This is a fan fiction based on the newest novel of Gravitation. "Voice of Temptation". If you haven't read it, it's based on an incident that happened in the book where Shuichi was looking for Yuki all over Osaka to no avail. When he finally finds him at a famous tourist tower, Yuki publicly rejects him and ends their relationship. They end up making up, but my story is based largely on that one incident.

Disclaimer: - I do not own Gravitation, Maki Murakami does. I am just one of those fans who are so in love with Gravitation, I have to revisit it over and over.

Chapter One

Grabbing his suitcase, Shindou Shuichi stood outside Yuki's apartment door and let out a sigh. Bad Luck's nationwide tour was over, and he was finally home after weeks of being away. A lot had happened; the tour had been successful, Tohma Seguchi, the president of NG productions was happy with their work. It was always good to keep Tohma happy, but despite all of the positive outcomes, he couldn't help but feel a little depressed. The events that had happened in Osaka kept going through his mind, over and over, and as a result, he had barely slept, and his mind was muddled and confused. He could still remember the anxiety of searching for Yuki in Osaka, in every hotel then finding him at the tower, only to be rejected. Pushed away like he was a piece of garbage, it had hurt so much. And although he had later found Yuki in a hotel room typing away on his novel, the rejection, and that cold hard glare Yuki had sent him still froze him to the bone. After running the whole incident over and over his mind, then to add on to the fact that whenever he called Yuki it was like talking to a wall, -thinking about it hurt.

God, he was tired. Exhausted to the bone, he felt as though his feet weighed tons. Sitting on his suitcase, he stared at the key on his palm. Should he walk in to this apartment? Return to that cold hard glare? I love him, he thought. I should take the bad with the good. Osaka had been a special situation, after all Tohma Seguchi had orchestrated the whole thing. Shaking his head, he got up and grabbed a hold of the suitcase again. In the car on the way home, he had considered going back to his own apartment. He still kept it for some unknown reason. Well, not unknown, it came in handy when Yuki went crazy and kicked him out. But K had automatically driven him to Yuki's building without asking, and the energy to protest had failed him. His body needed rest at this point.

So without further ado, he unlocked the door and slowly walked into the quiet house. Pulling off his shoes, Shuichi sighed and picked up his suitcase. The silence in the apartment told him that Yuki was probably typing away in his study. No surprise there. Shrugging, he suddenly realized that he did not have the energy to withstand a cold shoulder from the man. Instead of his usual routine of searching out Yuki, he headed straight for his room, shut the door, dropped the suitcase on the floor, and dropped face flat on the bed. It wasn't long before he drifted off into a very deep sleep.

"The brat should be home by now," Yuki Eiri said to the silent room, bringing a cigarette to his lips and inhaling. "Where is he?" He exhaled smoke lazily with a small frown on his forehead.

Tohma had assured him that Shuichi would be home by ten o'clock tonight. Glancing at the clock, he saw that it was already one o'clock; three hours late, where was he?

The sound of the door opening reached him, just as he sighed and reached for his cellular phone to give Tohma a call. The door slowly opened to reveal his Shuichi, looking very much worse for the wear, as he lugged suitcase with him. His black hair was rumpled; he looked as though he had not slept for days. An unexplainable emotion went through him and he closed his eyes, forcing restrained on the urge to rush over and embrace the young man. It wouldn't do to spoil his image, it was bad enough Shuichi was always over excited when he saw him. Imagining both of them jumping up and down hugging, -the thought alone was giving him hives.

Bracing for the usual round of excitement that Shuichi carried with him, he leaned forward on the couch and put out his cigarette on the ashtray. Watching as his brat pulled off his shoes. How he had missed the little twerp, he could not even explain how much.

Too wrapped up in the anticipation, it took him a minute to realize that Shuichi was headed in the wrong direction. He did not squeal in excitement and rush over to Yuki to embrace him enthusiastically. Or gasp in happiness at the fact that Yuki had stayed up to wait for him. No, Shuichi merely sighed and hauled his suitcase to his room without a sparring a single glance in his direction. In shock, Yuki got to his feet and stared as the spare bedroom door closed and Shuichi disappeared behind it.

"What's going on?" Yuki asked aloud looking around the room. Had that actually happened?

Reaching for his cell phone, he dialed a number and when it was answered he demanded, "What did you do to him?"

"Eiri, you've really lost me this time." Tohma Seguchi replied easily, his voice clear as it would be in the morning. Yuki couldn't help but wonder when the man slept. "Whom are you talking about?"

"Shuichi-chan, who else you moron. What did you do to him?" Yuki asked again, his teeth gritted.

"Ah, what happened to Shindou-san? He should be home about now, shouldn't he?" Tohma asked his tone flat and unconcerned.

"Did something happen after I left Osaka?" Yuki questioned.

"Not that I know of. The tour went very smoothly after Osaka. I was quite proud of Shindou-san's performance, it was incredible."

"I don't give a damn about that, Seguchi. I just want to know if-

"Eiri, I don't have the answers you're looking for. Perhaps you should ask the person whom you're worried about." Seguchi cut him off.

Not liking that answer, Yuki hung up and threw the phone on the couch. Running a hand through his blond hair, he stared at the closed door. Why did he care? He should be happy that Shuichi was subdued and wasn't jumping all over him for once. Why did it hurt so much?

Shaking his head, he shrugged and turned away toward their room. He was overreacting, Shuichi was probably tired, and figured that he wasn't home. Things would be back to normal in the morning. They had to be.