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The midday sun shined down on the pale skin of the 22-year-old student who was currently losing the battle to keep her pale lavender eyes open as she tried to take notes on whatever it was that the teacher was talking about. Suddenly her eyes snapped open and her head shot up as she heard a loud bang followed by her name.

"Yes professor?" squeaked the girl, her face red as a tomato.

The class smirked silently as they watched in amusement the professor inching closer to the girl's desk. "Miss Hyuga could you please do us the honor to answer the question I just asked you?"

"Um, c-could you p-please repeat the question, sir?" gulped Hinata nervously fidgeting with the pen she was holding on her right hand.

The professor took a deep breath to calm himself down. He was trying really hard not to scream his head off at the daughter of the school's biggest sponsor. "I asked, what federal constitutional claims may Mrs. Richards raise on appeal from the revocation of her license?"

Hinata's eyes were quickly scanning the pages of her notebook hoping that the right answer would miraculously jump out at her. But when it didn't she finally said in a defeated tone, "I don't know, sir."

"She can allude to the patient abuse statute as established in the Cutter v. State case of 1998," came the confident response from two rows down.

"Correct! Well done, miss Hyuga," said the professor beaming at Hanabi.

Hinata turned to look out the window to hide her burning face. Once more she had been humiliated in public by her younger sister. She could hear the giggles and the whispers from all her classmates. Well, she couldn't blame them for laughing at her. After all, she had to admit that to their eyes the situation must seem pretty funny.

Like it wasn't enough to be always compared to her younger sister at home, now she had to endure it at school too. Hinata did not hate her younger sister; she hated the fact that they shared the same classes in law school. She was sure her dad had personally arranged their schedules to make it easier for him to compare his two daughters' progress.

Hinata's nightmare had begun when Hanabi started speaking in full sentences when she was 6 months old. For goodness' sake Hinata hadn't done so until she was 18 months old! Yet, she was still her father's pride. She was at the top of her kindergarten class. The teacher would always send notes home congratulating Hinata for her excellent performance in school. After all, she was the only one in her class who could read, write, and count up to 1000. Then Hanabi taught herself to read and write by the time she was 16 months old. That was when Hinata fell off the pedestal her father had placed her upon. After that none of Hinata's efforts or accomplishments were ever acknowledged by her father. Hinata always fell short behind her younger sister.

Hinata came from a very old family that could trace its roots back to feudal lords and nobles. Thus her family was very strict and traditional. From times immemorial the eldest child of the family was expected to (or better said forced to) become a lawyer. And so Hinata tried her best not to disappoint her father and to uphold family tradition by studying to become a lawyer even if her true passion laid in writing. She figured she could still write under a pseudonym (to her family being a writer was a lowly occupation) while being the illustrious lawyer her family wanted her to be. Easier said than done. Hinata was a soft-spoken and shy person. Quite the opposite of what a good lawyer should be. And yet she kept on working hard under her sister's shadow.

Things had been bearable enough for the past 4 years that Hinata had been in college. She got top grades and still managed to get some writing done on the side. Her father had even congratulated her because she had been her class' valedictorian. Then it all fell apart when Hanabi's genius shined through once more and she was admitted into law school. It had taken Hinata 4 years of hard work in college to get accepted into one of the most prestigious law schools in the country while Hanabi had been accepted straight out of high school. And that is how the two sisters came to not only share the same school but the same classes.

The rustling of books being put away and people moving about awoke Hinata from her reveries. Class was finally over. She put her things away and with a sigh walked out the door. She was on her way out of school when she caught a glimpse of blond. Her heart skipped a beat. That was the other reason why Hinata's ordeal had been bearable for the past two years, Naruto Uzumaki. But even that was over now. He had broken up with her barely a month ago and he was already seeing someone else.

Hinata had just stepped out the door leaving behind the horror scene of a pink haired girl and her blonde ex sucking each other's faces off when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She turned around to see her sister standing behind her.

"You do know they got engaged, right?" asked Hanabi.

At this Hinata's head snapped back to where Naruto was. Her eyes scanning his back where his girlfriend's hands currently rested. And then she saw it, the little diamond ring glittering merrily under the sunlight.

Hinata's expression told Hanabi that this was the first she had heard of it. "They got engaged over the weekend. Hinata, just get over him," pleaded Hanabi. She knew better than anyone how much Hinata had suffered after their breakup.

Hinata nodded weakly. "I have to go. See you later," she said forcing a smile as her eyes filled with tears.

'It's barely been two months and he's already engaged to someone else?' thought Hinata bitterly as tears ran down her pale cheeks. 'How did he get over me so fast?'

Despair, pain, and betrayal welled up in Hinata's chest as she made her way home with downcast eyes. Once there she fell face first on her bed and sobbed for another half an hour until her father came home and requested her presence in his office.

Hinata washed her face and combed her hair before going downstairs to meet her father. A disheveled appearance would have just added an extra 15 minutes to her father's usual lecture. She was now standing in front of his office. She sighed and then knocked lightly on the door.

"Come in," came her father's voice from the other side of the door.

Hinata walked in and bowed. "You wanted to see me, father?"

"Sit down," he motioned at the chair opposite from his. "Hinata, I want you to consider what I am about to tell you before you make a decision."

'Oh, great. He's going to make me choose which far away country I want to live in so that I won't embarrass our family any more,' thought Hinata as she nodded risking a glance at her father's face. Odd, he didn't look mad. Perhaps he still hadn't received his daily report on her performance from one of the many spies he had at school.

"I have set up an omiai for you tomorrow," started her father in a calm tone. "I know you have refused to marry all of your previous suitors but this time I want you to think about it very carefully for the sake of the family."

"Don't worry, father. I will not refuse this time," said Hinata.

"O-kay." Hiashi was at a loss for words. 'Guess I won't need that speech I had prepared about how she has to be loyal and obedient to her family,' he thought to himself.

"Can I be excused? I need to do my homework."

"Be ready at 5:00 pm tomorrow. You may go now."

Hinata was already turning the doorknob when her father spoke again, "Aren't you even going to ask the name of the man you're going to see tomorrow?"

"Um, yes, please."

"His name is Sasuke Uchiha. He is the youngest son of Fugaku Uchiha, owner of Uchiha Enterprises. One of the biggest firms in the world," replied Hiashi putting special emphasis on the last phrase.

Hinata nodded and closed the door behind her leaving Hiashi alone in his office. Immediately he took out the picture of his departed wife that he kept inside his port-a-shrine from under his desk and knelt in front of it. "Oh thank you, thank you, honey. She said yes!"

Once in her room Hinata propped her head on her hands and smiled wistfully looking out the window. "Finally, freedom," she whispered as tears slid down her cheeks once more.

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