Sailor Moon: The Last Werewolf

BY Dragonfang33

Synapse: A Sailor Moon/World of Darkness Blend, after being bitten by a Werewolf, Lita finds herself caught up in the middle of a war between Vampires and Werewolves, and being hunted by a powerful Vampire Warlord.

Part I

The First Night

Location: The Temple of Cherry Hill

For Lita and her friends the day had been just like any other. School, the arcade, the mall, and if they were lucky a fight with one of Queen Beryl's Negamonsters, followed of course by a study session at Raye's temple. All in all it had been a fairly typical day for the Sailor Scouts.

"I can't believe they're at it again," Amy said, as she placed her hand on her head, as the sounds of Serena and Raye's fight began to intensify to the point where they were about to start throwing punches at each other.

"Can't be helped," Mina replied, "those two just never learn." It was at that moment Lita began packing her things.

"I'd better get going," Lita said, cracking a smile, "I think it would be best to study for the exam back at my apartment."

"Good luck," Mina added, "see you tomorrow Lita." Lita waved good bye and made her way into the darkness of the moonlit night.

Location: Near Fairview Park, a few hours later.

The creature howled in pain, as the silver sword tore into him, slicing through his chest like a hot knife through butter. The creature was a massive wolf like creature, with a wolf's head, and a muscle bound human like body that was covered from head to toe in graying red fury. His hands and feet ended in red razor sharp talons. The creature was known by many names, among his own people he was called Aladon, Chieftain of the Red Moon Tribe, in the tongue of his people they called themselves Lycans. But in the tongue of Man his kind were known simply as Werewolves. Deep down Aladon knew he was dying, he was the last remaining pure blooded Werewolf in the city, though he had a son, Alexander, his son was only Half-Werewolf, hardly worthy to carry on his name.

"This'll teach you Packers to enter Clan turf," the man who'd just stabbed the creature snarled. On the surface the three men gathered around the Werewolf looked like any other street punks. Each was dressed in all black, including a black trench coat, tied to their waists were swords made of pure silver, and one was even clutching an M-16 rifle. The major thing that made these men stand out were their eyes, they glowed blood red, meaning one thing: Nosferatu, Vampires.

"This city belongs to the Clans," the Vampire with the M-16 said, pressing the gun into Aladon's head, "Once we kill the last Pure Blood Werewolf in the city that is."

For Lita, it was about the worst short cut she could have taken, emerging from the forest she'd walked right into the assault. But before she could say anything, the three Vampires took off into the night. At first Lita was hesitant of approaching the massive wolf, but for some strange reason she felt compelled to help him. Aladon laid there, his body mangled and beaten by the Vampires, to the point where he couldn't even walk.

"Are you okay," Lita asked, as she tried to help the Werewolf, the next thing Lita felt, was a sharp pain in her left arm, looking down she saw that Aladon had bitten her, with all her might she managed to pull her arm free, though a large chunk had been torn out of her forearm.

"You are the Last," was all Aladon said, as he slowly succumbed to his wounds.

"The last," Lita asked herself, "the last what?" She looked down at her arm, expecting to find a huge amount of blood pouring from the wound, but to her amazement, the wound had healed she didn't even have a scar where the bite should have been.

Location: Lita's Apartment, two weeks later

Lita tossed and turned in her bed, trying desperately to fall asleep, but was unable too. It had been two weeks since that creature in the park had bitten her, and she still hadn't told her friends about the incident, fearing they wouldn't believe her.

Lita finally shot awake, her body feeling as though it was on fire. Slowly she climbed out of bed, but quickly lost her footing, her legs were suddenly feeling like they were jelly.

"What's wrong with me?" Lita grunted, as she pulled her self up, and with her hands on her dresser guided her way to the door, feeling as though she wanted to vomit. However once she made it into the living room, Lita once again fell to the ground; only now the heat was becoming even more intense, and her left arm felt as though it might burst.

Looking out the window Lita saw a full moon, brighter then anything she'd ever seen. It was at that moment the pain started, and it was then she heard the cracking.

"My fingernails?" Lita said in shock, as she watched the fingernails of her left hand disintegrate, and were quickly replaced by a series of red razor sharp talons.

"What the?" Lita asked her self in shock, it was then her body was wracked by even more pain, her bones began to lengthen, increasing her height to a little more then nine feet, and her muscles started to expand, tearing through the fabric of her green pajamas. Her toenails soon burst revealing a second set of claws just like the ones that had sprouted on her hands. By now Lita was in such pain she could barely stand it, her hair began to lengthen changing into a flowing red main. All over her body blood red fur began to sprout. She'd soon sprouted a large red bushy tail, and her teeth began lengthen into razor sharp fangs; the worst pain though came from around her mouth, as it pushed out forming a fur covered muzzle. By now the pain was too much for her to bear, and she passed out.

"What happened," Lita asked, as she slowly awoke about an hour later, as she tried to stand up, to her amazement, she found she couldn't, and soon fell over, landing on her face. It was then she noticed a strange taste in her mouth, using her tongue she tried to discern what it was, but to her amazement her teeth felt sharper then normal. Lita finally managed to stand up, but no sooner had she done so then her head struck the ceiling.

"Since when am I so tall," Lita asked herself, as she rubbed her head, but the moment her hands touched her head, she felt two pointed things on top, and it was then out of the corner of her eye she spotted something in window.

Lita let out an ear piercing scream, which for some reason sounded louder to her then normal, a nine foot, wolf like creature dressed in tattered green clothing, covered in blood red fur, and standing on its hind legs was staring back at her. The body looked like a human female, only with a larger bust line, slimmer waist, and far larger muscles. The head though resembled a wolf, with glowing yellow eyes, and a long muzzle full of razor sharp teeth. Lita stumbled back, and soon fell over her coffee table, knocking the various items off, one of which, a large paper weight landed on her new tail. Once again Lita let out an ear splitting scream, and tried to find what she'd injured, and grabbed her tail.

"SINCE WHEN DO I HAVE A TAIL?" Lita shouted, to herself, it was then she felt something else, beneath her tattered shirt she felt fur.

"AND SINCE WHEN DO I HAVE FUR?" Lita added, she was so busy scream she failed to notice that her new claws soon sliced into her skin. Screaming in pain, Lita finally took a look at her hands, they were covered in blood red fur, and her palms had thickened and now resembled the pads of a paw, and her forearms looked as though they had expanded. Her fingers had lengthened and now ended in razor sharp claws.

"No," Lita said, to herself, as she scrambled toward the mirror, pulling herself up on the dresser, Lita once again saw the same nine foot wolf creature staring back. It was then it dawned on her, the wolf was her. Once this had dawned on her, one word flowed into her head, werewolf.

"I've become a Werewolf," Lita said to herself as she fell onto her bed, no longer able to hold her tears in. Her heightened hearing picked up the bed's creaking as it adjusted to her new weight, as she fell to her pillow and began crying her eyes out.

"What's going to happen to me now?" Lita asked, herself, as she fought back her tears, "do I go nuts and massacre my friends, or do I go on a blood thirsty rampage and kill anyone?" Lita sat on her bed crying for a good twenty minutes, it was then her longer arm hit her back pack knocking her communicator out. Lita looked at the pink device for a few minutes deep down she wanted to call her friends, maybe Serena could bring her wand over and change her back to normal. But then another, more likely thought, hit her if she called her friends in her current form, they would think SHE was a Negamonster who'd kidnapped Lita. Once again Lita buried her wolf head in her pillow; waiting for the blood thirst she knew was coming to take control.

She sat there for an hour, waiting but nothing happened; she hadn't gone nuts, nor craved human flesh. In fact she never felt better. Slowly Lita marshaled the guts to try and stand up. This time she had better luck, though she was still unused to her new from, she finally managed to stand up, though once again she hit her head on the ceiling.

"Did I have to grow this tall?" Lita grumbled, rubbing her head, she then looked down at her new self; her body was effectively cut like a diamond, lined with muscles that she never imagined she would possess.

"I guess I'd better make the best of things," Lita finally said, "apparently the legends of Werewolves being blood thirsty ugly killers are all wrong. In fact I actually look rather nice." It was then she felt her stomach grumble, she'd never felt so hungry before in her life.

"But first thing's first," Lita said, and for the first time since she'd transformed, she smiled.

What normally was a five second walk, took nearly fifteen minutes. For Lita learning to walk on her new legs was like learning to crawl. It felt as though she was walking on her tip toes, which was what she was effectively doing, and every few feet she fell flat on her face, till at last she reached her kitchen. Lita stumbled her way to the refrigerator, and quickly took out a large raw stake, it didn't take her long to devour it, after licking the stake bits from between her new fangs with her tongue, Lita shook her wolf head to clear any bits that had fallen onto her fur or into her flowing red main.

At first Lita had been terrified of what she'd become, but now she was starting to like it. Once again she looked at the creature in the glass of her balcony window, and this time she didn't freak out, in fact she kind of liked the "new" Lita.

She slowly she stood up, and once again struck her head on the ceiling, and this time she began laughing. It was then she began to sniff the various flowers that lined her apartment, and for the first time began picking up scents that she'd never noticed before, even the colors of the flowers seemed brighter then normal.

"I wonder what other powers I have," Lita thought to herself, as she opened the sliding glass door, it was then she gazed at the full moon that hung in the sky.

"Well I guess Hollywood got something right," Lita said to herself. The moment she stepped onto her balcony her heightened senses were nearly over whelmed with the sights, smells, and sounds of the city. She could hear the faintest whisper from nearly five miles away, and the colors of the city's various objects and buildings seemed to be enhanced, as well as the bright lights from the down town district.

Lita had only just recently learned to walk on her new legs, when she placed on of her clawed feet on the railing. Breathing in, Lita squatted down, causing her huge thigh muscles to bunch up, and slowly she rose into the air. Her destination was the building across the street, but to Lita's amazement she over shot the building landing on one nearly six blocks away. To her even greater amazement, she landed without so much as a sound, despite her giant size.

"Okay," Lita said, "add I can jump nearly six blocks in addition to being able to transform in the light of a full moon." She flexed her furry arm, and was greeted by a 15 inch bicep.

"I wonder if these muscles I've got are as strong as they look?" Lita asked herself, out of the corner of her yellow eye she spotted an abandoned construction site two blocks from where she was. Jumping down from the building, Lita ran toward the site, to her amazement she reached it in only a few seconds.

"I guess I can add super speed to the list," Lita said to herself, as she slowly made her way into the construction site, Lita began looking for the heaviest thing she could find. It didn't take her long to find something; a 12 ton crane near the entrance to the yard was perfect. Breathing in Lita placed her clawed hands under one of the crane's treads and with all her might lifted it.

To Lita's shock and amazement she lifted the 12 ton behemoth like it was paper.

"I guess I'm stronger then just about anyone in the city now," Lita said, as she placed the crane down, "lets see, I've got super strength, super speed, heightened senses, super agility, and I can transform, but only in the light of a full moon." It was then Lita's heightened sense of smell picked up a rather familiar scent, blood from the Werewolf who'd given her these new powers.

"Well well boys," a familiar voice said from behind her, "it seems we missed one." Lita spun around just in time to spot the same three Vampires who had killed Aladon.

"What do you creeps want?" Lita snarled, bearing her fangs.

"Seems like this Packer has a little spunk," another Vampire replied, "sorry beautiful, this city is Clan turf, and your kind doesn't belong here." He drew his silver sword, and brought it down, striking Lita in the shoulder. The pain was twice as unbearable as her transformation had been.

"So they're right about Silver harming a Werewolf," Lita said, to herself, as she watched the gash in her shoulder begin to heal.

"What's wrong puppy," one of the Vampires said, "chicken." Lita began feeling something begin welling up in her, her yellow eyes turned almost blood red, and she finally lunged at her attackers. With one swipe of her claws she slashed open one of the Vampire's necks, before grabbing his sword and plunging it into the heart of another. Lita growled like a wild beast as she eyed the Vampire leader, who drew a 9mm hand gun from beneath his trench coat but to his shock he found he'd forgotten to load it. Lita grabbed the gun and crushed it beneath her left paw, before grabbing the remaining Vampire by the collar.

"Please I give up," the Vampire pleaded, but Lita would hear none of it, she tore into the Vampire's neck, with her razor sharp fangs, ripping his throat out, before tossing his lifeless body to the ground.

Lita stood there for a few moments, before returning to her normal state of mind. The sight before her was appalling, three dead Vampires, all with their throats slashed, or impaled with his own weapon. It was then Lita tasted the blood in her mouth, and saw her blood covered paws. Once again tears began welling up in her eyes.

"I'm a monster after all," Lita said to herself, it was then she spotted a small shack across the street, written on top of the shack, in bright letters was: Supernatural R Us. Lita didn't even bother asking herself why, all she wanted now was a cure.

Location: Supernatural R Us, a few minutes later

Alexander De Gara was unique among the Packs, a half-breed, the child of a pureblood father and a Vampire mother, he had all the powers of a Werewolf, yet unlike his pureblood brethren, both Vampire and Werewolf, he couldn't transform into a wolf, or a bat. He was tall, about six feet, and clad in all black, with his trademark black trench coat, cowboy hat, and cow boy boots. De Gara was relaxing, with his feet on the desk, and his face buried in a comic book when the door to his shop busted open.

"We're closed," De Gara said, as he summoned one of his claws, to slice another piece of pizza.

"YOU'VE GOT TO HELP ME," a female voice said, "I've become a monster."

"Let me guess," De Gara said, without even looking up from his book, "first time in the fur, had yourself a case of Blood Rage?" He reached down and drew a silver .350 Magnum hand gun, "you might want to duck." He fired a shot, a silver bullet, it was then a loud shriek filled the air, as another Vampire fell to the ground.

"Damn I hate those guys," De Gara said, as he put down his book, and placed his gun back in his holster "now what was your problem?"

Lita finally got up shaking after the events that had just transpired.

"I've become a monster," Lita finally said, "I killed three men out there in cold blood." De Gara didn't say anything as he spun kicked her in the stomach.

"Don't ever call those monsters men missy," De Gara roared, as he drew a silver sword, "you call yourself a Werewolf. You think Blood Rage makes you a monster, typical First Timers that's just a natural part of things, every Wolf or Bat goes through it, even Half-Breeds like myself. Those men you killed were monsters." Lita didn't know what to say.

"But I killed them," Lita finally said, "please do you know of a cure for this?"

"There is no cure," De Gara replied, "once you've gone through your first transformation, your part of the pack for the remainder of your life, which for the record has been greatly extended." It was then Lita began to break down.

"Relax," De Gara said, "First Timers, unbelievable. Look Blood Rage only happens when you get really angry while in Wolf form, other then that we Lycans and Protectors have protected Man from the Vampire Clans since ancient times."

"What do you mean?" Lita asked, De Gara didn't say anything, as he pulled a dusty old book from the shelf, and handed it to her.

"This is the Tome of the Moon," De Gara added, "it'll explain all of your powers, as well as the history of the Clan-Pack War, you also look like someone who needs a master, and since I'm the only other werewolf around, despite the fact I'm only Half Werewolf that leaves me elected." He tossed her a piece of paper, "meet me there tomorrow night, we have much to discuss." He then shoved Lita out the door, and went back to his book.

Lita ran home as fast as her wolf legs could carry her, hoping and praying no one would see her in her new form. Fortunately she reached her apartment just as the sun was rising. She quickly jumped back to her apartment, just as she was beginning to transform back to her normal self.

Location: Lita's Apartment, an hour later

The night's events were still running through Lita's mind, even as she got dressed, and for the first time she saw the damage her transformation had inflicted on her clothing, her pajamas were in tatters. Once she was finished putting on her green school uniform Lita made her way over to the calendar.

"If I'm going to keep my lycanthropy a secret," Lita said to herself, "I can't let anyone see me transform or see me in my wolf form." She flipped through her calendar and marked off all nights when there was a full moon. She then turned her attention to the book De Gara had given her. She slowly flipped through the pages, and to her shock she found out she could transform anytime she wanted, in addition to the nights of a full moon, though her powers would be in a much weaker state.

"This complicates things," Lita said to herself, "I can transform when ever I feel like it, especially if I get angry, excited, or scared," she began thinking about her friends, and the fear Lita was beginning to feel about her friends discovering that she was a werewolf almost caused her to transform right there and then. At first she wanted to tell the other Scouts about her new powers, but then she thought about what would happen if she transformed in front of them, or they saw her as a werewolf, "its best that they don't know about my new powers. If I know Amy she'll think I'm a lab experiment, or they might even try and cure me." It was strange the previous night a cure was all she wanted; now Lita suddenly didn't want to be cured.

"I wonder what effect my Sailor Scout powers will have on me in my wolf form," Lita asked herself, she made a mental note to experiment with that when she got home from school, it was then her thoughts turned to the issue of Blood Rage, she began to wonder what would happen if she lost it again, next time it might not be three punks, it might be an innocent person, or worse it might be one of her friends.

"I guess I better not lose my temper when I'm in wolf form," Lita said to herself, "I also better think of a name to call myself when ever I'm in wolf form. I mean if I call myself Lita or Sailor Jupiter if the others see me in wolf form, they will figure out my secret," she thought for few moments it was then her thoughts drifted back to the blood red color of her fur, and the bright full moon she'd seen the previous night. It was then a name formed in her mind.

"Blood Moon," Lita said to herself, "I'll call myself Blood Moon when ever I transform."

Stay tuned for Part II: First Day, First Battle