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Satoshi: Just get on with it.

Yuki: Yay Sato-chans here!

Dark: Hey leave him alone!

Satoshi: Thank you.

Dark: Because he's mine.

Yuki: No mine!

Dark: Mine!

Start playing tug-o-war with Satoshi's arms

Satoshi: Somebody save me.

Yuki releases grip and puts both Dark and Satoshi in hugs of doom!

They turn blue.

Yuki: Enjoy! Me love them both!

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Two Hikaris and the Love Sick Thieves

Ch.1 The Dreams

"Dark don't you dare!" yelled Satoshi

He was running this time Dark was doing the chasing.

"Dare what?" asked Dark.

Satoshi tripped and backed up to a wall.

"You know what."

"Oh you mean this!"

There was a bright flash of light and in Satoshi's place sat Satoshi only now he was a girl.

"Ha. Ha. This is real funny." He said sarcastically.

"I think its funny." said Dark "Besides I already said that as a girl you're my type."

"I feel honored." said Satoshi sarcastically yet again.

"You should be amazingly I'm pretty picky."

"Shut up and change me back."

"Suit yourself."

A light went off and Satoshi was back to normal. Satoshi stood up and backed away from the wall. He took his glasses off and cleaned them. Satoshi noticed that Dark was staring at him. He put his glasses on and faced Dark.

"Now before I leave."

Dark suddenly dove at Satoshi. He sat straddled on Satoshi's waist holding down his arms. Satoshi struggled a little bit to try and get up but, Dark was to strong. Satoshi soon gave up and just laid on the ground.

"What the hell do you think your doing?" asked Satoshi

"Well your always catching me in the awkward position so," Dark leaned in closer and whispered in Satoshi's ear "tonight is my night."

"Just get off of me." said Satoshi

"I'm fixing to leave but, so far I've only got one thing I said I was stealing. I must get the other first to continue my winning streak."

"Oh and what's that?"

Just as Satoshi asked Darks lips were upon his. Satoshi went wide eyed. Suddenly darks tongue slipped in and started roaming around Satoshi's mouth practically raping it. Satoshi started to struggle but, Dark was still to strong and held him down. Dark then started to get a little rougher and fiercer with his kissing. He stopped kissing Satoshi and moved to Satoshi's neck. Dark started to suck and nip at his neck. This would leave a pretty good sized hicky. As Dark sucked Satoshi had a feeling of pleasure. Soon he was moaning softly with each suck. Dark then suddenly got up and flew out a near by window. Satoshi sat up and rubbed his neck.

"What the FUCK!" yelled Krad

Satoshi's eyes then snapped open. He found that he was in his own bed. He was also sweating a little bit. For a couple minutes he just sat there because of his low blood sugar. After a couple minutes he came to. He then remembered the dream.

"Weird, creepy and frightening dream, all at the same time."

"Got that right!" said Krad

"No more caffeine before bed." said Satoshi.

Satoshi didn't go back to sleep after that. He was too frightened that it would go farther than a kiss and a hicky. So his night was filled with staring at the ceiling and being to scared to fall asleep. Then the unthinkable happened he fell a sleep.

He found himself in a bedroom with red satin sheets on the bed, candles where lit everywhere, and a table with a bottle of champagne and 2 glasses. One glass was half way full. Satoshi started looking around the dimly lit room. Behind him he heard a door close. An arm suddenly slipped around his waist. Another hand took his glasses off and put them on the table. Then that arm slipped around his waist like the other.

"I've been waiting." someone said

Satoshi immediately recognized it as Darks voice. Without warning Dark picked Satoshi up and threw him on the bed. When Satoshi landed Dark pounced on top of him. Dark brought his face so close to Satoshi's that their noses were almost touching.

"Remember you said I got top tonight." said Dark

Rose petals then started falling. Just as Dark was about kiss Satoshi again and maybe more. Satoshi's eyes flew open and he rolled off the bed and onto the floor. He was gasping rapidly and sweating more than last time.

"That's it no more caffeine period." said Satoshi

He looked out the window and saw the sun rising.

"-Yawn- What was your dream this time?" asked Krad

"I'm not going to talk about it."

Satoshi got off the floor and went into the bathroom. He then proceeded to get ready for school. He was done in a couple of minutes and headed to school. When he got there he went straight to his seat in class. He got out a book and started reading. Now if you asked hi m how the book was he wouldn't be able to tell you because he was actually going over the 'horrific' dreams he had.

"Hello Hiwatari-kun." someone said

Satoshi looked up and saw Daisuke.

"Niwa-san." said Satoshi with a nod.

"Satoshi are you alright you look really pale?"

"Yes I'm fine." he said wearing his emotionless mask.

"O.k. then." said Daisuke a little worried.

'Satoshi seems upset about something.' thought Daisuke

"He's upset! I'm upset I'm not going to be able to forget those stupid, disgusting, and overall frightening dreams!" said Dark

'O.k. Dark look they were dreams, well more like nightmares, but the point is they weren't real!'

"Yeah nightmares not real."

(Last night at Daisuke's)(Page break)----------------------------------------------------------

Dark found himself laying down shirtless hand cuffed to a bed with black silk sheets covered in white rose petals. Suddenly a girl walked in. No it wasn't a girl it was…..Satoshi dressed as one!

"S-Satoshi?" stuttered Dark

"Yes?" said Satoshi softly

"What's with the get up?" he found himself saying.

"Well you said I was your exact type as a girl." he said

Satoshi slowly walked over to Dark. He then climbed on top of Dark straddling his waist. The skirt he had on went above his thigh doing so. He leaned closer to Dark and whispered.

"Do you want to be on top or should I?"

Satoshi started kissing Dark's jaw bone. He then made his way to his neck. He then started to suck and nip his neck earning soft moans of pleasure from Dark.

Dark Then woke up.

"AAAHHH!" he yelled

"Dark what's wrong?" asked Daisuke tiredly.

"Really really bad dream." said Dark

"Oh really? Want to talk about it?"

"Can't to horrible."

"Show me?"

"No tis not for young and innocent minds."

"I'm going to find out one way or another."

This Dark Knew all to well. Daisuke maybe clumsy but, he sure was stubborn. Dark figures that he got it from Emiko. Dark gave up and showed it to Daisuke. Just as he expected Daisuke fell silent, eyes wide in horror.


"Yes Daisuke?"


"Daisuke you're not making words"

"Dark I understand you having those kinds of dreams but, I always thought it would be with Risa or another girl for that matter."

"I'm not going back to sleep."

"O.k. just let me sleep."

Daisuke then went back to sleep.

Dark then not being able to stand it any longer fell asleep.

This time when Dark slept he looked in on a room. It was lit by candles that were everywhere. A bed with red satin sheets. And s table with a bottle of champagne. At the table drinking a glass he saw himself.

He saw himself suddenly hide in the shadows. Someone then walked in. It was….Satoshi! Satoshi started to look around the room. His dream self then closed the door. He then saw his dream self slip an arm around Satoshi's waist. The other arm took Satoshi's glasses off and threw them onto the table then went to join the other arm around Satoshi's waist.

"I've been waiting." He heard his dream self say

(A/N: Sorry but let's just call him Dream Dark or DD for short.) With out warning DD picked Satoshi up and threw him on the bed. DD then pounced on top of him.

"Remember you said I could have top tonight."

Then out of nowhere rose petals started to fall. DD then leaned in and kissed Satoshi.

"I don't get a drink first?" asked Satoshi sarcastically

DD leaned in and smirked while seductively saying "You were late."

Satoshi sighed and smiled.

Satoshi then leaned in and started kissing DD. DD and Satoshi's tongues then started exploring each others mouths in a long passionate kiss. As they continued DD then started unbuttoning Satoshi's shirt.

"AAAHHH! AAAAHHHHH!" yelled Dark snapping his eyes open.

"What now?" asked Daisuke

"Another one."

"Oh. Don't tell or show it to me!"

"Alright sounds good to me."

BACK TO PRESENT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Daisuke caught himself looking at Satoshi. Satoshi saw this and turned away back to the front.

'I'm defiantly off caffine.'

page break-----------------------------------------------------------------------

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