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The door creaked open. "Hi Ruth," came Randolph's voice. He stopped when he saw Ted. "Your Highness, King Edward." He said with a bow.

"Lord Randolph." Ted said, returning the bow.

"Hi Randolph." Ruth said, bringing the attention back to her and breaking the awkward silence.

"You were about to say something." Ted said impatiently.

"Randolph, I was just about to tell him." Ruth said, giving Randolph the signals with her eyes.

"oh, ok." He said, slightly hesitant.

He walked over and sat down next to Ruth, who then without a second thought wrapped her arm around his waist, and planted a kiss on his cheek, which Randolph gladly returned.

Ted froze in his tracks. He had just seen his cousin kiss one of his good friends. Slightly disturbing, but not as disturbing as the fact that she had kissed someone… He stood up, "wow, didn't expect it that big." He said, as Randolph and Ruth chucked.

"When?" he asked.

"a couple of weeks ago."

"WHAT! And you didn't tell me?" he asked slightly enraged.

"yeah well…" Ruth shrugged, Ted just glared.

"well, I'm happy to say that I'm actually happy for you. Have a good time." Ted said, wriggling his eyebrow suggestively.

"ARGH! GET OUT!" Ruth yelled, brandishing an old earthen pot in her hand, threatening to hurt Ted, who ran out of the room. She threw the pot out the door, which resulted in an answering yelp.

Randolph smiled fondly at her. She smiled back and kissed his on his lips, eager to taste cinnamon again.

Well? I know, overly fluffy, but there ya go…