So I know I'm probably being mentally murdered by fans of my TT stories, but lets face it, I'm on block. VV Its a sad truth but I'm going to be blunt about it. They're unlikely to be updated anytime soon. Every time I open their word document and try to write, the words just don't flow like they did. I don't know what happened- I've been trying to get it back, really, I have. I've tried one-shoting, drabbling, and those haven't worked, so now I'm just moving on until I get my muse back.

So welcome to my first Avatar story. Its an AU, in a more modern day-ish timeline, with technology and all that sort. There's still bending, but in this world, that makes you an outcast instead of powerful. Inspired by countless metahuman-mutant stories I've read with a hint of V for Vendetta, I give you...this.

Rating: T
Pairings: SongxZuko, KataraxAang, the rest undecided and shall play out.
Summary: You walk on the other side of the street of them. You dress better, eat better, you live better. They breathe life into fire, earth, air , and water, and you're only human. They probably outnumber you. And yet, they're the outcasts.

Outcasts. Freaks. Mutants.

That's what we called them. We laughed and pointed and we shunned them for trying to stand out in society. For the ones who tried to make a difference… They were silenced quickly.

For years there was order. No one turned their noses up at others and bending made you powerful. We had two world leaders, and they kept the world at balance. The human's president and the bender's avatar; together society never faltered.

And then, suddenly, the avatar was gone. The plan was quickly sent into motion; the President sent out squads and officers. In they shuffled, with their one-way glass helmets and laser guns, escorting anyone who displayed signs of bending out and somewhere new.

Children were separated from their parents, but the most anyone ever did about it was cry and scream as they were carried away. It was made quite clear that anything else attempted brought only death. I wasn't around then; my grandmother, however, still has nightmares of the screams of babies being torn from their mother's hands.

I shut my eyes when she told me the stories.

You must understand something about me. I'm not brave, I'm not clever, and I wasn't even intending to do anything about the segregation of our world. I taught myself to keep my mouth shut at a young age. My father had tried to do something about it, and it had only landed him dead.

If you wanted to live, I learned, you didn't talk. You kept your head down. And most importantly, you looked the other way when one of them tried to talk to you.

I don't know why someone out there assigned me to this job; I was probably the least fit for it. Benders had caused enough trouble for me as it was; it was somewhat obvious I blamed them for the death of my father. And yet, I would find myself dragged into a society full of benders and humans.

And somehow join plotting to overthrow the President anyway.

And of prologue. Dragged in yet? I sure hope so.

The only name you'll really need to know is that Sophie, our main character, is Song. Everyting else will hopefully play out.