A drabble on the topic of luck. You'll all like it, if I'm lucky.


Luck, it seems, is a double-edged blade. They always say "I feel lucky", "oh, it's a lucky charm", even the occasional "don't wash those socks, they're lucky!"

I'm lucky too, you know. Very, very lucky. I've nearly died once every year since I was… born, really. Every year. Death stalks me as a lion stalks its prey, silent and dangerous until it's too late.

Each time, I've survived. Through pure, dumb luck. Luck has kept me alive since I was one year old, still safe in my mother's arms, and it is luck that tore me from them.

Luck brought me to Ron and Hermione, the two best friends I could ever have asked for. It was luck that kept me alive at the Dursley's, and it was luck that sent me there in the first place. It was luck that kept them from leaving me at the closest orphanage.

It was luck that drew Voldemort ever closer, every year.

Luck let us win the House Cup our first year. Luck has sheltered me, shielded me from the eyes of Fate and Death. Luck keeps me in Life's sweet clutches and Death's unrelenting claws, and Luck has kept me in one piece against all odds.

Many people say they're lucky. The man who wins the jackpot at a casino is lucky. The sole man who survives a plane crash is lucky. The one who survives a deadly disease; lucky. The one who nearly freezes to death; lucky. The one, lone leader of an army in a war that survives a battle; lucky.

I guess they are. Very, very lucky, just like me.

Luck kept me out of Slytherin that first year. Luck let me save Sirius – luck let me meet him in the first place. Luck helped me defeat the Basilisk.

Luck made Professor Lupin a Werewolf.

Luck kept Sirius alive and sane in Azkaban. Luck brought Hagrid there.

Luck let me live to sixteen; Luck was what made that seem impossible.

I'm a very, very lucky person.

Luck is a double-edged blade, and it's had me bleeding and healing since day one.

No one ever said luck ahd to be good.