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Chapter 22

Sasuke was in his room thinking things over carefully. he just got a note from Sephiroth and was told to make thing harder for the group that was looking for it. He let out a sigh as he placed it in his pocket as he looked out his window in the dim lit room he was in.

"Jeez, Sasuke its, so damn dark in here, turn some lights on". Suigetsu frowned turning on a light in the room. he was shirtless just wearing a pair of old looking pants. It was a nice size room, made for two. With one large king sized bed, with a nice little table to eat on a few chairs and pillows around the room and the floor was a deep red color. Which Suigetsu liked a lot reminded him of blood. He walked up to Sasuke and put his arms around him.

"So. Sasuke what are you going to do with that note"? Suigetsu asked showing his creepy sharp teeth as he smiled. Sasuke let out a sigh and took his arms away from him not answering his question.

"Listen don't get the wrong idea Suigetsu. The only reason, why you're here is because, I only needed some company that's all". Sasuke told him turning to him and giving him a deadly look.

"Right then… how come. you made love to me almost every night"? Suigetsu asked in a seductive tone as he looked at him.

"That because, You're an idiot and since there no else around. I needed someone to comfort me". Sasuke told him emotionlessly as he walked away and sat on the bed.

"I think your lying Sasuke, you wouldn't have done that if you didn't have feelings for me". Suigetsu smirked turning to him and walking up to him. Sasuke glared at him as he shafted his eyes to the side. Suigetsu knew he hit the mark right on. He was just holding in all his feeling like he was afraid to tell anyone. keeping them all locked up inside.

"Just shut up, Suigetsu". Sasuke muttered out as he looked down holding his head a bit.

"I know that's the truth, you don't have to hide it". Suigetsu told him coming down, so he was face to face with him now. Sasuke turned away but Suigetsu pulled his face. so he was looking at him.

"Maybe your right. I do like you. Now, I want you to suck me or I'll have to kill you". Sasuke demanded as he looked at Suigetsu.

"Is that a nice way to ask? I don't think so. I think just for that, we'll play first". Suigetsu smirked showing his sharp teeth again, as he pushed Sasuke onto the bed and, Started to rip his cloths off of him. Sasuke glared at him a bit but didn't stop him. This was new to him that he was not the one in control. He kind of liked this new feeling that kept on growing inside him as, he felt Suigetsu started to remove his pants and boxers off. Suigetsu then quickly took off his own pants and boxers as, he moved on top of him. then tackled him. He then nipped and kissed his neck over and over again. As a reward Suigetsu received Sasuke's moans of appreciation. Suigetsu licked the back of his ear and sucked on his earlobe and he moaned. Suigetsu hands traveled up and down his perfect chest. He then stopped sucking then began running his tongue up and down his chest. Sasuke arched into Suigetsu causing his cock to brush his and Suigetsu let out a moan.

All of a sudden Sasuke rolled him over, so Suigetsu was on bottom. Suigetsu tried to get back on top but he pinned his hips down with his knees while straddling Suigetsu. Sasuke was back in control.

"Damn it Sasuke," Suigetsu complained looking at him.

Sasuke smirked then targeted in on Suigetsu nipple. Suigetsu felt his tongue swirl around the hard pebble and Suigetsu arched into him trying to get more. Suigetsu placed his hands in his hair and gripped onto it. Incoherent noises left Suigetsu mouth but he didn't care. It felt so good to him. Sasuke switched and gave Suigetsu other nipple the same attention. Suigetsu was vaguely aware of something hard against his butt. Without warning, Sasuke shoved himself inside Suigetsu. Before Suigetsu could let out a scream, Suigetsu felt Sasuke's lips on his and only a muffled sound came out. Tears stung his eyes and Suigetsu could feel them flow down. It hurt so much to him. There was something warm that was sliding down Suigetsu legs. Sasuke pulled away then kissed his eyelids and tears away.

"You should just relax". Sasuke whispered to him.

Suigetsu did as he was told and tried to relax himself, so his body could get used to his size.

"fine". he said.

Sasuke pulled out and slammed back into Suigetsu . Suigetsu moaned as he hit his sweet spot.

"Sasuke…right there. Faster ," he moaned.

"You're, so tight," he told Suigetsu .

Suigetsu wrapped his legs around him allowing him better access. Sasuke pounded away at him endlessly and it felt good to him. Suigetsu felt even more pleasure when he grabbed his member and pumped him while he made love to him.

There was heat, there was sweat, there was the sound of there bodies moving together and it was hot. Suigetsu wanted it to last forever but he felt that explosion coming. When it did he screamed Sasuke's name as he cummed into his hand.

His body clenched around his cock and he let out a moan and groaned Suigetsu name as he came inside Suigetsu. Sasuke collapsed on top of Suigetsu and they were both panting hard. He pulled out of Suigetsu as both men rolled to the side and past out.


"Jeez were the hell are they. This part of the hot springs is, so fucking huge that, we can get lost in here if were not careful". Naruto frowned as he looked around still holding Gaara's hand. Riku looked and sighed to the side. They had entered a [part of the resort where there was a fork in the road. There was a west, west, North, South and a door were you can go upstairs into a different level on the resort.

"Hey, Riku do you know were his room is"? Kiba asked him looking at him.

"Not really, all I know the whole half of this resort is him until, we leave. He could be anywhere with his lover". Riku sighed as he went into a door but it was empty.

"Maybe we should spilt up, we'll cover more ground that way". Naruto told them not letting go of Gaara's hand.

"Well go in pairs but one is going to be by himself. Which, I would gladly be that person". Riku told them with a smirk on his face as everyone nodded in agreement.

"Ok we already know who were going with so let go". Naruto told them as everyone spilt up.

"What a pain". Axel frowned as he took Roxas's hand and walked east side, as Kiba, and, Shino went down the west side. Leon, and, Sai went down the North, and Naruto, and, Gaara went down the South, and, Riku went into the door that led to different levels.

"Damn this place is huge. I hope we can find them before time runs out". Naruto frowned as he looked at Gaara.

"I'm sure we'll find them. We just need to keep our grad up". Gaara told him as he put his arm around Naruto keeping him close to him.

Riku was on the next floor looking into the room. when he herd talking in one room. He knocked on the door hard and herd the talking stop and with out warning he got pulled into the room by a strong pair of arms.

"What the hell let me go". Riku shouted as he backed up in the room but as soon as he was in the room the door closed in be hide him. He looked back and then looked ahead at two figures standing next to each other staring at him.

Sai and Leon walked right into the hot springs. They saw that no one was in them as they looked around,

"No one is here maybe there somewhere else". Sai looked to the side then bent down as he saw something shining on the ground. Sai examining it was a small, what looked like glass ball in his hand with black in the middle of it that made it look like a eyeball. He picked it up and put it in his pocket as Leon grouped him a bit, he looked at Leon with a smile on his face as he turned to him.

"What were you looking at"? Leon asked looking at Sai.

"I just found something cool. Maybe I'll show it too you later". Sai told him as he pressed his lips to him. Leon couldn't help but return the kiss but Sai stopped, when he noticed something odd in the corner of his eye. Sai looked at it and walked up to another shiny thing but this time it was light blue color as, he picked it up.

"What is that"? Leon asked taken the blue orb like thing out of his hand.

"I don't know but maybe, we should show it to the rest". Sai told him crossing his arms as he looked at it.

"Yeah. I'll hold on to it". Leon told him as he put it into his pocket as they walked off out of the hot spring area.

Roxas and Axel were in the game room they saw nothing out or the normal in there just some odd looking kids playing Video games that looked too old to be playing. one had pink hair with a rose in his hand wearing a shirt with a skull on it with a pair of jeans on with chains on the side, one next to him was the only girl there other then the dark hair girl, who was sitting a bit away form the guys, she had her hair gelled back which made he look like a dude a bit staying close to the pink haired guy, as the was a really depressing looking guy with lightish blue hair with a bit of gray in it reading a really big book. the one with a cross on his face with purple hair seemed to be fighting the one with White long hair that was spike on top over a video game, there was also a older looking guy who looked like he was sleeping on the floor with long gray hair, a guy with an eye patch on with gray and black hair leaning on the wall, with a guy with side burns and messed hair leaned next to him on the wall watching the guys with white hair fight with the guy with purple hair over the video game and there was a guy with proof blonde hair on top that was short playing with a Guitar in his hands, who seemed like he was in his own little world and a really old looking guy with a bread with grayish white hair, who was reading a new paper, with an odd looking guy with orange red hair next to him.

"Weird this guys, they look like freaks". Axel frowned looking at them.

"They seem kind of familiar like. we know them from somewhere". Roxas looked at the guys, then looked at Axel.

"Yeah right like in some kind of Video game made for kids. Don't make me laugh". Axel smirked as he took Roxas hand and walked out of the gaming room.

They guys stared at the two walking away.

"They seem odd but oddly familiar. oh well lets play more games and order pizza later". the one with the puffy blond hair said as he got up.

"Who cares Demyx. Lets get pizza". Marluxia smirked holding his rose to his face, as everyone cheered and, went on with there business

Kiba and Shino were outside in some kind of privet path. They looked around but so nothing, nothing but the sound of birds and bugs around them.

"This is completely pointless. Lets head back inside". Kiba frowned looking at Shino who was looking at a green bug that had landing itself on a tree.

"Lets, go Shino. This place is starting to creep me out". Kiba frowned as he looked to the side.

"There nothing out here. Let head back in". Shino told him taken his hand, Kiba started to blush as they walk hand in hand.

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