got here."

Cole, who up until now, had been pacing fiercely back and forth and resembling a wild animal caught in a cage… froze abruptly in his tracks, his eyes wide with stupefied disbelief.

"You didn't-didn't know that he was your son? He looks like you! He has your coloring, Piper, except he has Leo's eye-color, he has Leo's father's name!"

Phoebe raised an eyebrow at her ex-husband. "Why exactly are you so vested in Chris's wellbeing?"

Cole fell silent at that question, his mouth set at extra unhappy, lips so tightly pressed together they were nothing but a thin, white line.

It was Alana that answered. "Because he raised Chris since he was fourteen… since your deaths."

The time-travelers gaped at this.

Piper in particular felt pained. A powerful half-demon had raised her son…?

But then she thought about it for a second… look at Chris… he was the leader of a Resistance trying to make the world a better and safer place in the future. And he had came back to the past, and put up with their scorn, verbal abuse, and sometimes even hatred… all to save his brother.

"So… you raised my son," Piper blinked back tears that once again were trying to well to the surface. "You… obviously did a great job. Thank you, Cole."

Cole's head shot up, obviously surprised by the lack of sarcasm in the statement, and appeared pained at the tears in Piper's eyes.

He slowly shook his head. "No, Piper. You had basically raised him. I just took him in afterwards… made sure he was… safe."

"From Wyatt." it wasn't a question, merely a statement.

A nod. "Yes," a faint smile broke over his face. "Although he didn't really need my protection… he's powerful… more powerful than he believes himself to be."

Much to Chris's surprise, Wyatt brought them to the attic manor.

Obviously, he isn't expecting any resistance from my group… or from Mom, Aunt Phoebe, Aunt Paige, and Leo. Because this is the first place they'll look…

Wyatt dropped him unceremoniously and rather roughly onto the hardwood floor.

Chris, feeling suddenly bold, glared up at him. "What are you waiting for? Aren't you going to kill me? Just like you did Mom, Aunt Phoebe, Aunt Paige, Leo," Chris swallowed hard. "And Mellie?"

Wyatt looked amused. "Out of all of them, you're still the most angry about Mom and Melinda."

Chris felt his ire rising incredibly hot. "She was our mother, for God's sakes! Mel was our baby sister. She was thirteen years old… a child!"

"Yes… actually Melinda's death was an accident. Yes, everyone else was intended to die… except for you and her."

At this statement, Chris felt actual surprise. Even though he knew that Wyatt lied as easily as he breathed… but he was still his big brother, and he knew how to read him.

And he was telling the truth about Melinda…

"What do you mean?" Chris asked, feeling slightly confused.

Wyatt rolled his his eyes, leaning against the wall, his posture appearing to be casual… but Chris wasn't fooled for a minute.

If he made one wrong move, his brother would kill him.

So he remained motionless, but continued to talk… he had to know what Wyatt meant by the fact that he had wanted both Chris and Melinda to survive the attack.

He had a sneaking suspicion about it, but wanted it confirmed by Wyatt's own mouth.

He watched as his brother shake his head with mock sadness. "Chris, Chris, Chris… you're very slow sometimes little brother."

Chris closed his eyes. "I think I do know… I just don't want to believe that you murdered our aunts… our parents goddamnit, just because you wanted to become the the new Charmed Ones."

Wyatt's mouth curled up into his familiar cold smile. "Score one for little brother."

While leaning against the wall; Wyatt eyed his younger brother curiously.

For all of his derisive talk about Chris… in actuality, he thought rather highly of the boy's abilities.

In fact, if Chris truly wanted to, he probably could kill Wyatt… could've killed him during anytime during these past eight years.

But he possessed things that Wyatt no longer had… a conscience, morality, a heart… and that pesky hope of his.

Chris clung to that… the hope that he could somehow change his older brother, bring him back to 'good'.

Wyatt chuckled softly to himself.

If that was the case then… he hadn't been 'good' before he could remember.

Chris had to fight back a chill as his older brother laughed softly.

It wasn't genuine laughter. It was the cold, high, hard laughter of a psychopath… no humor in it at all.

He swallowed hard. "Something funny?"

Wyatt favored him with glance that was almost brotherly… if you belonged to the Manson family, perhaps.

"I was just remembering our last encounter," Wyatt chuckled again. "I didn't go back to betray you, Wyatt. I went back to save you."

Mimicking Chris's voice, he went on. "From whatever evil it was that turned you."

Chris raised an eyebrow. "You finished mocking me, yet?"

"I think so. Has your perspective changed lately? Or are you still in your good-versus-evil phase?"

Chris didn't reply.

"Yes… that's what I thought," just as quickly as it had began, all semi-friendly banter ceased, and Wyatt pinned him with a icy soul-sucking gaze.

"So I have a proposition for you instead… as I said earlier, Melinda wasn't meant to die. I intended for us to become the new Power of Three… a stronger Power of Three, invincible. But as you know," Wyatt sighed theatrically. "Unfortunately, she got in the way, both of you-"

Chris felt his rage, always simmering, explode. "Of course we got in the fucking way! We were trying to save Mom, trying to save our family!"

Cruel amusement flickered across Wyatt's face. "Well… it was a futile mission, and look where it got you. Melinda was hit in the throat with a energy ball… killed instantly, and you got stabbed in the chest with a athamé and nearly bled to death," he began to clap his hands loudly and mockingly. "Congratulations on your success."

Chris clenched his hand so tightly together that it hurt… to resist the temptation to use a burst of telekinesis to send his brother flying into the wall.

At the sight of the tightly clenched fists, and the angry sparkle in Chris's eyes, Wyatt knew he had hit a nerve…

And he delighted in it, revealing in his younger brother's pain.

Allowing himself a grin, he continued. "Anyway, about my proposition, yes, because of Melinda's… untimely demise, my plans were halted. So no new Charmed One's."

He paused slightly, then continued.

"Then I had an epiphany. I'm the most powerful magical being in the world-"

"God, if you were any more conceited, your head would explode." Chris muttered quietly.

Wyatt paused in his lecture, raised his hand, and closed it slowly.

Chris felt his air cut off as his brother used his telekinesis to close off his windpipe… and despite the lack of oxygen, felt a mad urge to giggle. Getting a serious case of Dé jà vu here… oh wait, this had happened before.

But Wyatt released his hold after a moment, merely leaving him gasping for air and throat that he suspected was ringed with bruises.

Wyatt pushed himself off the wall. "As I was saying before you so rudely interrupted me… I am the most powerful magical being in the world, and you Chris, are the second."

The elder Halliwell brother held up a hand as Chris opened his mouth to protest. "Don't argue… you know you are, it just frightens you because of good and evil hang-up. You don't want to become like me… even though it would be so easy."

Chris said nothing, as his brother hit squarely upon the very fear that haunted him day and night.

"Anyway, that's when I realized… we don't need to become the new Charmed Ones to rule," a smirk. "As I've proven… Melinda was weak anyway, no real asset-"

"No she wasn't! She had-"

"Telekinesis… as do both of us. Leo was… mortal when she was conceived, making her virtually useless. The only reason I needed her was to reconstitute the Power of Three."

"But as I said, you are the second-most powerful witch in the world, thanks to to the fact that Leo was an Elder when you were conceived."

"As he was a mere Whitelighter with you-" Chris interjected, a smile on his face and unable to keep his mouth shut as usual.

Now it was this time for Chris to enjoy the look of pure white-hot rage in his older brother's eyes.

Chris, why do you keep opening your loud mouth? You're simply digging your own grave, you know, a little voice inside his head spoke up insistently, You know that he isn't going to let you get away with that comeback without retribution."

Seconds later, he was proved right when he felt a burst of telekinesis grip his left leg… and squeeze.

Chris arched his back in pain, agony flaring over him like acid… until he heard a disturbing crack and the leg broke like a brittle twig being snapped.

He squeezed his eyes tightly closed, trying in vein to ride out the pain… but it was useless. It was a continual, non-ending wave of it.

But he wouldn't give Wyatt the satisfaction of hearing him scream or make any noise at all… as he knew that was what his brother wanted.

Feeling a strange damp warmth on the leg, he glanced down… and saw a jagged piece of bone protruding from the flesh. The warmth was his blood, soaking his jeans.

And from the look in Wyatt's cold blue eyes promised that he was just getting started.

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