Chapter 18-Our Life Begins

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Months had passed for me and Erik since Raoul had brought the divorced papers to me and life had changed for us. Raoul was still the same Raoul as he often visits the opera house to see me and Blaire, though he hate to admits it, I think he is happy for me that I've chosen the right man for whom I loved.

Though he even has regrets because every time I look at him, he turns away most of the time. He finally admitted that I should have chosen Erik from the very beginning, ever since the incident years ago. Though I told him to forget about it since it's in the past, but it was still in his mind but yet, he had forgiven me even though he hadn't done anything wrong.

During these past months, Erik had been treating me nicely and helping me whenever I needed it since my stomach has gotten bigger for our baby. The last month, I had the baby and we had name her Diana. We have two beautiful daughters, Blaire who is now six and Diana who is just a month old.

Annette was very happy for us since she has another grandchild to see. Diana is just like her father as Blaire is just like me and part of Raoul also. But Diana was different. Diana may have a face like her father's, but I couldn't be happier. Hopefully, when she becomes a teenager, she'll like architecture just like her father as well as magic.

Me and Erik also had gotten married right before the baby was born. Annette, Meg were the braidsmaid and I had asked Raoul to be one of the best man as well since Erik didn't know anyone. Raoul had silently agreed since it was for me, though I knew that his mother and brother wouldn't come because I think that they were a little bit upset still.

But the wedding was quite beautiful and not many people had come which was peaceful enough. I was still part of the opera house along wtih Erik, Erik is now the manager of the opera house as Annette had made a deal with the last two managers for Erik. "Christine?" A voice asked as I blinked suddenly, I looked behind me and saw Meg staring at me.

"Meg, I didn't heard you coming in. What is it?" I asked with a smile as Meg smiled at me, "mama wants a group picture with everyone in it. She wants us to take it in front of the opera house," she said. "A picture? How come?" I asked surprised as Meg shrugged, "well since I'll be going away for a few months, mama wants me to be with your baby Diana," she explained as I nodded.

"I still can't believe you are going to London without us," I said sadly as Meg went to me and hugged me tightly. "I just want a new place that I don't know people. I'll still be in the ballet dancing in the opera," she said as I smiled, "I'm glad that Annette allowed you," I said as Meg smiled and nodded.

"Come on. Everyone is waiting for us. Blaire is getting anxious for you to come and can't stand it to stay in one place for so long," Meg said as I nodded and I followed her outside. Nobody was outside at the moment except for us as the streets were sort of empty except for people walking by the opera house.

"Who's going to take the picture?" Meg asked as I looked around and saw Erik glaring at Raoul who was talking to Annette. I sighed as I went over to Erik and kissed him on the cheek as I got Diana from him, I looked over and I saw Annette dragging someone from the opera house as the man tried to struggle away.

"Mama!" Meg scolded as Annette stared at her daughter, "he was yet again peeking at the girls while they were changing my dear," she explained as Meg quieted down after that. "I was not!" The boy protested as Annette glared at him, "do you want me to tell your parents? If you can do this one little favor for me, I won't tell on you," she said as the boy stared at her.

"What is it?" He asked unhappily as Annette smiled in triumph, "take a group picture," she said as the boy stared at her momentarily before he realized what she was saying. "That's all?" He asked surprised as Annette nodded and she gave the boy the camera, we all got into place as the boy took our picture and Annette smiled.

I sighed in relieved, I looked at Erik who was staring at Annette as I shook my head. As I recall myself, everything was perfect now ever since the divorce I had gotten with Raoul. I now have another baby daughter, Meg is going to London, Erik is the manager of the opera house, I'm still the diva here, Annette is still the ballet manager as well along with Raoul, who helps out in the opera house.

I smiled at the sight, nothing could be better then this.

The End.

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