Sailor Moon: The Last Werewolf

BY Dragonfang33

Part V


Location: Rooftops of Tokyo, near the Tsukino Household

The moment Lita hit the roof of the building across the street from Serena's house, she couldn't help but gaze behind herself, at how far she'd just jumped, either way she sliced it, being able to jump six blocks, or cover nearly 12 blocks in under 2 minutes was something that until last night was something she thought had been impossible, clearly she was beginning to once again have second thoughts about spending the rest of her life as a Werewolf.

"You know a girl can actually grow to like this," Lita said to herself, "all in all being a Werewolf seems to be better then being human."

"How about keep it down," De Gara said, turning his attention from watching Serena's house, "Evolving Cubs, can't keep themselves under control for more then ten seconds, or keep their egos in check."

"I heard that," Lita replied, "or have you forgotten I have super hearing?"

"You know," De Gara said, "You've only had your powers for one full day, and I'm already contemplating putting Wolfsbane in you myself," he quickly changed the subject, "if you want to know the coast is clear." De Gara and Lita made their way down from the roof, and made their way toward Serena's house. However before they reached the door, Lita's heightened sense of smell picked up a scent that nearly drove her crazy.

"DE GARA," Lita snarled, grabbing his arm, "THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG, I SMELL, BLOOD."

"Thanks for the information Wolfie," De Gara said, pointing to her arm, "now move it or lose it." De Gara pushed open the door, resting one hand on one of his pistols, and slowly made his way in, the room itself was pitchblack, with the only light coming from the kitchen.

"What can you see," De Gara asked, Lita's eyed became more wolf like, allowing her to see in the dark.

"BLOOD," Lita replied, barely able to keep herself under control, "lots of it."

"Come on," De Gara said, "but be careful, and try to keep yourself under control, the last thing I need is you going ballistic." The two made their way toward the kitchen, once there they found Ikuko Tsukino, lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

"Mrs. Tsukino," Lita shouted, as she raced to Ikuko's aid, however the moment she felt blood on her hand, Lita sat there looking at her blood covered hand for a few seconds, she tried to keep her instincts under control, then it dawned on her she wanted to taste the blood on her hand.

'No,' Lita thought to herself, 'I'm a Human Being, a Sailor Scout. I'm not a wolf.' But it was no use, whether she wanted to admit it or not she was human only in appearance, her DNA, her mind, all told her that like it or not she was a wolf. Breathing in heavily, she began licking the blood from her hand, trying to sedate her craving. No sooner had her tongue touched the blood, she felt a hand tighten around her. What she saw next sent shockwaves through her, Ikuko stood up, opening her eyes which had turned death black, and letting out a snarl that sounded as inhuman as it could get.

"DE GARA," Lita shouted, as she extended her claws, "DE GARA GET IN HERE."

"This had better be good," De Gara said, as he came into view, "I was," De Gara didn't have a chance to finish his statement, "WHOA."

"Boss," a voice over the radio in his ear said, "what's wrong?"

"GHOULS," De Gara replied, drawing one of his hand guns.

"DE GARA NO," Lita shouted, "its Mrs.," she didn't have a chance to finish her statement before a gunshot echoed through out the house. Ikuko let out a scream as a silver bullet passed through her heart, ejecting its contents, a stream of liquid sunlight into her blood stream, setting her on fire from the inside out.

"You shot Mrs. Tsukino," Lita said.

"LOOK AT HER NECK," De Gara shouted, pointing to the two puncture wounds on the side of her neck, "THOSE ARE VAMPIRE BITE MARKS." Before De Gara had a chance to finish his statement, he was grabbed from behind. It was very rare for a veteran Protector to be ambushed, especially by a Ghoul, and for De Gara it was an embarrassment, as he tried to get the Ghoul that was once Kenji Tsukino off of him.

"I COULD USE SOME HELP HERE," De Gara said, trying to shake the Ghoul off, by slamming him into every wall he could find. Yet Lita just sat there, looking over the body that was once Ikuko Tsukino, she was white as a sheet.

"SOS," De Gara shouted, as he fell to the floor, still trying to get the Ghoul off him, still Lita didn't move.

"MAYDAY," De Gara yelled, still trying to break lose, finally his cries for help snapped her out of her daydream.

"Sorry," Lita said, with a dazed tone to her voice, "do you need some help?"

"HELP WOULD BE VERY NICE," De Gara shouted, as he slammed the Ghoul into the table. It was at that moment; the Ghoul set eyes on Lita, and lunged toward her. Lita barely was able to get out of the way as the Ghoul attempted to sink his teeth into her shoulder. The Ghoul turned to her, bearing what little teeth it had left, and once again charged toward her. Lita quickly extended her claws, and with all her might slashed the Ghoul in the face, to her amazement her claws cut through the Ghoul's skin like it wasn't even there, slashing off half of his face.

"Whoa," Lita said, looking at her hand, "didn't know my claws were that strong." The Ghoul let out an ear shattering screech, forcing Lita to cover her ears. It was then the Ghoul once again charged toward her. Lita this time managed to leap over the Ghoul landing on the other side, and with out even thinking about it, plunged her fist right through him. The Ghoul grunted before finally falling over.

Lita stood over the body of what had once been Kenji Tsukino, looking at her blood covered hand; her yellow eyes were beginning to fill with tears.

"Took you long enough," De Gara said, snapping Lita out of her daydream, "what were doing taking a coffee break?"

"I'm sorry," Lita replied, "I've just never had to kill my best friend's family before."

"Don't worry I'm fine," De Gara said, annoyed, "right now we'd better focus on finding the little brat and the big brat." It was at that moment Lita's attention turned toward Serena.

"Serena," Lita said, as she bolted toward Serena's bed room.

"Will you," De Gara said, angrily, as he followed her, "God you're worse then my last customer."

Lita burst through the door to Serena's bedroom, neither Serena, Sammy nor Rini was anywhere to be found, but the room itself was covered in blood, and scattered body parts, bits of skin were scattered across the floor, walls, and bed. The only thing that identified their victim as a young boy were the tattered bits of clothing that were scattered across the room. For De Gara this was something all too common, especially with newly transformed Vampires, but for Lita, even though she was a Werewolf, she still felt sick to her stomach at the site before her.

"De Gara," Lita asked, "can I borrow your hat?"

"Why," De Gara asked, removing his cowboy hat.

"Because I'm going to puke in it," Lita replied, trying desperately to hold her lunch in.

"Not on your life wolfie," De Gara said, "do that and I'll kill you myself," he placed his hat back on his head, it was at that moment De Gara heard what sounded like scrapping coming from the closet.

"Cover me," De Gara said, as he made his way over to the closet, his hand was resting on the hilt of one of his pistols, as he slowly opened the door. Almost as if on queue a pitch black cat leapt out of the closet, and right onto Lita.

"LITA," Luna shouted, completely ignoring the fact that De Gara was in the room, "THANK THE MOON, YOU'RE OKAY."

"What happened," Lita asked

"Did I miss something," De Gara added, "since when do cats talk?" Lita wasn't listening; instead she was more focused on finding out what happened.

"What happened here Luna," Lita asked

"It was Serena," Luna replied, "she turned into some sort of bat creature, and just attack Sammy."

"What," De Gara asked.

"She said," Lita replied, "That Serena turned into some kind of creature," De Gara cut Lita off right there.

"Oh no," De Gara shouted, as he bolted down the stairs, with Lita and Luna not far behind. De Gara didn't say anything, as he peered through the darkness.

"De Gara what's wrong?" Lita asked

"How could I be so stupid," De Gara said, to himself, "She's no where in sight."

"What's wrong," Lita asked, again.

"She's been," De Gara replied, "bitten by a Vampire," he then turned his attention to Luna, "did you overhear anything, like where she was going?"

"No," Luna replied, "I was too busy hiding in the closet."

"And wetting yourself," De Gara asked

"Very funny," Luna replied, "NOW WOULD YOU EXPLANE WHAT IS GOING ON," it was then Luna took notice of Lita's eyes, "AND WHAT'S WITH YOUR EYES LITA?"

"Uh," Lita replied, trying not to reveal her secret to Luna, "I don't know what you're talking about Luna, I guess it's just the light in here."

"Enough," De Gara said, "can you tell us anything useful, or have I just found my new throw rug."

"I heard the men who attacked us talking," Luna replied, "They mentioned something about taking Rini to the Rose Mansion."

"Then it's to the Rose Mansion," De Gara said, before taking his leave.

"Wait," Lita asked, "What about Serena, I mean we have to find her."

"Trust me," De Gara replied, "you don't want to find her."

"But why," Lita pleaded, "we have to help her, she'd never abandon me or any of the other scouts."

"Abandon you," De Gara replied, "you're friends don't even know what you are, she's Nosferatu, a Vampire, you're a Lycan, a Werewolf."

"Lita," Luna asked, "What's he talking about?"

"What does that have to do with anything?" Lita asked, angrily, trying to keep from transforming.

"The moment you became a Werewolf," De Gara continued, "you became part of this war, a war of extermination between Vampires and Werewolves, and if your friend has become a Vampire, well she's not your friend anymore."

"YOU'RE LYING," Lita shouted, not wanting to believe what she had just heard.

"The hatred between Vampire and Werewolf," De Gara said, "is something you can't control, it's in your blood wolfie," it was then De Gara changed the subject, "right now we have to focus on finding the brat before those fang heads do something, let's just say you don't want to know," just as he was about to take his leave, De Gara stopped in his tracks, "oh and don't tell Melvin I," he suddenly hear the sound of laughing over the radio in his ear, "left my radio on again didn't I?"

Location: Negamoon Starship Avenging Wrath, over Tokyo, a half hour later

"Shall I stop it Rubius?" Avery asked, Rubius and a small phantom like entity remained silent, as they remained focus on Sailor Jupiter's transformation from Human to Werewolf.

"No," Rubius replied, "let it run a little longer," he turned his attention to the phantom like entity standing next to him, "Wiseman why do you think that Sailor Scout found it necessary to change to this form?"

"I don't know Rubius," Wiseman said, "I find it most interesting though."

"I know," Rubius added, "this was a power I didn't realize that Sailor Scout possessed, what disturbs me is the idea that there might be more like her out there."

"Oh do tell it Rubius," Avery asked, happily.

"It's an old 20th Century story I heard before we were exiled," Rubius replied, laughing, "a story of Humans with the power to change into Wolves in the light of a Full Moon, Lycanthropes I believe they were called, they even had a name for one of them: Werewolves."

"Well she obviously not an average," Avery added, "what did you call it, Wolf-were, because there isn't a Full Moon for another month."

"Most interesting," Wiseman added, "someone with that kind of power would make a powerful ally, Avery see if you can locate that Sailor Scout, or any like her, and bring them to me."

"Of course Wiseman," Avery replied, as she passed through one of the mirrors that hung on the wall.

Location: Just outside the Rose Mansion, an hour later

Lita had spent the better part of an hour telling Luna about everything that had happened to her, from being bitten by the Aladon in the park, to the fight at the supermarket. Of course the part about the supermarket battle was all that was needed to send Luna into a panic.

"YOU MEAN THAT WOLF CREATURE WAS YOU!!!" Luna said, trying desperately to avoid having a Heart Attack.

"Yes," Lita replied

"Well why didn't you say something Lita," Luna asked, "If we had known," De Gara cut her off.

"You would still have attacked us," De Gara added.

"No we wouldn't have," Luna replied, "Lita why didn't you tell us, Sailor Moon could have made you normal again." Lita fell silent for a few moments before forming a reply.

"I don't want to be normal," Lita said, sending shock waves through Luna's body, "truth is I like what I've become."

"What are you trying to say Lita," Luna replied, "you can't like being a Werewolf, I mean turning into a monster at every Full Moon?"

"No," Lita said, cutting Luna off, "you're wrong Luna, I like being a Werewolf."

"Funny," De Gara added, turning his attention away from spying on the Mansion, "Back at the restraint you were begging me for a cure, what brought about the change of heart?"

"Lately I just can't shake the feeling," Lita replied, "that I was always meant to be a Werewolf, I mean ever since my transformation at the supermarket, I've been feeling like having these powers was my real destiny," she began smiling at how stupid her explanation sounded, "also my Werewolf powers do come in handy."

"I don't mean to change the subject," De Gara said, "but has anyone seen," he was cut off by the sound an ear splitting scream, as a young boy on a bike came flying through the darkness, and plowed head first into a tree.

"Never mind," De Gara added, as he went over to Melvin's aid, "Keep this up kid and your dentist will be able to retire."

"Very funny," Melvin added.

"Tell me," De Gara said, "you didn't forget to bring what I asked?"

"Of course not," Melvin replied, handing De Gara a small suit case.

"Good," De Gara said, "at least you're good for something, other then crashing through a window, and trying to send me to a quick and painful death."

"Okay one question," Lita continued, "what's in the suit case?"

"My girlfriend Betsy," De Gara replied, as he set the suitcase down.

"One small girlfriend," Lita added, "what did you do chop her up?" De Gara didn't reply, as he removed a wrist mounted crossbow from the suitcase.

"Lita," De Gara said, "meet Betsy." Lita didn't know weather to be embarrassed or angry, for falling for the oldest joke in the book.

"Now," De Gara continued, "I do believe we have a party to crash."

"Well good luck," Melvin said, as he climbed on his bike.

"Where do you think you're going," De Gara asked, grabbing Melvin by the collar of his shirt.

"Home," Melvin asked, it was then he took notice of the look to De Gara's face, "OH NO, LOOK I'M NOT A FIELD MAN."

"Tough luck," De Gara replied, "let's go."

"But De Gara wait," Melvin said, chasing after him, "De Gara I don't want to go on a mission of certain death, again." But it was too late.

"So do you have any idea on how we get in," Lita inquired, "I mean the last time I checked I'm a Werewolf not a Chameleon, and you're a what ever."

"Working on it," De Gara replied, with an annoyed tone to his voice, at that moment De Gara and Lita's heightened hearing picked up the sounds of someone approaching, a young couple suddenly emerged from the darkness. One was a young woman dressed in a dark green evening gown embroidered with bright pink roses. The other was a young man dressed in a pitch black tuxedo; both of them were also wearing bright white masks.

"Problem solved," De Gara added

"Wait a minute," Luna said, "You're not seriously thinking of attacking them?"

"Let me think," De Gara replied, "YES."

Location: Hidden Chamber, Beneath the Rose Manner

The hidden chamber was circular in shape, with no fewer then three levels. On the top and middle levels rows of Vampire Troopers, all of whom wore pitch black uniforms with heavy black flack jackets and featureless face shields over their faces, stood at attention with their M16 and M4A2 rifles held across their chests. On the lower level was a large pool, filled with what appeared to be blood.

Blackheart entered the room, flanked by his Dark Lycan Bodyguards. He proceeded to toss Rini to the floor.

"What do you want?" Rini asked, "I haven't done anything to you."

"Patience," Blackheart said, pulling a dagger from beneath his cape, "you'll find out in due time."

Location: Near the entrance of the Rose Mansion, a few minutes later

Lita was still breathing heavily, even after she'd knocked the young woman out, and taken her gown. It was her first time hunting in the wilderness, and compared to what had happened at the market, it felt more natural, more exhilarating.

'I guess,' Lita thought to herself, 'getting use to these new instincts is going to take some time.' It was then she spotted the body of the woman she'd knocked out, and suddenly a wave of fear washed over her, she began to wonder what would have happened if De Gara hadn't been standing behind her, or she'd been hunting for a meal?

"Good job," De Gara said, "now we can at least get in with out attracting attention," the trio began making their way toward the mansion.

"Alright," De Gara continued, "Listen carefully, Vampire Hunting 101, Crosses, Holy Water, Garlic, Stakes, Running Water, and the like don't do squat, trust me I've lost count of how many churches I've been called in to clear out, and how many Vampires I've found eating Garlic Pizza. So Rule #1: forget what you've read in comic books and seen in movies. Silver only strips a Vampire of his/her disguise for 24 hours making them vulnerable to sunlight," he handed her one of his pistols, "you know how to use that wolfie?"

"I'm a fast learner," Lita replied, as she hid the weapon in her gown's side pocket.

"Round's already chambered," De Gara continued, "Hollowed Silver Bullets filled with Liquid Sunlight, you aim directly for the heart, in your wolf form make sure you bite them directly in the neck. Miss and you'll find yourself on the menu or in your case Drawn and Quartered and then placed on the menu." Lita swallowed hard, at that thought.

"Pardon Measure and Madame," the bouncer at the front door said, "do you have invitations?" De Gara simply smiled. The next thing the bouncer felt was De Gara's fist slamming into his face, and his body slamming into the wall behind him.

"Wait here," De Gara said, as Melvin moved the bouncer's body into the near by bushes.

"Thank you," Melvin replied, "so what do I have to do this time?"

"Well," De Gara replied, "just make sure no one else gets in after us, and if they happen to be Vampires, well scream like a little girl, run around like a maniac, and jump through the window." Melvin's face turned red with embarrassment.

"Come on," Melvin added, "I've only done that twice."

"A day," De Gara replied, before turning his attention to Lita, "well let's go crash this party." Before Lita could even form a reply, De Gara had dragged her in.

Location: Main Ball Room, Rose Manson, a few minutes later

The Ball Room was a light with activity; the sounds of classical music echoed through out the room, the guests danced the night away, or were talking about the latest world events or scientific theories.

"I hate these kinds of parties," De Gara said, as he scanned the room for any signs of Vampires, "Nothing good to drink, no pizza, too bright."

"Come on," Lita added, "you got to admit you need to get out of that stuffy store of yours," it was then she spotted the buffet table, "Excuse me a minute." Overcome by desperate hunger, Lita bolted over to the buffet.

"You've got to be kidding," De Gara mumbled to himself, as he took a seat near the entrance.

Lita's eyes lit up with joy when she gazed upon the buffet table, she filled her plate to the point where it would burst, and made her way back to the table where De Gara was sitting, and with out even saying anything dove head first into her meal.

"Sheesh," De Gara said, taking notice of everyone staring at them, "do you think you could maybe show a little control when it comes to running up one hell of a catering bill?"

"Sorry," Lita said, in between bites, "Weren't you the one who said I have to feed before and after a transformation, I mean if I have to transform, I'd like to be at full strength this time."

"Yeah but," De Gara replied, "I didn't mean make a complete pig out of yourself."

"Hay even before I became a Werewolf I liked to eat," Lita said

"I figured that part out when you ran my bank account to zero with your feast at the restaurant," De Gara replied

Lita reached for a glass of orange juice that was sitting on the table, and inadvertently crushed it; spilling the contents all over her dress. Of all the powers Lita had gained since becoming a Werewolf, her increased strength was the hardest one to control. All day, she'd inadvertently crushed door knobs, ripped class room doors from their hinges, and rather embarrassingly smashed one of the local arcade's video games, after it froze.

"Great, do I have to be this strong in my Human form," Lita grumbled under her breath, as she tried to wipe the juice from her dress, "I can't even hold a glass for more then three seconds with out crushing it, and I can't go anywhere with out running up a massive bill for damages." De Gara though wasn't paying attention, instead he was focused his attention on a young man near the far end of the room.

"HAY," Lita said, trying to gain De Gara's attention, "are you even listening?"

"I'm sorry," De Gara replied, snapping out of his daydream, "did you say something important, or do you just enjoy the pleasure of striking up a meaningless conversation?"

Lita silently counted to ten to keep from putting her fist through De Gara's face.


"How about cool your jets Wolfie," De Gara replied, "before you start sprouting excess hair all over yourself," Lita sat down, trying desperately to keep from transforming in public.

"Now," De Gara continued, "down to business, take a look behind you," Lita spun around to see what De Gara was talking about, but all she could see were guests having a good time, and what looked to be two security guards, dressed in tuxedoes, on the edge of the crowd.

"Notice anything strange," De Gara asked

"No," Lita replied

"Let me rephrase that," De Gara added, "Do you smell anything strange?" Lita couldn't help but laugh at De Gara's comment.

"You've got to be kidding," Lita replied, "I can't smell that far away."

"You're a Werewolf aren't you," De Gara asked, "DO THE MATH?"

"Oh right," Lita replied, remembering that her sense of smell had drastically improved since her first transformation. She took a deep breath, and was suddenly over come by the stench of rotting flesh.

"OH GOD," Lita said, as she placed her had over her nose, "What is that?"

"Smells like rotting flesh," De Gara asked, "and possibly coming from those two suits over by the wall?"

"How did you know?" Lita asked

"When you've been fighting a war for over one hundred years you tend to learn a few things about your enemy," De Gara replied, quickly changing the subject, "Well let's go save the brat."

Location: Hidden Chamber, Beneath the Rose Manner

Blackheart held Rini down; as he prepared to plunge the dagger he'd drawn into her chest. Rini let out an ear shattering scream, as the room suddenly began to fill with raw moon energy. The energy seemed to swirl about the room, before connecting with the pool of blood in the center.

"Yes," Blackheart said, "now for the final touch," he brought the dagger down, plunging it into Rini's wrist; a stream of blood began flowing from the wound and into the pool.

High above the ceremony, De Gara and Lita looked, on as a figure, covered in blood seemed to rise from the pool.

"What's going on?" Lita asked

"I have no idea," De Gara replied, out of the corner he spotted Rini lying on the ground, her wrist slashed open by Blackheart's dagger.

"We can debate about what they're up to later," De Gara added, "right now I think the best thing we can do is save the brat before those Vampires have her for a midnight snack."

"So what's the plan," Lita inquired

"One," De Gara replied, "I'll create a distraction, two you get the brat, and three we run out of hear screaming like lunatics with an army of blood sucking creatures of the night chasing after us." De Gara slowly drew his remaining handgun, and aimed it at the Vampire closest to him, slowly he squeezed the trigger, and the gun roared to life. The Vampire De Gara was aiming for, barely had a chance to look up before the Silver Bullet tore into his heart. The Vampire seemed to burst into flames as the liquid sunlight in De Gara's bullet seeped into his blood stream.

"PROTECTOR," One of the Vampires shouted, as the room erupted in gunfire, De Gara leapt from the ledge he and Lita were standing on drawing the sword that was lashed to his back. Before any of the Vampires had a chance to return fire, De Gara plunged his blade into the hearts of two of the closest Vampires, and like before they erupted in flames.

"STOP HIM," Blackheart snarled, "we can't let him stop the ritual, not when we're so close." The remaining Vampires closed in around De Gara, who simply stood his ground, with a smile to his face.

"Fifty against one," De Gara said, with a snicker, "not good, for you guys." As the sounds of De Gara's blade clashing with those of the Vampires began echoing through out the room, Lita slowly made her way down one of the columns that supported the chamber's roof.

Once she'd reached ground level, Lita made her way to where Rini was lying, as quietly as she could.

"Lita," Rini moaned, as she spotted her friend in the shadows, "run."

"Don't worry Rini," Lita said, as she pulled the knife from Rini's wrist. Quickly Lita tore a small part of her gown, and tied it around the wound in Rini's wrist. No sooner had Lita removed the knife from Rini's wrist, when she noticed the figure emerging from the pool; seem to dissolve right back into it.

"NO," Blackheart roared, as he grabbed Lita from behind, "THE RITUAL ISN'T COMPLETED."

"Bad idea pal," Lita replied, as she plunged her elbow into Blackheart's chest, knocking the Vampire Lord across the room.

"YOU'LL PAY FOR THAT HUMAN," Blackheart snarled, as he drew his sword.

"Not quite," Lita said, as she pulled out her transformation stick, "JUPITER POWER!" In the space of a few seconds Sailor Jupiter stood where Lita had once been.

"A Sailor Scout," Blackheart said, laughing, "This should be over quickly."

"Wrong answer again," Jupiter said, smiling, the fingers of her gloves suddenly erupted as her claws once again sprouted, she could feel her teeth begin lengthening to form her fangs, her eyes turned feral yellow, "I'm not just a Sailor Scout anymore."

"You're a Werewolf," Blackheart said, with a sinister grin to his face, "perfect; this will make killing you all the more sweeter."

"Not if I kill you first," Jupiter said, as she launched her first attack on the Vampire Lord, to her shock, Blackheart plunged his fist into her stomach, knocking the breath from her.

"Pathetic," Blackheart snarled, he raised his sword high over his head, and prepared to plow it into Jupiter's back, but just before he did, Jupiter once again began drawing raw electrical energy into her body, and just like back at the store, Jupiter discharged a burst of pure lightning at the Vampire Lord, blasting him clear across the room.

"A lucky shot Packer," Blackheart snarled, as he regained his footing, his left hand slowly began to glow bright red, "But not lucky enough." He discharged a burst of pure red energy at Jupiter, this time knocking her off her feet. Jupiter struggled to regain her foot, but found to her shock she found she couldn't move, solid red energy was pinning her to the ground. It was then she saw Blackheart standing over her, holding his saber above her heart.

De Gara plunged his sword into the heart of the final Vampire warrior, when the Vampire burst into flames, its disintegrating body covering him in soot. It was at the moment he spotted Jupiter, just as Blackheart was about to plunge his sword into her heart, De Gara drew one of his knives and hurled the knife at Blackheart.

Jupiter shut her eyes tightly expecting to feel the burning sting of Wolf's Bane pollen coursing through her veins, yet all she heard was an ear splitting shriek. She gazed up just in time to see Blackheart fall backwards, his shoulder torn apart by a bullet.

"COME ON," De Gara shouted, as he grabbed Jupiter by the arm.

"KILL THEM," Blackheart shouted, as he held the burning wound in his arm. No sooner had he given the order then the surviving Vampires turned their assault rifles on the two warriors, and opened up. With Jupiter and De Gara pinned down, Blackheart turned his attention back to Rini, who'd taken cover behind a near by pillar. With his remaining strength Blackheart clenched his sword tightly, this time, he planned to do far worse then plunge a knife into her wrist.

"We've got to stop him," Jupiter shouted, as a swarm of bullets exploded around her.


"Can you keep them pinned down," Jupiter asked.

"I can try," De Gara replied, "but a hand gun against a bunch of assault rifles, isn't exactly going to last long."

"Do what you can," Jupiter said, the moment De Gara opened fire, Jupiter raced into the open, relying on her Werewolf Speed, to get through the hail of gunfire that was erupting all around her.

Blackheart stood over Rini like an angel of death, his saber raised high over his head, just as he was about to bring the blade down upon the little girl, he felt a fist slam into his stomach, knocking him to the ground.

"Come on Rini," Jupiter said, as she lifted the injured girl up, and with a final burst of speed, raced back to where De Gara was expending his final clip.

"Good," De Gara said, "now let's get out of here before more Bats show up." Blackheart slowly regained his footing just in time to see Jupiter and De Gara vanish into the darkened passage way.

"My Lord," one of the Vampires said, racing to his side.

"GET AWAY," Blackheart snarled.

"Shouldn't we go after them," the Vampire inquired.

"No," Blackheart replied, as he gazed into the pool of blood.

"My Lord," the vampire continued, "we can catch them, if you'll."

"And risk exposing our selves before my father is resurrected," Blackheart replied, "you maybe willing to risk that Captain, but I'm not," he soon changed the subject, "that Werewolf, and that Protector could a bigger problem then I thought."

"My Lord," the vampire said, "if it pleases you, we may have someone who has information relating to that Werewolf."

"That's the first good news I've heard all night," Blackheart replied, "bring this person to me, I'll interrogate her personally."

"As you wish my lord," the vampire replied as he saluted.

Stay Tuned for Part VI: Werewolf vs. Vampire

PS: Sorry if this chapter reads a little funky, or is poorly written I've had tons of school work to do the past few days.