He sat there, staring into the distant space. Looking at nothing and seeing nothing. The man pondered, he just sat there for hours at a time, like every day he did this. The man would just stare at the walls like he was a zombie, a lifeless husk with no reason to go one living. No one understood why he did this, or what he thought about.

Every day he would just sit there in the dark room, pondering. He was there pondering but one what, what did he think about everyday. Did he think about how he had to lose everything to gain something? Something that in the end didn't even seem worth all of the loss he felt. The loss that over came that even of his hatred. That burning hatred, the rage. The thing that destroyed his life.

After a while a door opened, and with it came a flood of light shining onto the only occupant of the room. The man looked up, gazing at the shadow in the door way with his empty, lifeless eyes. He stared for a moment before staring back at the wall.

He didn't care, who was at the door. He just didn't care, not when to get here he had lost everything. Everything he cared for was lost.

"Hello my pet," the snake Sannin said in the totally hot voice of his. "How is my little pet doing?"

Sasuke didn't reply he just looked up glaring at the man who stood in the doorway.

"Aw, that's so very mean of you Sasuke-kun," the snake Sannin, said in a little whiny voice, waggling his finger. "Maybe I should turn on the lights, eh?"

With that little notion, Orochimaru stepped in the room, flipping the switch that turned on the light. This finally got Sasuke talking, or screaming either way he was loud.

"AH GODDAMN IT! DAMN IT ALL TO HELL! It burns the purple burns!" Sasuke screamed loud enough for the entire compound to hear.

"Sheesh, Sasuke it's just really cool purple walls, I don't see what's so bad," Orochimaru said, staring at Sasuke like he was a freak.

Sasuke then stopped mid-rant and for a moment he just stared at the snake Sannin before speaking up, "Oh you would like it you freaking girly man, you ugly pedophile," this then started a whole new amount of ranting.

But instead of listening to it Orochimaru just flicked off the light, and left Sasuke to his inane ranting. Sasuke, who never noticed the room, had kept ranting on and on, before Orochimaru came in again to knock him out, considering it was 3 o'clock in the morning and Orochimaru was dreadfully tired. To his dismay, Sasuke seemed to keep up the rantings through his sleep.

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