Yuki: Wuz up my home boy and girls! How's it hangin'?

Dark: It's official.

Krad: Yep, she has lost it.

Daisuke: Is it safe to say she's scaring me?

Satoshi: At this time yes it is.

Reae: You big babies. If all of you would actually stay while she's working you'll find that she's quit normal.

Dark: Yeah, abbie normal that is.

Reae: No, I'm serious.

Satoshi: Reae what has she done to you.

Yuki: Isn't it obvious?

All: No.

Yuki: Unlike you guy's she actually took time to get to know her authoress. And as amazing as it seems I'm actually quit normal when I have less than three cups of coffee.

Reae: Yeah and for real she is normal.

Krad: Uh huh yeah. What ever you say.

Yuki: So you agree with her.

Krad: I didn't say that!

Yuki: You agree with Reae! You agree with Reae!

Krad: No I don't!

Daisuke: Satoshi should we go ahead and –

(sees Satoshi and Dark making out.)

Daisuke: Never mind looks like I'm doing it by my self. Anyway here's the story enjoy. Oh, wait she has to do the disclaimer. One second.

(Pulls author over for a second)

Daisuke: Disclaimer please.

Yuki: But I don't wanna.

Daisuke: You have to, to start the story.

Yuki: No.

Daisuke: Come on. Just say that you don't own DNAngel or its characters.

Yuki: Thanks for saying it for me Daisuke. Now if you'll excuse me. (goes back to helping Reae argue with Krad)

Daisuke: I need a vacation. The Bahamas is suppose to be nice this time of year

Ch. 8 Finding Out

"Open the door now!" yelled the cops from the other side of the door.

"Mom! What are we going to do?!" asked Daisuke

"I don't know." Said Emiko

"Why don't I go talk to them? After all I do work for the government." said Reae

"Wait you know about Dark?" asked Daichi.

"How long have you been working for the government?" asked Kosuke

"Yep for a while now and about four years now." Said Reae standing up and walking to the door.

Reae disappeared into the hall. You could here the door being opened in the kitchen as she slowly opened it.

"Re-chan!" someone yelled.

"Ah!" screamed Reae.


Jin shot up and went to the door followed by the rest of the family. When they got there they saw Reae lying on the floor. Lying on top of Reae hugging the life out of her was a blonde woman. When the y finally stood up everyone could see the blonde girl was about an inch taller than Reae. Her blonde hair was long enough to rival Krad's but, hers was some what lighter than Krad's. She had light almost sky blue eyes.

"Serene! How did you find this place?" asked a happy Reae.

"Well in you're both a rock star and working for the government it has its kicks." Said Serene.

"Hey Serene." Said Jin

"Hey Jin." Said Serene giving him a hug.

"Is Kyo here?"

"Yeah he's outside looking at the car. It started to act up on our way here."

Jin then proceeded to walk outside.

"So Reae are you going o introduce me?" asked Serene

"Oh yes, everyone this is my friend Serene." Said Reae.

"Hello." Said Serene.

"Serene these are my in-laws Emiko, Kosuke, Daichi, and Daisuke." She said gesturing to each one. "And this is my little brother Satoshi." Said Reae putting her arm around Satoshi's shoulders.

"Hello Satoshi. I'm so happy to meet you." Said Serene "So Reae this is my 'adoptive' little brother."


"Um…." Was all Satoshi could say.

"Satoshi, me and Serene are close enough to be related. So we joke around calling each other our adopted sister."

"Sp that would make you my adopted little brother." Said Serene

"Oh." Said Satoshi.

"So all of you are going to ignore me? God! Jin your fiancée no longer loves me." Said a. guy with shoulder length black hair pulled back into a low pony tail. The guy had dark green eyes and was about Jin's height.

"I'm sorry to tell this Kyo but, Reae doesn't like you like that."

"And your just now telling me" said Kyo

"Don't fret Kyo. Remember after all you have a hot blonde for a wife."

"Your right I do." Said Kyo hugging Serene.

"So Jin is there some secret blonde fetish you never told me about?" said Reae smirking at him.


"So you don't like me?" asked Serene fake tears forming in her eyes.

"No I didn't say I didn't like."

"So then you don't want to marry Reae?" asked Kyo

"No I didn't-"

"Jin you don't love me?" asked Reae her own fake tears forming.

"I didn't say that!" Jin gave a loud sigh and sunk to the floor. "I loathe you all."

"We love you too Jin." They said.

"Guess what." Said Kyo.

"Does it have to do with my absolute humility?" asked Jin

"For once no. Me and Serene got promoted."

"That's great you guys." Said Reae

"What have you been promoted to?"

"Well…." Serene gave the Niwa family and Satoshi an uneasy look.

"Satoshi already knows." Said Reae.

"And they have some kind of idea."

"We do?" asked Dark.

"So what is it?" asked Jin

"I got promoted to Lieutenant General like you two. And Serene is now a General and Commander of D.C.S.P."

"Oh congratulations Serene! But wait what happened to Commander Ayala?"

"She has officially retired.'

"Wow." Said Jin

"And there's more good news." Said Kyo. "I'm going to be a daddy!"

"That's awesome Kyo!"

"Serene when did you find out?" asked Reae

"We found out a couple days ago. I wanted to wait and tell you in person" said Serene. "Yawn I need to get some sleep."

"Here I'll give you two directions to the house and you guy's go and rest over there." Said Reae.

Reae quickly jotted them down and gave them to Kyo and Serene.

"See you guy's at the house!" called Jin as Serene and Kyo drove away.

"I'm so sorry about that everyone." Said Jin "Serene and Kyo have this way of just popping up."

"That's o.k. Jin we always enjoy meeting friends of family." Said Emiko.

"Excuse me one moment. I need use your bathroom." Said Reae

"Oh, it's just down the hall." Said Emiko

"Thank you."

Reae then walked off toward the bathroom. When she was finished and exited the bathroom she came face to face with Satoshi.

"Reae we need to talk."

"About what Sato-chan?"

"Me. There's something I need to tell you."

"What is it Satoshi?" asked Reae deeply concerned.

"Reae when you first met Jin how long did it take you to realize that you were in love with him?"

"We'll it's hard for people to know when exactly they have fall in love but, for me and Jin I would say about a year after we started dating. Why?"

"No reason." Said Satoshi.

"Satoshi what are you trying to hide from me?"


"Satoshi how can I help you if you don't trust me?"

"Fine, Reae I think I'm in love but, I don't know."

"With who?" asked Reae with a smile


"Oh, wow. Didn't see that coming." Said Reae

"You're disgusted with me."

"No I'm not. Satoshi I support gay people I'm just surprised that it's Dark. Although now that I think about it you two would make a cute couple." Said Reae

"You think so?"

"Hell's yeah! So when did you come to this realization?"

"A couple days ago."

"How cute but, Sato-chan if you ever need to talk about anything. Just remember I'm always here." Said Reae smiling

"O.k." said Satoshi. The two siblings then proceeded to wrap each other in a loving embrace.

"Let's go meet up with everyone else now." Said Reae. They then walked down the hall hand in hand to join the Niwa's. They sopped when they heard talkin in the living room.

"Jin there's more going on than what you've told us." Said Daichi

"Tell us right now what's going on." Said Emiko.

"Alright, but before I tell you anything I just want to say tat everything I have old you is the truth."

"O.k. go on." Said Kosuke

"Alright, yes I work for the government. I work in a special department kept secret from the public. Reae, Kyo, and Serene work in the same department as me. We are ranked based on how well we do our job and our military ranking. Me, Reae, and Kyo are all Lieutenant Generals. Serene as you know is a General. She is now in command of the entire department."

"O.k. what's the name of this department and when did you join?" asked Emiko

"The name is the Department of the Capture and Study of the Paranormal. I joined during my second year of high school."

"The CAPTURE and STUDY of the paranormal? Did they send you to capture Dark and Krad?" asked Daisuke very unnerved.

"No I'm not here for Dark and Krad. In fact the whole department knows about Dark and Krad. Usually yes people would be sent to capture them but, you're related to me. So you have government protection. In fact we only capture paranormal being if they prove to be above a level here hazardous rating. Krad and Dark luckily are right t three. The highest level of hazard a paranormal being can reach is a five. Me, Reae, and Kyo first o through a process of investigation and you can guess the rest."

"So all this time Dark has been stealing and Krad has been on a rampage the government knew." Kosuke stated.

"Yes and no. The D.C.S.P. is the only part of the government that knows. And in the even that Dark was to be captured we would come in release him and make it seem as if it never happened. And you can go on with your lives." Said Jin

"Is there anything else we should know?"

"Yes, Reae is-"

"Jin." Said Reae her and Satoshi stepping out pf their hiding place.

"Reae I-"

"It's o.k. Jin you can tell them. Satoshi go sit down with Daisuke you need to hear this too." Said Reae sitting next to Jin.

"So?" asked Daichi

"Well Reae in a way is special. It's actually because of her that we are even working for the government. Reae was born with a special birth mark. It allowed her to not become Krad's tamer. It also allows her to heal other people and to see, hear, and feel Krad and dark when the are in their ghost like states." Said Jin

"Yeah me and Satoshi already knew that." Said Daisuke.

"Yes but, I didn't tell you everything. For instance when I heal people not only do I get all their future injuries but also they themselves get powers. Jin would you mind giving a demonstration?"

"Certainly." Sid Jin. He snapped and a flame appeared in his hand.

All the Niwa's and the single Hikari went wide eyed.

"I got the ability to control fire. Reae was already gifted with psychic abilities. Kyo has been gifted with the power to control time and Serene became psychic like Reae except that she controls air and Reae controls ice." said Jin

"When the D.C.S.P. found out about us they came and offered us a chance to use our abilities to help people and learn to control them." Reae stated

"So we took the jobs. Hey first tested our knowledge of the military and gave us our first ranking based on our scores. As you can tell today Serene had the most knowledge of the government."

"So that's what was going on when Serene was giving us that look of uncertainty." Said Emiko

"Yep." Said Reae.

"So Jin did you move here because of the government or because you wanted to?" asked Daichi

"A little bit of both actually. Me and Reae were planning on moving here when we were approached by government officials saying that we and Kyo and Serene were all to be relocated here. So it worked out for every one." Said Jin grinning.

"I see. So you guys are going to stay here right?" asked Daisuke

"Unless we're reassigned but, now that Serene is in charge I doubt that that will happen." Said Reae

"And I thought your lives were already screwed up." Said Dark

"Seems like big sister is just as much a freak as all of us." Said Krad.

"Dark, Krad, I've had to listen to you two ever since I've stepped in the door. Don't make me get violent." Said Reae

"Uh…." Went the Niwa's

"Remember the Dark and Krad power?" asked Daisuke

"Oh, yeah." Said Emiko

"Would you like to be able to interact with them in this state just like me, Daisuke, Satoshi, and Jin?" asked Reae

"Wow! That would be so cool wouldn't it Kosuke." Said Emiko excitedly.

"O.k. just let me concentrate."

Reae sat down in a meditation stance her hands were put together like she was praying. Suddenly her breathing got slower and her movement's liquid like. She put her hands out towards the Niwa's her eyes stared glowing. Suddenly light shot out of her hands at where Dark and Krad were suppose to be. Their bodies were glowing.

When the light faded everyone gasped in amazement. Reae didn't make it to where they could see Dark and Krad. Instead she gave Dark and Krad their own bodies. When she cam out of her trance. She went wide eyed.

"What?! How did-What the-Why?" Reae started babbling.

"Yes I have my own body I'm so happy." Said Dark.

"Reae was able to give me my own body this entire time and does it by accident trying to get everyone to see us!" yelled Krad

"Shut up Krad! I didn't even know I could give you two your own bodies!" yelled Reae

"Oh, sure you didn't." said Dark

Reae, Krad and Dark started a yelling match. Mostly it was Krad and Reae while Dark threw in a comment or two. It got so bad that Reae started cussing Krad out in another language.

"And this is where I intervene.' Said Jin pulling the two apart.

But even though he got them on opposite sides of the room the yelling continued.

"SHUT UP!" yelled Kosuke

Everyone just turned and looked at Kosuke.

"Sorry but, it was getting on my very last nerve." He said

"Kosuke, that was so in powering of you." Said Emiko crushing him in a hug.

"Thanks." He said.

"O.k. so Krad and Dark now have their own bodies." Said Daichi

Daisuke and Satoshi were sitting in their seats silently sending a prayer of thanks to which ever god it was that caused Reae to accidentally give the angels their own bodies. Because quit frankly it felt good to be the only one in your body. (A/N: Dark Krad: You are trying to make us hard! Yuki: I'm going to tell you the same thing I said last time. Maybe –grin-. See same thing as last time. Dark Krad: We hate you. Yuki: Oh, I love you two too.)

"So what do we do now?" asked Emiko

"Well Krad could just live with the Hikari's and Dark stay here as always."

"Yes and Reae will be able to keep Krad in line." Said Jin

Reae sent Krad this evil looking glare with an evil looking smirk. Krad just sent a glare right back at her.

"Hey let's talk about the wedding." Said Jin wanting to break the evil feeling in the room.

"Yes we must discuss the wedding." Said Daichi

"So when are you thinking of having it?" asked Kosuke

"We were thinking of the spring. Right when the Sakura trees are in bloom." Said Reae.

"Oh, how romantic." said Emiko

"We've already got someone to sing at the wedding. We're going to have Serene sing." Said Jin

"Is she good?" asked Kosuke

"She's great." Said Reae. "After all she is a rock star."

"How can she command a secret government agency when she's a rock star?" asked Satoshi

"Everyone in D.C.S.P. has a job outside the department to help us blend in. Like Reae's an art teacher, Kyo is Serene's manager of her band, and I'm a professional fighter." Said Jin "We get jobs that correspond with what our job in the department is. Reae is the logical one so she's a teacher, Serene's the leader so she needed a job working with and interacting with people, Kyo is the one that goes undercover so he needed a job to where he can blend in easily, I'm the one that set's up tactical maneuvering so I needed a job as a fighter to help me get a better understanding of my opponent quicker."

"Wow." Said Daisuke

"Yeah wow." Said Jin.

Over the next couple of hours there was heated discussion about the wedding, D.C.S.P, and about the different powers that some of the agents had. Everyone completely forgot the story of how Jin and Reae got together and for that Jin was happy.

Later that night Reae and Satoshi returned to their home along with Jin, and Krad. Jin and Satoshi went straight to bed. Reae said she would be up in a little bit after she got some work done. She had to practically force Krad to go to bad because she knew that as long he was down there she would never get any work done.

As Reae sat in the living room typing up some case files. There was a knock on the door. When Reae answered it she saw Dark standing there.

"Dark? What are you doing here?" asked a surprised Reae

"I need to ask you something." He said walking into the house and sitting down on the couch in the living room right next to where Reae was working.

"O.k. what is it? "asked Reae going and sitting next to him.

"It's about Satoshi. For awhile now I've had these feelings for him. At first I didn't know what they were. Then when I learned what they were I was too afraid to act on them because I was still a part o Daisuke but now that I have my own body. I wish to act upon these feelings. Reae I'm in love with Satoshi so may I have your permission to date him?" asked Dark looking Reae right in the eyes with a serious expression on his face.

Reae then proceeded to laugh until she got tears in her eyes.

Upstairs Satoshi was awakened by the laughing. He got out of bed and snuck down the stairs. The laughing had stopped but he was still curious as to what caused it. He peeked around the corner that looked into the living room. He saw Reae and Dark sitting on the same couch talking. Satoshi saw tears in Reae's eyes.

"So that's what you came all the way here to ask me?" said Reae chuckling.

"O.k. it's not that funny." Said Dark

"No but it's very ironic. Satoshi and me just had a talk about this very same subject." Said Reae "Only it was slightly different."

Satoshi's palms became sweaty at the mention of their conversation.


"He told me that he's in love with you." Said Reae with a softness in her voice. Satoshi went wide eyed and his breath quickened.

"He does?"

"Yes he does."

"Wow I never would of thought. I'm happy that he is but, still that's a surprise."

'Wait' thought Satoshi 'He's happy about it?'

"I know. Dark I'm going to give you permission to ask my little brother out. Whether he wants to be your boyfriend or not the decision lies with him, not me. If you two do get together I promise you this I will always accept your relationship but, if you do anything to hurt him. I'm coming at you with razor blades and lemon juice."

Satoshi just then realized what was going on. Dark had told Reae his feelings for Satoshi. Satoshi then silently prayed to whatever god was listening in thanks for letting him have such a cool sister. Especially since she is now the reason why him and Dark are going to get together.

"Um, o.k." said Dark with a sweat drop.

"Now you get on home and rest after all you have a big day tomorrow of planning so you can hook up with my little brother." Said Reae

"O.k. thank you Reae." Said Dark giving her a hug.

"Anytime Dark, anytime." said Reae hugging back.

Once Dark left Satoshi the proceeded back to his room. A small smile finding a place on is face.

Later that night, after Reae went to bed, Krad snuck out of his room in the house and flew to the Niwa residence. He then silently slipped into the window of Daisuke's room. Krad stood by the sleeping Daisuke and just stared at him.

'Why? Why can't I get you out of my head?' he thought to himself angrily. He got even more frustrated when he couldn't come up with an answer for him self. Krad stood there just watching Daisuke sleep. Krad then turned to eave but, before he did he brushed the back of his hand against Daisuke's cheek.

After he left Daisuke turned in his sleep a single name uttered from his lips.


Yuki: And that' the end to chapter eight.

Dark: I love you two. (hugs Reae and Yuki)

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