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It was a cold, so cold that he could see his own breath in the frosty air. He looked around his surrounding but only saw darkness. He started to run. Trying to get out of the sea of darkness until he saw someone standing by himself. The boy in front of him looked so lonely yet he couldn't see his face in the darkness. He moved his hand to touch the boy but the boy moved away and stared at him with his blue eyes of his. He couldn't look away from them no matter how hard he tried he just stared back into those eyes. The boy in front of him started to move closer to him now, they were almost touching now. He was about to move in were he could see his face but just then. He herd his alarm go off.

Naruto woke up in his bed coved in sweat. He looked around his room as he started to wake up from his deep sleep.

"It was that dream again". Naruto sighed glaring at his alarm clock. Naruto had been having this dream lately and each time he had it. He got closer and closer in finding out who that boy was.

"He was about to show me his face too". Naruto sighed again getting up from his bed and getting dressed for school.

He then headed out of his apartment walking to his school. He herd that there was a new student joining today. He wondered who it could be.

He was a bit early for school but he didn't care there was a test he had to take anyway. So he decided to go in early. He walked in to his school not really paying attention to were he was going and bumped into someone knocking all of there books on the ground.

"Oh sorry". Naruto said picking up some of the books that were on the ground.

"It's ok. You don't have to do that. I got it". He told him in a deadly voice.

"Umm, ok". Naruto said placing the books back down and backing away giving him space to pick up his books. Naruto looked at him. This boy had red hair and looked like he used a lot of eye liner on his eyes. Naruto didn't look him in the eyes. He just sighed and walked away. He walked in the class room there was a boy that Naruto didn't really know that much of but he knew his name was Sora. He was reading a book. He had brown spiky hair with blue eyes. Wearing the boy's school uniform.

He was studying too. Naruto walked over to him.

"Umm. Hey if you don't mind. Can I study with you"? Naruto asked him.

Sora looked up from his note at him.

"Umm sure. That fine with me". He replied.

"Thanks". Naruto said pulling a chair over.

"Oh my name is Sora hearts". He told him.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Naruto Uzumaki". Naruto told him with a grin.

"Nice to meet you Naruto". Sora said handing him a piece of paper.

Both of then started to study till a tall boy with shoulder length white hair came in.

He looked over at them with his crystal blue eyes of his.

"Oh great it's Riku". Sora frowned.

"Huh. Oh that guy over there is Riku"? Naruto asked. He knew of Riku he was very popular. Naruto hated kids like him. They think there all that and can get whatever they want.

"Yeah that's him". Sora sighed.

"I herd his a Rich snob". Naruto muttered looking over his notes.

Riku walked over to them not taking his eyes off Sora.

"Well what do we have here"? Riku asked with a smile. Not paying attention to Naruto. He kept his eyes only on Sora.

"What do you want Riku". Sora asked with a frown.

"What do I want"? Riku replied with an innocent smile on his face.

"Yeah what do you want"? Sora asked again.

Riku leaned close to Sora face and whispered.

"What I want is you". He said in a seductive way.

Sora moved away from his face fast and fell off his chair

Naruto didn't hear anything he just glared daggers at Riku.

Riku had a satisfied look on his face and walked away from them.

"Pervert". Sora said in a low voice. Everyone started to come in now.

Naruto fixed his chair and moved back to the desk next to Sora.

Just then the bell rang and the teacher walked in. he was one of the toughest teachers in the school with his long black hair tied in a pony tail dressed in his black suit. Itachi Uchiha scared Naruto a bit.

"Ok class. We have a new student today". Itachi told the class in a deadly voice glaring at them. The boy that Naruto bumped into walked in.

"Everyone this is Gaara Dessert. He will be in this class for now on". Itachi told them. Motive Gaara to take a set. Gaara walked over to an empty desk near the window.

Naruto couldn't help but stare at him. Gaara looked back at him and Naruto quickly looked away.

"Now I know we had a test today but since we have a new student we shall have it tomorrow". Itachi told them calmly.

"All right this must be my lucky day". Naruto cheered.

"But instead we will have four people in a group to do a project and one of the lucky groups will have five in there since this class has an odd number". Itachi told them.

"What project"? Naruto frowned stinking in his set.

"Yes. I'll pick the teams out". Itachi told them reading off a list.

Naruto gulped looking a bit nervure.

"Please don't let it be Sasuke. Please don't let it be Sasuke". Naruto said in his mind.

"Ok. Naruto, Sora, Riku and Gaara you four will be together for this project". Itachi told them calmly still reading down the list.

"Yes"! Naruto shouted putting his hand up in the air. Naruto didn't like Sasuke. First off he was Itachi younger brother and he was a rich snob who thinks he could get whatever he wants and he was a big pervert that all was arrested Naruto.

One time in the boy's locker room. He pined him to the wall and almost made him kiss him but thank god Kiba came because he forgot something just in time Sasuke let him go and Naruto ran away from him.

Itachi was done reading off the list.

"Oh I almost forgot we have an odd class so Sasuke we be joining Naruto, Gaara, Riku and Sora for the project". Itachi said calmly putting away the list.

"Noo"! Naruto screamed and stink down low into his set.

"Naruto Uzumaki be quit or I'll make you stay after with me". Itachi told him in a deadly voice glaring at him. Naruto gulped he remembered when he had to stay after with Itachi it was like hell. Itachi made him Wright four one hundred word essays.

"S...Sorry". Naruto muttered.

Sora looked down at his desk obsessively not happy who he got stuck with. Riku had a pleased face on. Gaara just looked out the window not caring at all.

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